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August 19, 2012

Thomas asks…

Please be hones.. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles…?

Iam about to finish college and i have to start thinking about what am i gonna do!!!!
i have to be honest… I am scared!

wether i dream about moving to a bigger city or not, I have to be honest with myself. Am I gonna be able to afford a living in one of this cities.

My dad is completely open of helping me relocate, buy me a car, pay the apartment rent of the first months and things like that. But i don’t think he will be willing to help me all along if Im not able to get a decent job (being a waitress is a decent job but I’m targeting something a littler higher than that or in a different type of business) or he might but i won’t accept he pay more than the 30% of my expenses.

i think we all once dream about moving to Los Angeles or New York.. But i was recently thinking that since there is a bunch of people trying to move either to one of those places, it might be difficult to get a job, or all the few cheap apartments will be occupied, I don’t know.. maybe.

So can you help me think about a place to move..
I was thinking about Chicago, But i haven’t been there and i know nothing about that city.

and where am i gonna be working at.. I have three large dogs, Golden Retrievers. I love to be with them and be able to work with them, but my degree has nothing to do with dogs.
my degree is P.A. Food and Beverage. Is mostly anything related to food. From cooking to administration of restaurants or clubs, nutrition, menu elaboration, drinks preparation (alcoholic and non alcoholic), human resources, public relations.. my career helps me be part of mostly anything, companies that handle food and companies that doesn’t. it basically is for how to establish a job or something like that. But when i try to contact companies that are not related to food but they have a cafeteria, they offer me things like “The Chef’s Assistance” or things like that… I don’t want a job to cook all day.

can you help me by giving some advice.
and please, do not say “You won’t be able to make it there…” or something related to that. Instead, say something like, you could try this or that.

Administrator answers:

I find that in Major Cities you can always find work, the issue is what KIND of work. I have a friend who got a great job as a personal chef. With all the rich people living in NYC you might have a good shot of finding a job like that. I live in Astoria, NY which is in Queens, NYC and can tell you that you are going to have a big time issue with the dogs. I’m sorry to tell you this but my gf and I struggled to find pet friendly apartments within our budget as allowing a pet boosts the price of many apartments. And, many only allow small dogs, 25 pounds or less, obviously this won’t work for you. That being said, you don’t have to live within city limits, you just have to be able to get into the city for work, or get to work. If you live near a train station you could easily live in Nassau or Suffolk county long island. Renting is cheaper there and you would be able to hold on to your dogs. The weather in LA is great, but honestly, I couldn’t live there. I would move to San Diego or San Fran for sure, but LA is not for me, i can’t exactly put my finger on why but it is. Chicago is a wonderful town and the cost of living in the surrounding suburbs is much cheaper than NYC or LA, but the winters are rough and they are having some gang issues as well so be careful with that (not to say that NYC or LA doesn’t have their own crime issues).

Donald asks…

Living in los angeles at 18 years old?

Hi. So I’m a 17 year old who knows I’m moving to LA when I move out after I graduate high school. I’m looking into collages and stuff and I do act and model and that is my reason for moving but I’m not dumb enough to think that will Support me right away so I’m kinda researching to see how it will be like? How am I going to get a “real” job that will pay my bills? How can I find an apartment for cheap that’s at least kinda safe? Any advise would be appreciated especially if you have expresses.Thanks!! oh btw I will have a car already.

Administrator answers:

Are you looking to create collages or are you going to college? You need to decide if you will be in college f/t or p/t and how you will pay tuition.If you are in college you will not be able to work f/t, which will be necessary to pay any kind of rent on an apartment. Talk to your guidance counselor ( and your parent or guardian) for a reality check.

James asks…

Very low income housing in Los angeles?

Hi guys,
I just wanted to know if there is any website or place I can go to get into low income housing asap
I’ve tried to apply to many low income apartments but for some reason I never get the really cheap one because those are reserved for the people who applied at the very beginning I am in much need to find a place ASAP since where I live is very horrible And I live in very low quality conditions since that is All my family
Can afford your help would be greatly appreciated thank you for your help :)

Administrator answers:

You have to wait like everyone else. The people getting the units are not less needy then you, they just waited their turn. The wait list will be about 5 years.

Carol asks…

Homes in Los angeles?

Would it be cheaper to rent an apartment in Hollywood Hills, or buy a home? Thanks for the help!

Administrator answers:

The advantage to buying a home right now is that interest rates are insanely low, and real estate prices are also down. Which means that if you buy now, there’s a good chance you could turn a profit a few years down the road. With rent, you’re just handing your money to a landlord. When you buy, you at least wind up with a house at the end of the road.

(Just be sure you don’t buy a “money pit”: a house that needs a zillion repairs, and eats up your cash fixing them.)

Charles asks…

Free apartment search website?

The price of living in Los Angeles is hella high. So I’ve been searching for the cheapest apartments I can find online. But it seems every time I find a site that lists affordable apartments in decent neighborhoods, the site requires that you pay a fee to view the leasers contact information. It’ll be hard enough to pay rent for the apartment I find; I don’t want to pay to search for it too.

So my question is: are there any websites that allow you to search for (cheap) apartments and view the leasing info for free?

Administrator answers:

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