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August 31, 2012

Paul asks…

I have always wanted to live in southern california…?

because it’s warmer then it is here. I live in northeastern IL by lake michigan and it’s freezing in the winter & always ten degrees colder here by the lake… Now I have heard LA is beautiful. Is there anywhere that’s near Los Angeles that’s a little cheaper than Los Angeles?? I was looking at just an apartment and they want upwards of $1,000 and 1500 dollar apartments, whcih is crazy because an apartment here is like 800 and up… Are jobs hard to find for someone who is currently in school to get there bachelor of arts degree for psychology and only has experience in retail??? I just have this fear of moving out their and not being able to afford an apartment and all that.
nope no interest in singing or acting. My friend’s interested in doing that, but you brought up some valid points, ill probably wait a while, I wanna see how the economy turns out.

Administrator answers:

Be prepared to be unemployed a long time. A very very very long time!

Richard asks…

Are there any apartments in Los Angeles or New York (Brooklyn) for 400-600 dollars?

I need nice cheap apartments.

Administrator answers:

I live in Los Angeles – apartments run from about 600 to 800 for a studio (one room and kitchen) to live in even a semi decent and safe neighborhood.

You can get a one bedroom in an okay neighborhood from anywhere from 750 on up…….

But Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are vast so it really depends on what part of L.A. You want to live

It’s really expensive these days -

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