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September 14, 2012

Ken asks…

How much is my landlord going to charge me for my apartment damages?

I live in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve lived in this apartment for 1 1/2 years. The damages I’ve done are: 2 small holes in the wall due to the door stoppers at the back bottom of the doors, and 2 places of torn carpet. My rabbit tore the carpet.
How much will it cost me? Considering I’ve lived here for 2 years, doing the recarpeting and the wall repairs.
Also, would it be cheaper to repair the walls myself??
Thanks so much

Administrator answers:

The wall damages are inexpensive and easy to repair. You can do this yourself with a can of premixed wallboard compound and a plastic trowel. Both will cost you less than $5.

The carpets are another issue. Without knowing the extent of the damages and whether or not the carpet can be repaired, you may be facing a charge for full replacement of the damaged flooring. That can easily run well over $1,000, depending on how much is involved.

Sharon asks…

How much is typical rent in the LA/hollywood area?

i need to know how much apartment rent is in the los angeles and hollywood california area im lookin for the cheapest thing available for the time being until i make more money

Administrator answers:

Cheapest about $750 for studio, or shared apt or house for $450.

Charles asks…

What Kind of handgun?

Hi I’m 21 and I’m moving to Los angeles and i am going to be living in a very high crime neighborhood.. It isn’t what I want, but I am cutting it close with money, so I need a cheap apartment.. Anyways, since it is a high crime area, I am wondering what kind of handgun I should get for protection. I would only keep the handgun in my apartment, and only use it for protection, not sport or anything. So what would a good regular handgun be for this?


Administrator answers:

Get a short barreled 12 gauge pump shotgun and load it with bird-shot. It has a very unmistakable sound that everyone knows and respects. It won’t over penetrate like a bullet will and is very effective at close range.

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