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October 26, 2012

George asks…

How hard would it be to go to LA for a while?

Well basically, Ive been thinking about it, and I really think life is too short to camp in my home town of Liverpool, England for the rest of my life, I’m only 20 and you know, I want to go and see things. I went to Canada last year for 5 weeks and it wet my appetite a lot. I have always wanted to go to Los Angeles though and I thought to myself, 5 weeks wouldn’t be enough. So maybe going there for 4 months would suit me better. I dont really know much about how things go in Los Angeles so I could do with some advice.
I actually want to go there to experience the life or LA but also I would like to try and live as cheap as possible and try and get by like a groupie or something, I’m not interested in living respectively, finding a good apartment, I just want to go there and get by for a few months without worrying about money.
Also, I have like, the biggest striving ambition to be a film director and I fancy my chances of making a few extremely strong projects whilst back home and maybe taking them to LA and striking lucky with somebody. Why not?

But yeah generally, can people who have been to LA or who live there give me advice on how hard it would actually be?

Administrator answers:

Sorry Jordo, it’s not gonna happen. The maximum stay on a tourist visa is 90 days. When you arrive the nice folks at Immigration will ask you to prove that you have a round trip ticket so you can return to the U.K. At the end of the 90 days, and that you have enough money with you to support yourself while here. With a tourist visa you CANNOT legally work here, and we do not allow people to come here if they simply plan to go on the dole. If you can not produce those things you will be escorted onto the next plane back to the United Kingdom.

Jenny asks…

What are the odds of a cop stopping a small white man walking a dog in daylight and searching him for a gun?

I am a really small, slender man. My Dad died and I inherited enough to finally move out of an apartment and BUY (not mortgage, BUY) a house. Free and clear. Small problem. I could only afford a house in high crime neighborhood. It was cheap. I am divorced. I have a small daughter. I need to save for her first car, her sweet sixteen, her college, and her wedding. So I bought the house because now THAT expense is over and done with. But the place ( I live in Los Angeles) is near Echo Park and is pretty high crime. So I got burglar bars, floodlights, an alarm, a fence, and recently, a handgun, and a big dog. I got taken on the dog. I told the pound I wanted the biggest German Shepherd they had. That’s the only “tough” breed Allstate will let me own. Well, the dogcatcher saw me coming. Got me a “Shiloh Shepherd,” which is a HUGE German Shepherd (135 pounds) which is a COMPLETE COWARD. Now I want to stay in shape. So I walk for like an hour and a half, two hours a day (I can’t run due to permanent knee injury). I have my dog, but the dog is worthless for protection, so I carry the handgun (hey, I am WAY too small to fight anyone, particularly a gang member.)

In Los Angeles, they DO NOT issue gun permits. There are 500 for a city of 4 million. Unless you are a judge, city councilman, multi millionaire or personal friend of the Chief of Police or the Sheriff, you aren’t getting one.

I recently purchased this TINY gun called a .25 Automatic. It is so small, I can stick it in my double tube socks. I wear multiple tube socks on one foot (birth defect, one foot is smaller than the other.)

What are the odds of a cop stopping me in daylight walking my dog, and searching my sock for a small automatic pistol?

Administrator answers:

Probably not very high at all.

But I submit the following to you:

How fast can you get the gun out if you need it? If you have it in your socks, it will take too long to get to do you any good.

And once you do get it out, it’s a .25 which is wholly unsuited for self defense purposes.

In my professional opinion, the risk (although very low) does not outweigh the rewards, because the plan is a bad one to start with.

Paul asks…

which are the best way to travel in u.s. to these places?

i am travelling through new york – orlando ( 7 to 8 days) – miami – grand canyon – las vegas – los angeles – san fransisco. 3 to 4 days all these places. Please suggest me which is the cheapest way for the stay. I mean are cheap hotel like 50 to 60 dollars per day per room is the only option or there is any other alternative where i can stay longer and that too at low price. can i get an apartment or anything on rent or paying guest? and also should i book a car by car rentals now or i should rent it when i reach there? any other suggestions are most welcomed. Please help. Thank you very much.

Administrator answers:

Hire a large vehicle and drive, US highways and interstates are great. Motel rates vary I advise you stay away from the independents since quality is variable. Try to choose chains that preferably include breakfast. Gas is cheaper, you get to meet more people, it’s more flexible and loads of fun. There are motels fairly close to the Strip in Vegas that will be much cheaper than hotels, and a Supermarket in North Las Vegas where you could save money on food. Enjoy your trip.

Ruth asks…

Is it a good idea to buy a property in Ontario, California?

Okay, I have lived in a very nice part of Long Beach all of my life (right off the border of Seal Beach). It was very populated, quiet, and safe. I went through HELL with my parents for the passed few months when my dad decided to sell the house and move to Moreno Valley. For me, it was extremely depressing and I absolutely HATED the atmosphere over there. Now that i’ve moved out of my parent’s house, I am temporarily renting out an apartment with my boyfriend in Westminster. We are currently looking to buy a condo for us and our baby girl. Since we are so young and haven’t finished school yet, I don’t work (although I do get money sent to me each month from my parents), and my boyfriend doesn’t make much, we cannot afford much. I refuse to live in a dangerous area, I don’t think those types of places are anywhere to raise a family. I noticed that if we moved a little bit farther, like to Ontario, it would be much cheaper and we would have much more of a selection and could possibly even buy a house and fix it up ourselves. I have only been to Ontario once, and it was to go to Babies R Us, and I thought it was a very nice from what I saw, but I am afraid it’s going to turn out to be just like where my parent’s live. Although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living in Riverside County, I just think that after living in Los Angeles County all of your life you wouldn’t want to live in that sort of environment. Anyways, I just wanted to ask what it is like over there, and if it is very different from the more expensive areas? What makes it so cheap? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

No, you won’t like Ontario if you hated Moreno Valley.

Look for the area that feels right to you and see if you can afford something, even something small. Buy location rather than size.

You likely won’t be able to qualify for a loan if you’re not married and your boyfriend doesn’t make much. They might not even like your parents co-signing unless they have stellar credit.

Renting is probably the right thing to do now, because houses and condos always need $$$ for maintenance, etc. It really adds up! With renting all that is passed along to the property owner. Wait until you have money saved not only for a down payment, but for the things that always come up.

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

Is my GF getting a break on her rent for the possibility of Sex?

My GF is 28 and gorgeous. Blond, blue eyes, 34 DD-23-33. Sounds great right? Well, there’s an old song that says if you want to have a beautiful life don’t make a beautiful woman your wife.

Here’s my problem. She tells me she wants her independence so she moves out from my place where I pay all the bills. She moves in with a “friend” and says she pays him $350 a month here in Los Angeles for her own room and bathroom. Now, most places in LA are about a thousand a month for a roommate, $600 if you want to share a bedroom.

She says she won’t tell me where she is living or the guys name. This makes me hugely uncomfortable. Now, I know she walks around my apartment in little tight shorts and tiny tight T shirts with her boobs stretching the fabric. She also has raspberry like nipples that prominently stand out from her shirt.

Now, none of her GFs will give her such a great deal on rent and its way less than anywhere else she could get on her own.

She tells me she is not attracted to the guy. I tell her that’s not my concern, it’s his attraction to her.

Why else would a guy take a girl in, give her super cheap rent? My guy friends all say its because he thinks, if she is there, he has a shot at having sex with her. And they also say its like watching strippers. You don’t get to have them but its fun to look.

Do you think this guy is letting her stay there on the cheap because he thinks he has a shot at being with her?

Do you think she’s there for his amusement and eye candy?

What’s the deal here and what should I do?
I have already talked with her about this issue. All she says is “I am doing nothing wrong.”

When I tell her it makes me feel uncomfortable she does nothing. And when I said I would rent out my spare bedroom and bathroom to an attractive UCLA college girl she became very upset. Clearly a double standard. But yet she still lives with this guy.

Administrator answers:

If she won’t tell you where she lives she’s definitely “F”ing this guy he probably looks like a Greek god and they walk around naked and laugh about you wondering where she is. If my girl moved out and wouldn’t tell me where she was living I’d give her the boot of independence and find a girl that doesn’t mind me knowing where she lives. If her roomie is such a mountain troll why is she worried if you see him or know who he is? If she doesn’t care that you are uncomfortable then she doesn’t care about you regardless of what she says or how she acts. This is probably how she intends on dumping you she moves in with a mystery man and you slowly loose your mind until you break up with her (then you’re the bad guy).

I wouldn’t be making empty threats about getting another girl in my house she would have been moving in soon after my “ex” moved out. I could understand her wanting to move out but I would NEVER understand her not telling me where she moved to especially if it was with some dude I’ve never met before that would be a deal breaker for me.

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