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July 15, 2012

Paul asks…

What is the price difference from living in Alaska than California?

I currently live in California but I might be moving to Alaska. How much more expensive/cheap is Alaska. For example, here in Los angeles a two bedroom apartment is around $12-1600 per month. How much would it be in Alaska?

Administrator answers:

Here are some websites that have lots of information about living in Alaska, including the cost of living:

State of Alaska website with with lots of information about living in Alaska and links for people who are relocating to Alaska.


Cost of Living Wizard – has a calculator that lets you compare the cost of living in the city you live in and the city you are moving to.


Website of Elise Tomlinson, artist and librarian, who has lived in Alaska since 1999, has answers to FAQs about living in Alaska.


Moving to Alaska: Everything You Need to Know, by Alaska Communication Systems.


Alaska Office of Economic Development – gateway to tons of info on Alaska.

I’ve lived in Alaska for 28 years and love it! Good luck!

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