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April 3, 2012

Steven asks…

gas and electric connection – pseg – new jersey?

we live in NJ and got PSEG for gas and supply

what is the differnece between having gas and electric connections
our new apartment is fully electric, what does it mean.
which one is cheaper and cost effective
i always thought we get both gas and electric connection at apartments

Administrator answers:

In N.J. The landlord provides the stove.
If he’s installed electric, that’s what you get.
Gas is cheaper but the landlord doesn’t pay it.
Electric is cheaper to install, he does pay for that.

Jenny asks…

Renting apartment, but have no credit history?

I live in a very crowded zone (NJ/NYC) where renting a decent place doesn’t come cheap or easy to find. I need a transport accessible zone that is safe and preferably clean. Or in other words, not a dingy dump. I guess it’s a lot to ask for when you live in the city. But I know there are choices out there. I know there are people and places willing to rent without credit check, but I haven’t been fortunate in finding someone who is renting without credit check that is near transportation. However, I did find a community building with amenities in a convenient location. The only problem is that they require an application for a credit check. As I will be the sole applicant on the lease, I was wondering if it were possible renting communities would permit a second person with good credit to act as a guarantor in lieu of my lack of credit history? If not, what are my options in renting in a place like this without credit? Or none.
I don’t have bad credit, just no credit history. I’ve heard it is like having bad credit nonetheless…

Administrator answers:

They may allow you a co-signer, you will have to inguire.

They are not required to do so, and may not if your income or criminal background is questionable.

A credit check will still be ran for you, to make sure it is not bad credit and you do not have any recorded evictions.

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