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May 7, 2012

David asks…

How can I reduce my car payments?

I bought my car last year at a time when I had a lot less expenses. I’ll be moving since my lease is up at the end of this month, and the apartment I’m moving to is in my price range, but is definitely more expensive than what I’ve been playing in the place I’m in now. I still have about $4,000 left in my car payments, so I’m wondering if there is a way to trade in the car I’m driving now for something a little cheaper, so I can save on the payments and also the auto insurance (I live in NJ, the insurance is ridiculous). Would I have to pay out the rest of the loan if I wanted to trade it back to the dealer for something else on the lot? I’m a very new car buyer so I’m not exactly sure how it all works. Is this something I should just contact the dealership about?

Administrator answers:

If your credit it good you can refinance your loan. Trading your car for in still owing on it will make the dealer combine your old payments with the new ones so you’d probably pay more.

Sandra asks…

I’m a college grad, I want to move to NJ, I want a job there… what do I do?

ok, I live in Queens, NY, finished college last year in Manhattan, major in environmental studies and work part time making $15/hr. I am 24 and single. But I hate living here, hate my job, hate the crowd, hate the insane costs etc etc. The job search for the job I want, lab tech at a environmental/chemical/scientific company, has been awful in NYC, either my resume is ignored or no ads at all and now the last interview I followed up and they have hiring freeze! I even tried other job ads but no one calls back, etc. Nothing’s wrong with my resume or interview skills.

I search on and see several lab jobs in Jersey and even Philadelphia, and it seems like they are desperate for people with science background… I was thinking that the metro area, places near the PATH are good places to live but how do I go about this?? How do I get the job first? What do I put on my resume & cover letter? Just thinking about this is scary, I’ve never moved before… I don’t have a car, or a license (yet) but I wanna get out of NYC!! I live with my parents and they don’t wanna leave NYC so I’ll most likely be on my own.

I’m NOT going to grad school in NYC either, haven’t decided what to study or where I’ll go. Ideally, I’d like to get the job first then rent a cheap apartment. I do not care for waterfront views or indoor gyms, a very basic apt in a good area is fine with me. And what about roommates??

Please help!
thank you

Administrator answers:

Well i live in nj and it is a great opportunity to find a good job. I also live in the metro area and first i would advise that you go to and search>jersey journal. If you go to dis web site you will a large amout of jobs in the metro area. Depending on what part of nj ur looking for there are also a huge variety of apartment complexes and available for ex, jersey city, weehawken, union city, bayonne and so forth. There are also alot of transportation in this area so dont even worry about not having a car bc most apartments are right near the path trains and buses. Hope u choose nj.. Good luck:)

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