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March 9, 2012

Mary asks…

Buy a Car in NY or NJ?

My home of record is on Long Island NY, it’s where my parents live and where I grew up, but i currently have an apartment in Jersey.
I’m looking to buy a car, what are the differences in taxes for the sale, title, registration etc.
and if it is cheaper to buy in Jersey, would i be able to register it in Jersey since my legal residence is still NY?

Administrator answers:

First, the good news is that you can buy your car in any state you want. Pricing may be better in NJ than NY though I doubt it. Now the bad news- you can only register and title a car in your state of residence. That means you will have to pay NY Tax Tags and title fees.however, the one cost you can find differences in will be processing fees. That is the fee charged by all dealers to file all that paperwork. These fees vary from area to area.(e.g MD fees=$100 statewide, VA fees $299-$499)

Donna asks…

what will be average monthly costs (cost of living) in NJ/NY area for a couple.?

what will be average monthly costs in the NJ/NY area for a couple.
Request you to list the entire cost factors.

I visited some “Personal Finance” sites for data (like given below), but did not find it.

rental for a 1 bedroom apartment : $ 850
gas bill : $ 150
electricity bill : $100
parking : $10
appt. maintenance : $ 25
approx food costs : $ 400
other cost 1: $ xx
other cost 2: $ xy
other cost 3: $ xz

since I am not too familiar with the NY?NJ geography, please provide data about any area that you may have. It would also help if you could rate it for NJ/NY on the rate of 1 to 10, 1 being the cheapest and 10 being the most expensive.

this is to help me analyse my choices.
many thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

rental for a 1 bedroom apartment : $1200-$1500
gas bill : $75 (keep the thermostat down)
electricity bill : $75 (more in summer)
parking : Take mass transit!! $80/month metrocard
appt. Maintenance :Up to you
approx food costs :Up to you
Cable,Internet, phone : $150

If you’re thinking about living in Manhattan, expect these bare minimums to be a bit more expensive. What I’ve supplied you are the avg rates for a nice apartment in Queens or Brooklyn (only a short drive/train ride to Manhattan) In certain parts of Brooklyn you can walk right across the bridge and be in Manhattan in no time.
Good luck :)

Sandy asks…

im looking for a monthly parking garage in southwest hoboken, nj. anyone know of any?

if you live in hoboken, nj you know parking is a pain in the a$$. to avoid this, i am looking for a monthly parking garage in southwest hoboken. most of the parking garages i have seen are in southeast hoboken near the path and that is too far of a walk for me.

of course cheaper the parking space, it would be better since i do not want to pay a lot for it but im not opposed to paying the going rate if it is very close to my apartment.

please list the company name and where it is located. a phone number or company website would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

$250 at the skyclub (1st and harrison, unreserved/5th floor spot) or $175 at an outdoor spot over by the warehouses

Paul asks…

What should I do?

Decisions-decisions.I am in the process of making a big life changing decision that I know would be better for me but I am sacrificing a lot to get there too..and I’m kind of having second thoughts.See I’ve decided to move to Texas(Houston area).I’ve lived in NJ all of my life,my family’s here,some of my friends are here,I have a very good job that pays decent and I’ve invested 7 years there it’s a state job so it’s been stable thus far.I live in a decent apartment (rent could be cheaper 2bdrm = $1015 per month),in a very nice neighborhood.Overall I’m ok here.However I yearn for better.NJ is getting more and more expensive-right now I work an hour and a half away from home (because I used to be closer to the job before I moved here)the hopes of me transferring are slim to none because the state has a hiring freeze that could last for the next 3 years.My commute to work right now is 2 hours each way (it’s longer with public trans) so that in itself is exhausting-TO BE CONTINUED………
so right now even though I am satisfied with my job overall the commute is wearing me out..lus I’m really tired of living paycheck to paycheck..t’s like by the time my husband and I pay bills..if we even get to pay them all each month..we have nothing left for ourselves.I’ve done all the necessary research and Texas seems to be the best move..the state economy is not as bad..job opportunities are much better there,the cost of living is cheaper so it’s a great move,however we’re trying to move there by the end of the year because I’m out on disability from work so our income is less so the need to move is more than ever but we would have to sell just about all of our furniture and other items just to move there because we can only afford to take our clothes.I just don’t know what to do.Do I stay here in NJ and tough it out or just sacrifice most of our possessions sell them and just start anew in a new state? We’ve priced moving trucks and everything..too expensive..HELP!
nickisbox–thanks but i’ve already done all of that…i already know where i will live (in Spring) and i always mapquest potential job possibilities and they’re all in downtown friend lives in Spring as well so she says she drives the the Park-n-Ride and then hops a bus…Hubby and I do have a car…but it’s financially better for us to share he can always get me to public trans….I don’t want to move closer to work because it’s more expensive even on the Northern side of NJ than the Southern side…but it’s become an expense to travel that far too since I never saw the hiring freeze coming…We are trying to figure this out…but as of right now I still have no clue……
On the job issue…we’ve both been posting for jobs for months..and have gotten called to some interviews(in hopes that we could have an initial interview by phone) but they always want us to fly out there and that’s expensive..So I thought if we go down there with our savings…we could probably wing a couple of months and interview like crazy since we will always be down there..I’m just scared that I may make a mistake…
mizzhollywood26-all the places you mentioned have a higher cost of living than NJ so you obviously didn’t read my question.

Administrator answers:

I would make sure you and your husband can get jobs that will take care of the bills here, in Texas. Also, keep in mind that public transportation is not everywhere and you will most likely need your own wheels to get around. If you get rid of pretty much everything, but clothes, you should have no reason to throw things in the car and just drive here yourself.

I would say bite the bullet and just go for it, but you don’t want to be worse off. Have you thought of finding a new job in NJ? Maybe for now and save up some money and then move? Or at least something that pays a bit more and you are able to live closer to work? Perhaps you and your husband could just move closer to your work?

Keep in mind, just because the cost of living is less here does not mean you keep the same pay as in NJ.

Best of luck in making your decision, but I really think you and your husband need to figure this out. You need a job in place so you know where to live. Houston can easily be a 2 hour drive or more if you blindly pick a job and a place to live that are no where close to each other. Do a bit more research, line up some interviews, have a plan!

Mandy asks…

I would like to get everyone’s opinion about this?

I just recently got engaged to my fiance. My sister lives in another state. she just recently met him and introduced herself to him. He also met my mother and discussed his intentions for me. My sister was like how my ring should cost at least $1000.00 and how the ring is too cheap and no one will take me seriously if i told them about it. I finally got the ring and my mother has been out of town so i figured i would tell her when she returns. My fiance asked my mother to be around when he was going to propose as he felt it would make the moment that much more special. My mother took on my engagement day as well as my birthday. i get a phone call the day after talking about did you get the ring and how come you never told your family? I said first of all you were aware that he wanted you to be around when he proposed so why do you act to surprised? My sisters gets on the phone talking about since you never told me about your ring, i want nothing to do with your wedding. I said okiedokie and went on about my business. I talk to my mother last night she starts talking about how i should apologise to my sister for not telling her about my ring since she is the only sister that i have. I just want to know if this is at all necessary. This is the same sister who used to tell me during my highschool years that i wasn’t her sister and that i was a bastard since we have different fathers. this is also the same sister who threw my things out of her apartment and threatened to call the cops on me at her apartment on two occasions. This is also the same sister on the last occasion told me she didn’t want me near her apartment ever again. she has forgotten that i was there when she gave birth to her son. I used to drive 2hrs from Bethlehem, PA to her old apartment in NJ to send diapers and stuff when i still had a good job. I would like you guys to please chime in to see if i am insane for wanting to keep everyone away from my life at this time and focus on the blessing that is in front of me as well as the changes that are going on in my life at this time. Thanks all.

Administrator answers:

Your sisters behavior sounds immature, and even irrational. It isn’t normal for someone to blow off a family members wedding because they didn’t see the ring first. I probably wouldn’t bring it up for a while giving her time to come back to planet earth, and then tell her that you would like her to be part of the wedding, but that the decision is hers to make. In the meantime, I would continue planning your wedding as if nothing is wrong. That way, if she throws another tantrum you wont have to make changes because of her exit.

Ken asks…

Everything has gone wrong with my wedding plans I really need advice?

December 16, 2005 my fiance proposed. We planned out everything, booked the hall, church, picked out our wedding party etc. Since that time my fiance has been laid off (he works for the state of NJ in construction) and he’s been doing side jobs to make ends meet. I have a medical job which pays not so well. On top of it we can’t find an apartment for under $1450 a month + utilities, have 0 money to pay for our wedding and now all of my friends are turning against me because they think this is all his fault somehow. I’m absolutley heart broken. I could care less about having a wedding, I’m ready to elope, it’s fine, I just can’t believe my friends have all turned against me, my maid of honor dropped out, the entire thing has gone to pieces. Any suggestions on what I should do for a cheap wedding and if you were in my shoes would you even bother to invite your so called “friends”? I can’t even believe I’m on here writing all this, I’m just so at a loss right now. Comments….
Wedding date is 7/21/07 (for now)
Yeah I do live right outside NYC and yes my friends now hate my fiance since we are having fiancial problems. I thought maybe it was just me being sensitive, thanks a lot to all.

Administrator answers:

Scrap together what little money you have and see if you can book a trip where you can elope. Hope you didn’t put deposit down on everything. You must be close to NY city for that type of rent. I live in Philly and that’s my monthy house payment. Perhaps you should also look into to relocating.

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