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September 5, 2012

Laura asks…

how can I get a good job and move to NYC?

i’m poor and i want to live in nyc but how can i get a well paying job easily and move to nyc with little money. Also what whold be the best way to get to nyc. and if I get a job when I move to nyc where should I stay. Apartment or hotel. I heard apts in nyc are really costly. So is there any cheap hotels that are not crappy but actually decent and nice that’s affordable for people like me.
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Administrator answers:

I’m no expert in the field of finding jobs, but it is definitely cheaper to live further out in Queens, like Flushing, or somewhere in Brooklyn or upper Manhattan or the Bronx and commute to the city (midtown) to work. Check out and put in the search bar how much you want to pay and the neighborhood.

Good luck with everything!

Donald asks…

What is the reasonable price for a 1 bedroom East-Village apartment (NYC)?

Hi, French student here.

I’ll be studying between January and July 2012 in NY with my best friend.
We are looking for an apartment, either in Manhattan or in Brooklyn. Some old friends of my parents told us about a 1bedroom apartment in East Village (1 block away from the tompkins park), which is around 500 sq. feet I think. The apartment seems clean and nice, nothing crazy but nice.

The price is around 2,500$ per month. That would be 1700 euros.

We have almost no idea if the price is a very good deal for us, or if this is way to high for what it is… So, what do you think ? Good deal ? Should we try to sign a deal quick or maybe try to find cheaper ? What are the prices in this area for this kind of apartment ?

Thanks !

(tl;dr : is 2,500 $ per month a good deal for an east-village 1bedroom apartment ?)

Administrator answers:

See if you can try to find cheaper. 500 sq ft is a shoebox for that price. East Village is a nice area though, you are paying mainly for location. Brooklyn would be the cheaper way to go if you are looking to save money during your stay. I suggest you shop around first before you jump into something that you may not be happy with that you are paying so much for.

Joseph asks…

is chicago better than NYC?

for sometime I have been thinking about moving to NYC but its too damn expensive to rent an apartment or home in NYC so I lookied into moving to chicago and based on my research I cant fairly make a decsion as to which city is the best city to move whats the difference between chicago and NYC? are houses more cheaper in the midwest?

Administrator answers:

Chicago is more affordable and because you live in your own little neighborhood it does not always have a big city feeling. There are affordable places to live or there are very expensive places, it depends on where you are within the city and surrounding areas.

Sandy asks…

I’m from Augusta,GA moving to NYC (upper east side)?

How can I move my stuff up to NYC in storage from Augusta, GA and I have no car to take it up there and I never drove a car before. What should I do? I also want to find an apartment for under $1,000 and stay at a cheap hotel for under $100.
What should I do?

Administrator answers:

1000 bucks for rent… You going to need to move to brooklyn , queens, and the bronx or get a roomate or two. Otherwise manhattan is outta the question. ( unless you know someone.) Hotel for less than 100 ? Your gonna have to stay in a hostel … NYC and San Fran run neck and neck for most expensive places to live… On the good side, the best way to get in and out of new york is the train so you dont have to worry about that part !!!

Chris asks…

What is a pretty decent section in Manhattan for two 21 yr olds to live in and a pretty good price?

Sorry for the long question. But in a couple of years, me and my best friend plan to move to NYC and are looking for apartments now and looking at different sections of Manhattan. We want a place that has a pretty cheap rent and is NOT in a bad section. We are trying to make it on Broadway and well, we would just be getting out of college so money is a problem. Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

Have you consider Alphabet City — lower East Side. When I was going to graduate school at NYU, I liked the place for its restaurants, culture, etc. You have some famous landmarks: St Marks Place on one side, a street of Indian Restuarants, etc, When I was there, Alphabet City was known for the art (and music) crowd, a bit different than the type you find in Soho or Tribeca.

Michael asks…

What is the best/cheapest moving company in the metropolitan area?

I am looking to move a couch, living room table, a few chairs, a rug, and various items to an apartment in NYC. 96th and Lexington to be specific.

What is the best moving company for the job?
What is the cheapest company for the job?

Administrator answers:

Subscribe briefly to Angie’s List. It’ll be worth your while. They surely have one in NYC. There, you’ll get real comments from real people and ratings of companies.

I wouldn’t take the advice of anyone who posts a name as it may be self-serving in these economic times.

Here are some free cites w customer ratings

Good luck!

Daniel asks…

How much money should I reserve to move from Houston Texas to NYC?

I am a male in my mid 20′s and I am ready to head north…Well not quite ready obviously. I have looked into some apartments and intend to take the roommate route until I am stable and know the city a little better. I do not really know the city besides the few vacations I have taken there but lets get to the point.. How much money do I need to get there also having a place to sleep (something modest) maybe a little cheaper.. I know cheap is hard to find in NYC but luckily im young and not very picky for I have no room to be. Should I bring my car? prolly not.. What kinds of easy hire jobs should I look for? Living in Texas I couldnt go to an interview in NY so should I wait until I get there? Almost any information will help thanks

Administrator answers:

Unless you have an education that is desired in NYC the only other jobs that pay well are ber tender and stripper. I moved to NYC in 85 thing 5K would get me through a couple of months and it did not. I would not move with anything under 15K-20K without knowing there was a bed and job waiting for me and I knew the costs.

Ruth asks…

The Webster- summer housing in NYC?

Has anyone heard of The Webster (an apartment for women) in NYC? I’m a college student with a summer internship looking for summer housing and I stumbled across The Webster online. It looks nice (and it has maid service!) and it is pretty cheap, but I just wanted to see if I could get feedback from anyone else…

Administrator answers:

I have a friend that lives in a similar place. The only problem is that now you are an adult, you might want a guy to stay over once in a while. Not going to happen there. They are VERY strict.

Susan asks…


I live in Philadelphia, PA and I just graduated college and got an entry level job in advertising. My plan is to move to NYC in the near future and live my dreams. Now realistically how much will it cost to make the move and live there with financial stability?

I plan on putting away $280.00 a week for about 8 months: $8872.00

a studio apartment in whichever borough is cheapest: $1200.00 per month (less preferred)
first and last month’s rent: $2400.00
security deposit: $2400.00
first two month’s rent: $2400.00
moving and furnishing cost: $1000.00
TOTAL: $8200.00

Keep in mind: I will have about $672.00 left over for miscellaneous needs. Also I plan on looking for a job throughout August/September and will not move until I have a secure job and income. I have a debit but not a credit card so i have no established credit history. Is this a realistic plan?

Administrator answers:

The amount is good, but your list has some issues. To begin, a security deposit is only 1 months rent and most landlords only require your 1st months rent upfront, so you can remove $2400 from your list. SOME may ask for 1st and last month upfront, so the MOST you would need is 1 more month, but it’s more common to only need 1st months rent and 1 months security upfront.

You listed “first and last months” rent and then you added “first two months rent”. Are you saying that the “first two months rent” is when you already get the apartment and you’re going to use that for the NEXT two months, meaning your 2nd and 3rd months? For example. You find a place for $1200/month and your move in date is January 1st, 2013. You already gave your landlord $2400 (1 month security, first months rent). Is this other $2400 you are accounting for going to be used for February and March rent, then? If so, that’s a good plan, but if, as you said, you won’t move here until you secure a job, then this would hypothetically just be a nest egg in case you fall behind or run into trouble, etc. I assume?

You’ll also need to account for deposits on utilities. Things like cable/phone/internet will require you pay a month upfront, plus you’ll need to pay electric and in some cases gas (cooking) and in rarer instances, even heat, depending on where you land. If you don’t have a car, you’ll probably want to buy an unlimited monthly MetroCard (just over $100/month) for public transportation. If you do have a car, you nay have to pay for parking depending on where you live, and that can cost upwards of $250-$300/month.

I advise you start to establish some credit history during the time period you’ve allotted for raising funds. You’ll need some credit to secure an apartment. Even if you get a secured card (one that holds funds as collateral) it will build your credit. You’d be surprised, not only how important your credit history is, but what a necessity it is when you rent (or buy property). You can make a ton of money, but if you have bad credit you’ll have a hard time getting approved for anything and having no credit isn’t much better than having none. Speaking of which, landlords require you to earn 40x your monthly rent, annually, so for a rent of $1200/month, you would need to earn $48k/year (1200 x 40).

Bottom line. Even if you have a job, it’s good idea to have a few months rent tucked away, so as I said earlier – the amount is right, but the accounting is wrong. Moving and furnishings are up to you, but it seems a little low. A professional moving company will charge you close to that after you factor in mileage and distance. It may be cheaper to move with less (like a small U-Haul) and buy more things when you get here. Remember, EVERYTHING in NYC is more expensive.

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