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September 16, 2012

Mandy asks…

how much money do i need saved up to live in NYC?

i wanna move out to NYC, im 18 and i wanna move on my own,
how much money do i need to live in NYC (brooklyn, bronx, queens, whichever borough, i dont care)

anyways i mean for paying a apartment for one person, food for myself and clothes and stuff

will it be cheaper for me to move to bronx, brooklyn, queens, long island than manhattan ?

please help

Administrator answers:

Trust me you don’t want to move to NYC. I live here(was born and raised here) and it is way too expensive. I can’t wait to move. Don’t get me wrong I love NY but, a decent 1 bedroom apartment can go anywhere from (at least) $1200-$2000+, and studio apartments start at about $900+. And then you have to factor in utilities-electric, gas, cable/satellite, phone, renters insurance(very highly suggested-especially in NYC) and that varies from company to company. On top of that finding a good paying job is difficult, the amount you could get paid will most likely not cover your utilities, rent and food expenses. You would have to have a roommate at the least.

But if that is what you want to do-good luck to you.
You would need alot of money saved up.
You can always check out, and

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