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October 1, 2012

Nancy asks…

Jobs in NYC with an associates degree in business?

I currently live in upstate NY and am just starting school at a local community college. I’m going for an associates in Business Administration, and I think I want to move to NYC (probably Manhattan) when I’m done.

Will I be able to get a job that will support me with only an associates degree and no experience yet? I don’t expect anything great, but will I at least be able to afford an apartment and food etc? I can east cheap and live without TV and all that crap. I do that fine now. So the main thing I’ll be worried about is an apartment and transportation. Most of what I’ve read state that I will be paying about $30,000 annually just for an apartment. I’m only making $18k a year now….. before taxes.

I looked for some jobs in that area on job sites, and most places want not only a degree, but anywhere from 2 – 5 years of experience also. Will I be able to start out in NYC and get experience there, or will I have to work for a couple years up here first?

Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

It is hard out of school and without a set few years of experience but you need to do internships and I have found that employment agencies are a great resource! They have all sorts of options in diff. Industries, diff. Types of jobs, some with less then 1 yr experience, etc. Companies go to that to outsource for employees. You can find a contract type position that could turn into full time or just give you the long term experience for your resume. Here are some employment agencies for New York, good luck!


Carol asks…

Section 8 housing in NYC?

Does anyone know if a single student can apply for section 8 housing within NYC.My home life has always been extremely volatile,moreso now because of my working and sleeping habits so its become extremely necassary that i move out.However moving out in NYC is no easy or cheap task and because i go to school here Id like to stay here.

Ive considered getting together with a roomate and doing things that way but with the rent prices in New York im not sure my part time job could even cover half the rent of a 2 bedroom.

Ive also considered getting a loan to cover the apartment until i get out of school and get a full time job but Id prefer not to go through such drastic measures.

Any advice would be profoundly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Section 8 does not cover student housing. It is for low income, working parents and the disabled.

Talk to the college housing, most have dorms for students. You can pay for them with student loans.

Regular apartments will not accept loans as payments, you are required to work and earn at least 3 times the rent.

Steven asks…

Cheapest safest places to live in nyc?

I know cheap and safe don’t mix at all but i live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment with 2sisters and my mom and dad and we all live in the same room , and my dad will pay no more than $360,000 , which is very upsetting because no house in queens cost near $360,000 and hes really picky..

So do you know any neighborhood that has house, condos, townhouse under $360,000 and that are not for rent that have possibly 2-3 bedrooms 1-2 bathrooms

My parents make together about $90,000

Administrator answers:

Your parents do not have enough earnings for a 360k house.
Use a realtor

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