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March 17, 2012

Nancy asks…

Are there any housing in NYC specifically for students?

Hi !

Me and 2 other friends of mine, are currently in High School, we are going off to college next year. We need a cheap apartment but in a decent neighborhood to commute because room and board for our colleges are really expensive.

Are there any housing in NYC specifically for students to commute to?

Administrator answers:

Try Student Housing, they are located in Manhattan. Below is a link with information

Michael asks…

How difficult is it to live in NYC?

I have recently been accepted into some colleges in NYC. Unfortunately for me… NONE of these colleges have housing. So obviously I’d probably have to get a room or I’d be lucky to find a cheap apartment. Including college, books, and expenses of living how hard is it to live there in my situation? Also… how hard is it to find a job?
thanks.. please don’t give me any stupid answers.

Administrator answers:

O lord there ant lots of gays and bums……ignorant…Honey im a New Yorker….there is lots of places to find a job, people post ads for roommates wanted and there are plenty of stores that you can get your books from for a good price. As far as expensive remember this…the closer to manhattan the more the cheddar goes up. Good look out there…..Youll have a blast.

Lisa asks…

NYC:What boroughs of NYC are safe?

I know Bronx is bad, and i’ve heard Queens CAN be bad. What else?

Are apartments cheap in Manhattan??

I have $1500 to spend every month on an Apartment. Is that enough for a small Apartment in Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

Manhattan would be the safest borough out of all the boroughs. The apartments there are very expensive there so I would check all the possibilities before buying an apartment in Manhattan.I live Brooklyn and its ok but it all depends on the area of Brooklyn.

Sharon asks…

I desperately need to find a state with jobs and cheap apartments, any advice?

I am 23 and a sophomore in college, I am dead broke and I have a part time campus job that helps me buy food. I am tired of living like this. I have no medical insurance, hardly eat, wear the same clothing everyday, live on dorm because I cant afford an apartment…etc

Times are really hard for me and Memphis has NO jobs. I wanna move to a state where there are jobs available. I dont mind putting college on hold until I get situates on a new state.
Right now money is more important than college to me, I am actually sick right now and I cant afford to pay $250 to see a doctor; I am just tired of living like this.

Any advice?

My dad says he will send me $3000 to assist with the move, hopefully that would be enough to relocate to another state and find a job. I would just move in with my dad but he lives in NYC and thats worst than Memphis.

I tried rejoining joining the military but no branch is taking prior service at the moment


Administrator answers:

San Antonio Texas is still booming. Its a nice place to live and although its the 7th largest city in the country it’s spread out and still has that small town feel. Lots of stuff to do around here from the Rodeo that’s going on to seeing hockey games to spurs games.

As for jobs there’s plenty to be had and you can get an apt pretty cheap or get into a roommate arrangement to get something nicer.

Lots of friendly people and lots of places to go around San Antonio and the Hill Country. Two large lakes near by Canyon Lake and Medina Lake. After you’ve established yourself here as a resident you can
apply to UT or Texas A&M that’s building a school here also so you get resident tuition fees after a year.

Sorry your sick but if you don’t have money go to a free clinic or the county hospital to get medical help. They cannot turn you away.
Since you don’t have money for medicine they can help you out there also. Why aren’t you on your Dad’s insurance if your still in school?
You can also get some food stamps if you don’t have any money.
Your Dad could wire you some money to a Western Union to get you some medicine or food.

Check with your school counselor or since your in a dorm isn’t there a head dorm person and let them know you are going hungry and you need help. Reach out to your friends and also call some local Church’s
who usually have food banks that can provide you with some groceries.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are people out there willing to help but if you don’t ask they won’t know.

Good luck Sweetie and I hope you feel better.

Jenny asks…

Should I move into an apartment in Midtown West in NYC? Is it a really bad area?

I’m from Toronto Canada and I am going to living in NYC for 2 months. I found an apartment that is cheap and it in Midtown West in NYC. W41st street to be exact. I have learned the price is so cheap due to the area. Is it really that bad of an area. The apartment is really nice. I would only be there for 2 months. Should I do it? Does anyone know more about this specific area?

Administrator answers:

Next to the Port Authority bus terminal. It used to be a so-so neighborhood but not anymore. If it’s Manhattan, chances are it’s a great neighborhood.

Paul asks…

what part of nyc is most affordable for a college student?

m in high school right now but i want to go to new york university (nyu) when i graduate. where are some good apartments for cheap but in a pretty good neighborhood. i have visited before and i love it.

i would like apartments that are reasonable, affordable, and in a more safe environment

Administrator answers:

Don’t get one around NYU cause they are very expensive.
Other boroughs like Bronx & Brooklyn are good & cheap, depending on the area.
I suggest you use and click New York City and search for apartments there.
They have a bunch of cheap ones.

Maria asks…

I need to get a Rent Cntrol apartment in NYC as soon as possible. Does anyone know anybody that can help me?

I am moving to NY and I have heard that by word to mouth people can actually find a rent control apartment for really cheap. Does anyone know anybody that can point me to the right direction?

Administrator answers:

You will need a real estate agent to help you find anything, almost all is rent controled, only the projects are cheap.

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