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October 14, 2012

Laura asks…

How should I move all my stuff in, anything cheaper than a Uhaul?

Needa move my stuff into new apartment, I live in NYC and my new apartment is in Albany, NY. About 3 hours away, 150 miles. I dont have that much stuff but I need at least a van. Are theyre any companys whom offer good prices for one days use?

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you utilize the postal service and mail some of your stuff up there? Make sure you put delivery confirmation to track your packages and they will only take 1 day and be alot cheaper than Uhaul.

James asks…

Apartments for sale in NYC. Manhattan or Brooklyn?

Hello, we are looking for a cheap apartment in NYC, just above the stores and everything. Great location, Manhattan or Brooklyn are our most desired. 10.000$ to 100.000$.
Thank you so much !

Administrator answers:

Is this a serious question? You obviously haven’t looked for yourself yet.

Mary asks…

Cheapest parts of NYC?

I’m a single girl in her twenties looking to move from North NJ to NYC. I know I’ll end up whereever I can find a job, but I would like some direction: what are the cheapest areas in NYC to live? I’ll just need a one bedroom apartment. I’d like a relatively safe place; not one which I will feel scared walking home from work every day. I will not have a car, either. Also, I am a runner, so I would love to be close to central park (within walking distance) to go for runs. I know Central Park is HUGE. Thanks for any advice
Wow, that’s very expensive Lauren. I was looking at apartments all the way up in Buffalo a few months ago and found places as cheap as $600-800 a month, but Buffalo is too far to travel at this point.

Administrator answers:

What’s your idea of cheap? My idea of cheap is $1200 and that’s for a studio that I split with someone else in Murray Hill. I’ve known people who have found studios for $1000+ in okay parts of town, but those a few and far between. Not saying it’s impossible, but it’s extremely difficult and you will most likely need to find a roommate if you want to live centrally and adequately. For a one bedroom around the central park areas, you’re looking at LEAST at $1800/mo. Good luck!

Edit: Yes it’s very expensive! I live in the city, but I recommend living in Brooklyn. It’s just as fun, not as crowded and you can easily get into the city. Still expensive, but not quite as much. If you are looking to pay $600-$800/mo, you will either need to live outside the city or with a lot of roommates. That, or Jersey or Queens.

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