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October 19, 2012

Daniel asks…

Dads needs money for dogs surgery, sister needs money for eviction, mom wants money for car. Am I a bank?!?

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I am 26 and live at home with my mother. (She moved into my grandfathers 2 family house so her rent is super cheap for NYC) She has been struggling for quite some time now and even though I pay half the rent she still has trouble making her part. I tried to move about a month ago and my gramps gave me a few thousand to get settled. Turns out the apartment had bed bugs so I never ended up not moving in. My mother was thrilled about that because her cash cow meal ticket (ME) was sticking around a little longer. Anyway my grandfather said I could keep the money because he knows I’ll find another place.

Now since I’ve been sitting on this money (and still paying my mother rent btw which is another issue because how am I supposed to save if I have to pay her until the day I move) everyone has been asking me for money. My father asked me for 1000 bucks so our family dog (that is now his dog since my parents divorced) could have a pyometra surgery. It was clear he had no way to pay and even though I hesitated I didn’t want her to die so I gave him the money. Now my mother is asking for a few hundred so she can get a used car for her bday which was last week. I already gave her 100 bucks. My sister comes home and has a marshalls notice on her door and she’s saying she only owes 200 which has to be a lie. I’m sure it’s way more. She hasn’t asked yet but I’m sure she will. Either that or she will try to dip into the joint account that my grandfather has as a savings for us since we were kids. We are getting older and my gramps won’t be around forever to put money in it so I have started added a little money to the saving every pay period in addition to my own savings. But I don’t want my sister dipping in when she’s not contributing. I know this is a looooong incoherent rant. But I am just so frustrated. What do I do about these mooches in my life?

I mentioned to my grandfather that my dad asked me for money and he blew up. So I didn’t even tell him that I actually gave him the money. I’m sure I’ll never see a red cent of that money. How do I get away from them? I just want to be left alone. Saying NO isn’t enough.

Administrator answers:

Yes, saying NO is enough. Say NO. And then stick to it. Don’t pay attention to the whining, wheedling, and crying.

If these people need money, they are adults and can find ways to earn money on their own.

Stop putting money into that joint account ASAP. Put any future personal savings into your OWN account that no one else can access.

It is NOT your job to take care of your deadbeat family.

The only way to make them stop is to stop enabling them.

Sharon asks…

How much to charge for paint job?

I live in NYC and have someone who wants me to paint their apartment. There are 5 rooms total (not sure exactly what size yet, most likely not too big). I am curious what to charge for labor and supplies. I don’t want to be expensive or cheap.

Three years ago we had our house 1200sq ft painted and it came to a total of $3200 and to me that is ridiculously high. Anyone out there in the NE with any experience?

Administrator answers:

1200 sq. Ft for $3200 sounds about right. I’m in the south where stuff is cheap and paid $4200 for a 1500 sq. Ft. House a year ago.

Are you painting walls only? Or, ceiling and trim work, too? How high are the ceilings? Are there a lot of intricate things to paint around?

When calculating paint price, you have to look at the area of the walls, not the sq. Ft of the floor. When it comes to painting, a 10×10 room in one place isn’t equal to a 10×10 room in another. A room with 12 ft ceilings is going to take more time and supplies to paint than a 10×10 room with 8 ft. Ceilings. Also, you have to take doors and windows into consideration.

Sandra asks…

Going to College in NYC?

ok so im from florida and since i could rember ive always dreamed of moving to the city. i love how it seems so exciting and theres probaly always something to do. so ive decided im going to college for school and goin to study for nursing. im goin to attend staten island univeristy since its the only school that i find is expensive and has dorms. if i find a job ill probaly get a apartment in the city but i need a cheap one which is probaly impossible. but my question is what job could i get as a student in the city. Do you think i could make it to live off. would it be better to go to a community college in the city and get a apartment or go to staten island univerisity. pleas help me lol :’)

Administrator answers:

CUNY is the best source for an affordable college education in NYC. I recently graduated from one of the 4 year schools with practically no student loans to pay back!!!

You can get more information here

good luck!

I would say, see if you can attend Hunter for nursing also (I graduated from Hunter). Hunter has a huge nursing program, and they have dorms also. Nursing students and athletes get preference when it comes to student housing so go for it!

Susan asks…

Moving from Augusta,GA to NYC advice?

I’m saving up to $127 for a bus trip there and I’m thinking about the rent and where to stay. I’ve went to and found cheap 1BR apts in Brooklyn and Manhattan from $800 to $999 and I haven’t got that straight. Should get an apartment with a roommate? or go to a hotel or hostel. Because I’ll take me forever to come up with the rent a trip to NYC.

Administrator answers:

Hey My friend
I think you should get a job in ny first before you move so you would have something to help you pay your rent.Maybe you should move with a roommatee at first and when you feel like you want to move on your own then move.But Just make your move at least if you have effort move to move.

William asks…

Only for New yorkers.. ?

How much does it cost to live in the projects in NYC. Either Brooklyn,Queens,Harlem,The bronxs. Just small place that’s cheap. A smalls apartment or a housing project. (Cheap rent)

Administrator answers:

There are several different kinds of “Projects” – city run low income housing, federal low income housing, and privately run/government subsidized middle income housing.

All of the above have rules about who can live there, mostly based on income. You must qualify. The low income housing is very reasonable. However, there are HUGE waiting lists for all of the above.

When I was young, I put my name on a list for middle income housing. My name finally came up 12 years later, by which time I was already buying my first apartment (and probably no longer qualified for middle income housing, but I’m not sure about that.)

This is not something you just decide to do. It takes a LOT of time.

Donna asks…

What is better place to live-NYC or LA? Better for transportation, cheaper, easier to find jobs, ect?

I´m planning on moving to either L.A or NYC but dont know which is more convenient in everyway. Which is better and more convenient for transportation? I´ve been around the NYC subways and know they have many forms of transportation but dont know how it is in L.A for public transportation …

I know that NYC is very expensive but dont know about L.A..what are the apartment costs(rent)? and food prices?…what about finding jobs, which city is easier to find a goob paying job? I want a job related to the arts..

Administrator answers:

NYC is a better bet, more jobs, big city, public transportation

LA – you might find nice for about a year nd quickly get tired of it
smog, no public transportation, very transiet and very expensive, plus crime is high

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