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November 3, 2012

James asks…

What is the cost of living in upstate New York?

I know the NYC is a train wreck, but New York itself does get cheaper right?

How much should I expect to be paying for a 2 bedroom apartment?
How about gas? And normal grocery items such as milk bread and eggs?

I’m from Virginia and I’m planning on moving soon.

Administrator answers:

If you are in northern Virginia, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Let’s assume you are currently paying $1,200 a month(or more) for your apartment rental. You will save 1/4 to 1/3 of that on an apartment in Syracuse, even more if you are moving to Utica, although you might have to look harder for someplace that meets your standards. I think gas prices are fixed by region, too, so you might save there or you might pay more: our gasoline bill went way down when we moved to MD, but we bought a Prius since then and are driving much less. Everything is farther away there, it’s a big state and you will not be driving an hour through traffic and lights; you will be driving an hour for seventy miles to get many places. Get your milk at the Byrne Dairy store on the corner(like Highs) and read your weekly ads for the other items: you can get grocery store circulars online, so check out the prices now, if you like. If you have tried Wegman’s in your area, you will be happy to know that upstate New York is their home turf.

Get snow tires for your car, a good winter coat with a hood, and some insulated boots. Global warming has not reached upstate just yet. We had over 200 inches of snow some winters, and it does NOT melt away completely in between storms like it does here.

Helen asks…

How do I get an apartment as a recent grad in NYC?

I just graduated within the last few days and I want to get a place in Astoria as soon as I get employed. I live in a different part of Queens with my parents right now. I have no credit. My father is retired so he basically has no income. The expected salary range for an entry level job in my field is 25-30k per year. Obviously I’m looking for the cheapest place I can get.

Will I be able to get an apartment soon? Can my father be a cosigner even though he doesn’t have a lot of money? If I try to become somebodies roommate and they are already established at an apartment, will the landlord checkout my credit or look for a co-signer? What about moving into private homes? Will a cheaper area be less strict about my situation?

Administrator answers:

Never lie on the application, as a landlord I always cross check facts listed on app. Just be honest, explain your situation. Most large managed places may want a co-signer, a private owner may be very understanding, and give you a chance. Get a checking account if you don’t have one, one at a credit union is best, you can then ask them to extend you credit for a car loan, or credit card. As a student it should have been very easy for you to establish credit, no doubt you have recieved many offers. You don’t have to use the credit card, just keep them open to establish good credit.

Sandy asks…

Help finding an apartment in NYC?

Could someone help me find a cheap apartment anywhere in New York City for rent? No matter how many rooms, etc.
Is there, perhaps, some good website where I can browse?

Administrator answers:

You need an agent.

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