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November 12, 2012

Paul asks…

What do I need to know about visiting New York at Christmas? Several queries!!?

I am thinking of going to New York in 2013 from 23/24th December to New Years Day 2014, or possibly the following year. We want to make the holiday as short as possible to keep the price down but we want to be there for Xmas day and New Years Eve. We’d like to stay in an apartment in Manhattan rather than a hotel/anything else so its more homely on Christmas day and we can decorate a little. However we are a little bit more nervous doing this because we don’t know that it is legitimate. If anybody has stayed in an apartment in NYC please give us some advice on who to go to and some good areas!

We’ve been to New York once, in June 2012 but never in winter. What is the weather like generally and what clothes will we need? Where are the best places to visit?

Also what are the best locations to stay? We have previously stayed in the Upper East Side, near Midtown. We found the area lovely. However we would like a bit of a change and have been interested in somewhere either close to Central Park or downtown.

How much money will we need for approximately 8 days in the city?

Also could anyone suggest a GOOD and CHEAP airline to go from London Heathrow to any NYC airport, but preferably JFK.

We want to make this as affordable as possible! We want to spend a maximum of £1000 (approx. $1500) on the accommodation and around the same on the flight. We definitely don’t want to exceed £3000 (approx. $4500) on the entire trip.

Any information you have on any of these topics please let me know, or any other information that you feel will help please don’t hesitate to let know – we need all the information we can get!

In relation to beau guss’ answer, firstly we have specifically chosen to spend Xmas day in NYC instead of at home for a change. But what would there be to do before Christmas? And what goes on on New Years Eve? We’d just really like to go at these times to experience it and experience something different for Xmas and New Year. Thanks for all the help everyone, its much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

I live right outside NYC in NJ and I’m in the city weekly – I’ll answer what I can.

Location: Midtown/Downtown is fine – the more uptown you go (let’s just say it isn’t as nice) – Wish I could recommend some places to stay but I’ve never stayed in the city since I’m only a 10 min drive. Craigslist could be a good spot to check out.

Weather: We’ve had a mild Christmas before where it’s in the 50′s but usually it is getting pretty cold at that time. 40s in the day, 30s at night is the average. It varies of course…Oh and you can’t forget that city wind which makes it feel colder than the temp (especially if you are near the river)! So yeah, in general it’s gonna be cold and blustery! Dress warm.

Money: Money for a full week in the city could be costly if you shop a lot. Taking advantage of the tables on the streets are a good idea around the holidays – you can find some legit deals. Don’t be afraid to bargain a little with these people too just like you can in Chinatown! Cab rides are easily $10-$20 each ride. Buses are cheaper of course and there will be tons of them during the time you are there. Much more affordable option if you can understand the routes. If you look around, eating can still be fairly cheap if you aren’t picky. Is it just you and 1 other person? $4500 for the week sounds fine to me! However if you’re staying for 8 days, $1500 for accommodations may be a little hard to find but as mentioned (I’m not familiar with the hotels so good luck)

Christmas/New Years Eve – Christmas will be much quieter than New Years Eve. New Years Eve you are definitely going to want to plan ahead and find out some of the events going on beforehand. Maybe get tickets to an event where you can hang out for a while so you don’t have to be walking around during the crazy hours of the night?? A majority of NYC will be CHAOS until the morning. The ball dropping attracts millions and millions of visitors every year alone. (If you want the craziest party of your life then just head into Times Square that night and go with the flow)

The cool thing about NYC is that there are some nice things to see without spending money – like all the landmarks and the city alone looks amazing during Christmas with all the lights and decorations. I can’t give good answers on “cool” things to do in the city since I’m always there visiting my girlfriend or working a gig. A jazz club is always a nice idea, the nyc jazz scene is great! The art museums are spectacular as well…lots to do!!

Chris asks…

Please could somebody answer my questions about NYC? Thanks.?

Okay soo…
- What is the cheapest borough of the city to live in in terms of apartment rent?
- The Financial district is where all the finance is but where do most people work?
- Is the garment district and around times square where not many people live but is the main tourist area and where most of the shops are?
- How long would it roughly take for somebody to get right from the south of the upper west side to the financial district by subway?
- and the last one is how long do you think it would roughly take to walk from the west to the east of the upper west side?
Thanks *10 points for best answer*

Administrator answers:

I would recommend checking your previous answer at the link below.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Helen asks…

What do I need to consider to find a water filter that will not clog up too fast?

Hi :-) Thanks for reading this.

I live in a NYC apartment bldg. and want good clean drinking water devoid of chlorine, micro-organisms (cysts, etc.), as well as chemicals (industrial, pesticides, etc.) commonly found in city tap water. I use about 2 gallons of filtered water per day. I have tried the common cheap Brita and Pur faucet-attached water filters, but for some reason they clog up so fast. (They are supposed to last about 3 months per cartridge, but only last 2 weeks before the rate dwindles down to dripping too slow to be of any practical use.) I have no idea really.. but read somewhere that that may be due to high calcium content in the water here?

Under the sink models probably will not work for me because I am not allowed to alter the apartment in any way… so I am looking at counter-top models, but for all I know they are also going to clog up in one sixth the amount of time that they are “supposed to last”. How can I know in advance of buying them and testing first-hand? What are the real variables that factor in? Do you know what features should I be looking for in a water filter so that I get the best mileage for the money, while maintaining *at least* the quality of filtration that the cheap Brita and Pur models provide? The labels on various filters’ packaging does not seem to answer my specific question about preventing the clogging issue, and so I come here asking you real experts.

Thanks so much for any advise!

Administrator answers:

We started using Doulton Gravity around 1987 with the LP2 model then around 1993 we bought the
Model GCC. Great filters! The GCC is still being used in the house and the LP2 is used in our camper.
The cartridges can last for many years and very easy to clean.


Laura asks…

Can he keep my security deposit? (NYC)?

I live in an apartment in Brooklyn. I’m thinking about moving out on December 1st because i found a place that is much better and cheaper for me. I signed a lease a year and a half ago that expired in July, but the landlord still have my security deposit. Assuming the apartment is in good condition, what is the likelihood that he will try to keep some or all of my security deposit? I’m pretty sure he’s required to give it all back to me because we’re not on a lease at the moment, but he still my give me a hard time. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

While your lease has expired, it’s terms and conditions remain in place…only on a month to month basis, so you DO have a lease. You need to read your lease to determine what type of notice is required for you to vacate (usually 30 days). Also, not having a lease does not mean you get your full deposit back. The landlord still has the right to charge you for damages, unpaid rent or failure to give proper notice.

Ken asks…

How can I get my friends to stop treating me like a hotel?

People are always coming and visiting me at my apartment in NYC. However, recently something happened that nearly pushed me over the edge. One of my best friends, who lives out of town, emailed me asking if he could come and stay at my apartment with his brother, who has never been to NYC before. He specified a particular weekend that would coincide with his brother’s spring break. This happens to be a 3-day weekend, and I would’ve liked to go out of town myself, and told my friend. Instead of responding “nevermind,” he pushed the issue and asked if I would mind letting them stay in the apartment if I wasn’t there. This made me really angry, because I have a roommate who wouldn’t be cool with this idea, and I was not okay with this option. But because it’s a good friend, I decided to stick around for the weekend just to accommodate the request. My friend has stated and made it clear that they don’t need to hang out with me much and don’t mind the fact that I’ll have to work one of the days that they’ll be here – after all, the reason they’re coming is so that his brother can see the city.

My boyfriend says that my friends do this because they know I’ll let them do it, but honestly, I’m not sure how to tell a friend “no” without making them angry at me. I don’t want to be a pushover, but I feel compelled to say “yes” because I don’t feel like I have a choice. The worst part about it is that I don’t think it even occurs to them that it’s not okay to continually invite yourself to stay at someone’s apartment or house – I would never impose upon them in that way. Growing up, I was taught not to invite yourself somewhere because it puts the person in an uncomfortable position. I can’t see an easy solution to this situation, because I otherwise, I like my friends very much and don’t want to lose their friendship. If I say “no,” they’re going to feel awkward or angry with me. I understand that NYC hotels are expensive and they’re just trying to find a cheap way to visit, but it’s becoming a serious issue. But I don’t want to feel used or taken advantage of anymore. I am not a hotel, so why do they treat me like one? How do I deal with this?

Administrator answers:

I think that this issue isn’t about your friends coming to stay, it is about boundaries and lack of control. From what you wrote it doesn’t seem like your friends invited themselves to spend the weekend, but I don’t know your friends, or how ‘in your face’ they are. I have had many problems saying no to people and I began running out of things to use as an excuse that wouldn’t make me feel awkward. I think that the fact that your roommate would be uncomfortable with them staying there while you were away is a totally legitimate excuse that you should have used.
I would suggest that you write notes to your friends who use you as hotels and don’t send them. Take little pieces of each note and try to form an appropriate speech that clearly states your feelings in a way that will not hurt them.
There is nothing wrong with telling you friends that you love them, and you like when they come to NYC but you’re life in NYC isn’t a vacation, therefore they can’t use you as a hotel. Your apartment is your personal space and they shouldn’t be crossing those boundaries but without you letting them now how you really feel, they won’t stop using you. You have to remember that you are equal to them, and that you have the right to your feelings and opinions and for whatever reason you’ve lost sight of that and learned to quietly accommodate others needs, and that isn’t okay. You come first.

Ruth asks…

How much would I need to live in NYC?

Okay, I know it’s suppppper expensive. And correct me on anything if I’m wrong, but this is how I have my money planned out..(me and a friend would share an apartment so rent would be half, or maybe in thirds)

Rent- $1,600(2 bedroom all together)
Utilities- $250
Food- $280(both of us)
Subway- $81
Cable- $75(all together)
Cell phone- $125
Extra- $200

I feel like I’m forgetting something.
If anything is cheaper or more please let me know. And if I’m forgetting anything, help!
We’re moving out there for college, and trying to plan our money.
Also, what are jobs like, and how much is pay? Please let me know anything else I need to know before we move. Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

The subway is actually $103 for a monthly pass. A monthly pass is your best bet, since you can use it as much as you want in that month, and then you end up saving money that way.
Cable is a bit more, plus you will want it with Internet. That is about $90/month total.
You might want to factor in taxis. Price depends where you go, but (as an example) from the Upper East Side to Midtown (40s and 5th) is about $11-15, depending on traffic.
You should factor in eating out and going out to bars, which might be more than $200 a month.
You might not pay as much for utilities. You only pay for gas and electric (not water) and if you conserve majorly you might be able to get it down to a little over $100 (though it depends on the season.)
Don’t forget you will need to buy furniture, so that will cost a bit.
Rent prices vary widely. You might be able to luck out and get one for $1,600. When searching for apartments, search for ‘no fee’ apartments–that means you won’t have to pay your broker (the landlord pays instead), and that’s good because broker fees can be pretty expensive (often a months’ rent or so.) Also keep in mind that since you are young, both of you will almost certainly have to have your parents co-sign your lease.
Pay totally depends on what industry you’re in. It’s really impossible to say. It’s tough to find jobs right now, so start looking.

Charles asks…

Allentown/Bethlehem Pennsylvania Poconos PA?

I want to relocate to Newyork but i can not afford to pay 2 thousand dollars a month for a 2 Bedroom apartment for my family.I heard that in Water Gap PA and Stroudsburg PA that it is cheap but there are no jobs.I heard that everyone commutes into Manhattan NYC.I now found some great apartments in Allentown PA and Bethleham PA.Are there jobs there?Is it easyer to get to Manhattan from Allentown Pa or Water Gap Pa?

Administrator answers:

Many people commute from Delaware Water Gap and Stroudsburg. However, remember depending on traffic, it is anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours each way. The bus fare is over $50 per day (and if you drive into the city expect to pay more than that in parking and tolls). There are jobs, but not enough for all of the people who have who’ve moved to the area in the last 15 years looking to escape the high taxes and high home prices of the nearby suburbs.

Allentown and Bethlehem aren’t in the Poconos, but in the Lehigh Valley. Both are easily over 2 hours from New York in traffic.

If you have a family, wouldn’t you like to spend some time with them. Forget that if you’re going to commute from PA to NY.

Mandy asks…

How to take EX- Boyfriend name OFF LEASE?

Could someone please help me figure out how I can remove my ex-boyfriends name off of the lEASE? We rent an apartment in NYC on a 2 year lease, both of our names, it’s been 1 year into our lease. I want him out – YES I WANT HIM OUT (If I sound selfish then OH WELL be it). We have been together 5 years, we have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter, and I am 5 months pregnant. This man has made a 360 change and is heading out from vacation to vacation with lord knows who, he says he has another woman pregnant who is a far better woman than I am, and now he is denying that the son I am carrying is his. He says he does not want to be with me but does not move out. He is currently on a vacation and I messaged him that I will be packing his belongings and taking it to his mothers house, and he could do as he pleases from there. He said if I touch his “property” he will call the cops on me.

I cannot stand being in this situation 1 second longer. He is mentally very abusive, calling me a bad mother, a cheap woman, a gold digger, a whore, a cheater, a ****. I cannot take this any longer. I am a terrific mother, I paid to move our family into our apartment, I make more money than him – so how am I a gold digger, and I am not the one with anyone else – he is.

Is there a legal way I can get his name off? I would like to continue my pregnancy healthy and at peace, and I need my kids to have a home… I cannot leave him the apartment and have to pull about $5,000 AGAIN to look for another place and move…

I would appreciate some advice.. Thank you all.
As I said, ONE year ago I spent $5,000 moving US out. Why in the world would I want to leave him the apartment and spend another approx $5,000 on brokers and deposit money on a new place, when I have 2 kids to look after? My question is how to REMOVE HIS name, not mine. I am not moving until I save enough to buy something for me and my children.

Administrator answers:

Contact your property manager, explain he moved out and that you would like him off the lease.

Then put his stuff in a storage unit, pay it one month and tell him after that he can either get his stuff or pay the unit, but he isn’t calling the police for something that isn’t illegal. By leaving you with all his stuff there, he can’t say anything. He can’t prove when he took off that he wasn’t just abandoning it.

Change the locks as soon as he leaves so he can’t come back in without you knowing.

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