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November 22, 2012

Mary asks…

How to find an apartment in NYC?

I am attending college next year and trying to find an apartment in NYC close to 8 east 40th street. I am looking also for a roommate because i will not be able to afford an apartment by myself.. any suggestions to finding one?

Administrator answers:

See if the housing office at your college keeps a list of apt complexes, ads on hand. You should also consider living in a dorm/university housing which sometimes is cheaper than private apartments.

Ken asks…

Moving to nyc, have enough money for a cheap apartment. where/how do i start looking?

i know a cheap apartment means poor conditions, but i want to know what areas i should avoid. I moving from japan, so i have no credit history. Will that be a problem? Are there ways around that?

Administrator answers:

I am assuming that you are Japanese -

Try this link for info and possible support

Although this is primarily a Cultural organization, become a member. They have jobs posted at this site and perhaps you can put your question to members of this organization that will ‘know someone’ that can be of assistance to you in your transition here in NYC.

I’ve always felt that new folks coming to this country have the best chance of being successful if they have contacts with folks from their homeland.

Michael asks…

Easiest way to find sublet apartments in NYC for 3 months?

I am a student interning in NYC this summer and am trying to find a sublet apartment for myself and potentially 1-3 other friends. What is the easiest way to find apartments to rent?

Administrator answers:

If you know students at Columbia or NYU with apartments during the year, they sometimes like to sublet their places during the summer to pay the rent. A friend of mine got an ok apartment last summer that way.

Also, boxes are cheap. You could make a great box fort out of a few old TV boxes.

Lisa asks…

Are there any cheap places to live near los angeles california?

Was thinking about moving to new york but can’t afford it. I will be a certified nurses aide and would like to find a cheap place within a tight budget.

Administrator answers:

We seem to have a glut of new CNAs in LA now, so unless you have experience and connections, or are very lucky, you may end up in a job paying $10 an hour (some even make minimum wage of $8). That would be almost impossible to live off of in LA. A low end studio/single will be about $800, you may not be happy with those apartments, but any cheaper you’d want to check for scams, there are lots of them. Google: Los Angeles rental scams, and rental scams

It really depends on where you work as to where you’d want to live, commuting is slow and gas is expensive. There are some areas where apartments are on the lower side for LA (so still expensive, $800 for a studio) and safe, like Glendale, or outside of the more central LA area, like in West Covina, etc.

If you don’t have at least 1 to 3 years experience, you may want to get it where you are now, and then see about finding a job here. Making double minimum wage, about $16 an hour, is really the minimum to live here, and that would be on a very very tight budget. You should be able to make that as an experienced CNA, but it might take some time to find an job. There is a possibility of making more, but those jobs are few. Look at places like UCLA.

What many people don’t realize is that our wages are not much more, if at all, compared to wages in cities where rents are half or less rents in LA. It’s tough to find a job here now, so try to find one before moving out here. While NY is more expensive for the same standard of living, LA is expensive and we don’t have unapproved sublets/roommates (you’ll get booted quickly and be out your rent payment and deposit), too many roommates in apartments (landlords like one adult per bedroom, one adult in a studio/single), things that are often accepted in NYC. Right now the demand for apartments in LA is high, due to foreclosures, so rents are going up.

Good luck!

Donna asks…

What is the least expensive county/city to live in around the NYC metro area?

Taking into account taxes, house prices, everything, which county or city in the New York metropolitan area would be the cheapest??? Please dont include really crappy ghetto places like Newark.

Administrator answers:

If you plan on buying a house or apartment, then queens or the bronx is probably cheapest. Renting is pretty close everywhere else except manhattan. But utilities and tax is included in rent. Checkout bergen county in nj

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