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November 29, 2012

Linda asks…

How much on average per month would it cost to live in NYC, Manhattan?

In the future I would really love to take a year out and live in the Big Apple. I was wondering how much it would be for an apartment, shopping, bills etc.

Also I would like to know what kind off job would be suitable to cover all off this? (Not a big fancy job)

Administrator answers:

Too much. Hawaii is better, cheaper and has no winter.

Mary asks…

What is it like living in New York City and Beverly Hills California?

Which is better to live in? Which is more beautiful? Which is cheaper to live in?

Administrator answers:

Beverly Hills has apartment buildings, condos, small and large homes. It’s kind of sterile, boring. Very clean and pretty, lots of open space for a city, with great weather. There is nightlife close by.

NYC is great if you want excitement, high energy, lots to do day and night. Not so great weather and people packed too densely, imho. You need more money to live nice than in BH at the low end. I feel like you need more money overall to live nicely and safely in NYC compared to LA. It’s like of like comparing apples and oranges, but the lifestyle I’d be happy with in NYC would cost a bit more than in LA.

You need a lot of money to live well in either, especially NYC. For apartment living, at least $100K salary, for a family, modest home in ok neighborhood, private school for one kid, at least $350K.

It depends on what you like more!

Thomas asks…

How pricey is it living in NYC?

I’m not just going to up and move there. I’m going to college for a few years to be a paramedic or something similar. I know if I just go without a plan, I’ll probably end up homeless. What does a medical job pay on average? I know renting even a crappy apartment in Manhattan can be upwards of $2500 a month, so I’m prepared to live somewhere else, but close. I’m trying to remember thousands of people live there, so it can’t be impossible!

Administrator answers:

It’s possible to live there, just look around upper manhattan, where Columbia University is at, some of those apts are cheaper. You can also try to live with roomates in an apt and share rents. There is always a bargain in the many supermarkets, stores, etc, so you have to do the hunting. I was born and raised there and moved out of there in my 20′s. I loved it, I grew in character and always fastpaced in everything i do…I may have left New York, but New York City has never left in me. So many things to do, you’ll make it…

Ruth asks…

How much would it be for the utilities in an apartment?

I’m trying to find out how much in a monthly income for utilities would be for an apartment in the New York boundaries
I’m wondering how much utilities would be in the state of New York not New York City. All I would really need is water and heat that’s all pretty much.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on what part of NY. NYC (including the 5 boroughs) are expensive. Long Island is extremely expensive…almost double that of NYC. Upstate is relatively cheap.

Betty asks…

What’s a good bar to go to in NYC to watch the Patriots/Steelers game this weekend since the Jets are on CBS?

I’m looking for a sports bar to go to to watch the Pats/Steelers game. I live in NYC, so the Jets will be on CBS and cannot watch from the comfort of my own home.

Administrator answers:

Sorry this is late, but good for future reference – maybe still worth 10 pts.?

“Growing up in the so-called Steel City of Pittsburgh, I was practically born and baptized a football fan — the priest at weekly Mass gives an impassioned “Let’s pray for the Steelers,” and services are hurried on Football Sunday. When I irreverently moved to Jets and Giants territory, I immediately sought out where I could wave my Terrible Towel and have cheap beer spilled on my shirt by loud, raucous men who will probably try to hit on me because I am a blond chick with a penchant for liquor-infused sports watching. Hence NFL Sunday Ticket and the bars that buy this service for us out-of-towners, or those locals who prefer the big screen and a bloody mary over a six pack and their couch. The where and why after the jump, along with our handy-dandy map to illustrate the stumbling distance from your apartment or nearest subway.”

Mandy asks…

Who would you recommend for moving companies?

We are moving cross country from Manhattan (NYC) to Los Angeles. Does anyone have first hand experience with a moving company? If you did not move from the 5 boroughs, please do not respond. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You can find local ratings for moving companies on You do have to pay a fee to join but that $80 may be worth the piece of mind and you can transfer your membership to LA and still use it to find other good services like painters or doctors.

Rates very greatly depending on the city. Just telling us what rooms you have doesn’t tell us what is in them and a professional service will want a detailed list before they give you a price. We have had customers in one bedroom apartments with a piano, big screen and huge furniture that got charged more than someone in a house that was furnished will all light Ikea furniture.

Moving across country will honestly costs THOUSANDS of dollars, especially with diesel gas at almost $5 a gallon. Another option is to rent a Penske truck and then use a service like to provide professionals who will load and unload it for you at both ends. We recommend Penske because their equipment is never more than 3 years old and they are often cheaper than uhaul.

Donna asks…

How is the living cost in the major cities?

I am going to pursue my graduate education in the US..
wondering about living cost for a student in the major cities such as NYC, LA.and so forth…and how is that in some inland cities such as Minneapolis. Do they differ greatly?

Administrator answers:

I live in the Twin Cities, St. Paul/Minneapolis and yes, it differs greatly from NY and LA which are two of the most expensive cities in the country. The cost of living in those two places, double by the cost of living in Minneapolis but if you are in Minneapolis such as Uptown or Downtown then the cost is very high because of the condos and vintage style apartment lofts. And those are the only two places I would suggest living in Minneapolis or else it just isn’t worth it, going over South which is okay or over North which is not okay.

To compare apartment prices go to or and there you will get a sense of the apartment prices in the cities you choose to live in. I will say that LA is cheaper than NY ( I have family in both cities/states)

John asks…

What is the minimum amount of money one needs to make to live decently in NYC?

My dream is to live in NYC someday (which is probably nothing special because tons of people want to live there), but I’m don’t want to move over there if my living conditions are bad. By “decently” I mean living in a good apartment with, maybe, a roommate and being able to go out to eat every once in a while

Administrator answers:

I agree with the answerers who say that around $40K is a good start. I know people who make a little less than that, but still manage to live here – but not without compromises.

Look at it this way, you can get a studio apartment for yourself in a nice, solidly middle class neighborhood like Sunnyside, Queens, which is only 15 minutes from Midtown Manhattan on the #7 subway line, for between $900 and $1200 a month, which runs up to around $14,000 a year, and which is ? Of a gross income of $42,000 a year. ? Of your gross income is a good rule of thumb as to how much you should be spending on rent, and also, many apartment brokers will want to see 40 times monthly rent, so 40 times $1000 is $40,000.

If you want to live in a higher priced area like Manhattan, chances are you will need to have a roommate. Oftentimes you may not need to be scrutinized so intensely regarding income if you are coming in as a second person, and the person who has the lease likes you. The downside to that, however, is that you wouldn’t really have any rights at all if the leaseholder gets thrown out.

I have a few friends who manage to live on their own on incomes below $40,000 a year because they’ve found furnished sublets for a year or longer. This is also a very viable living option.

It’s also true that many things cost more here, but many things like food actually don’t have to cost any more than anywhere else, because of the sheer volume of people here (8 million plus) who keep everything moving along. The trick is to take the time to shop around and find the cheapest places for your basic items.

Also remember that you won’t really need a car, so that will already save you thousands a year.

So with a little bit of readjusting your expectations and your spending and savings habits, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a very reasonable life in NYC.

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