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April 14, 2012

Betty asks…

How can I find a small apartment to rent in NYC for just a month?

My friend and I are going to the Big Apple next summer, and need an apartment on the cheap side. We want to find it as soon as possible.

Administrator answers:

Post a ad on craigs list

Susan asks…

When I graduate from college, I want to live in NYC…[read]?

Of course, I’ll have a starting salary which will probably be low. I’d like to go to college for business/finance. Where in NYC can I find a relatively cheap apartment/condo [preferably owned] for, say, less than $200,000? I don’t care if it’s a dump, as long as it’s not in a high-crime area.

Is this asking too much? haha.

Administrator answers:

You might check out places in Brooklyn as well.

John asks…

Is it possible to get an apartment in NYC for $700/month?

I’m interested in seeing if its possible to get an apartment in NYC for 700 dollars a month. Any kind of apartment will do. I feel like there may be some sort of tip or trick to finding a good apartment at a cheaper rate.

Administrator answers:

Triple that price for Manhattan. You might be able to get something you can afford in Queens.

Sharon asks…

For those who travel North America a lot, What city/state do you think has the cheapest housing/apartments?

Like in NYC, apartments are really expensive but when you go to..let’s say oklahoma, they will most likely be cheaper…that kind of thing.

Administrator answers:

We have just moved from Colorado (very expensive) to Kentucky where it is a lot cheaper and are now looking at moving back to the Dallas area. Nice large cheap, new houses and plenty of them in Arlington. Even cheaper than Kentucky and there is no state tax. New Mexico is also pretty cheap too.

David asks…

Looking for a cheap stay in NYC. Any ideas or sites where i can rent an apartment or something?

Administrator answers:

If you are looking for something short-term, like a sublet, the best place is Look at both the sublets/temporary and rooms/shared categories.

You can also find apartments for rent on craigslist, but a lot of them will be advertised by brokers and you’ll be stuck paying a fee. Just make sure to ask when you call about it so you aren’t surprised. If you have any friends in the city, ask them to check with their supers and see if anything is open in the building – that way you can deal with the building directly and hopefully avoid a fee.

William asks…

Prices of cheap Manhattan apartments?

So my friend and I are thinking about going to college in New York City. He’s looking at Stony Brook, I’m looking at King’s. Obviously we want to rent out an apartment together, but I am very aware of the high price range in NYC. My sister and his brother actually both live there…

That being said, I would like to know what a REALISTIC monthly price of a small Manhattan apartment would be. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough space for two guys to sleep.

P.S If you don’t have a credible answer, please do not respond. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

If your sister and brother live here, then they must have already told you the REALISTIC cost of living in Manhattan. Perhaps you didn’t like the answer they gave you and trust the words of strangers, but the word cheap is not in Manhattan’s dictionary. Assuming you don’t have much of a resume, how do you plan on earning enough to pay your bills and still go to school full time? Jobs don’t come easy or pay much without a degree, so you’re limited to manual labor type jobs that don’t pay enough to live in Manhattan. You’re much better off in one of the outer boroughs like Queens or Brooklyn and still be very close to Manhattan via subway. Some areas of Queens are only 10 minutes away by train. You might find a tiny studio suitable for 1 person for around $1400, but a place big enough for 2 people will be much more – even for just a small 1 bedroom. And, that doesn’t include utilities like gas and electric. There’s your REALISTIC answer.

Joseph asks…

why is this apartment so cheap? link.?,sublet,room,corporate&bedrooms=2,3,4,5,6,7,8plus&highPrice=1200&includeVaguePricing=false&resultsPerQuad=24

and. is 600 for 2 bedroom 2 bath. a good price for an apartment in nyc?
and what city is clase to time square?

Administrator answers:

600 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath is VERY cheap. Sure, some thing fishy about the neighborhood or the apartment. 2 Br, 2 bath will cost a minimum of $1200 in a decent neighborhood and upto $3000 is the posh neigborhoods.
Times Square is in New york City. So what exactly is your question? If you are looking for homes near times square then(good luck!) try 5th avenue, or park avenue on east 59th street or somewhere around that street.

EDIT: This Apartment is in a posh neighborhood, I fail to understand why it is priced to low. Something fishy for sure.

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