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December 3, 2012

George asks…

How much would it cost to move into New York City?

Im planning on moving into the city for college. So i want to budget myself the right way, so I’m trying to balance out what i have to pay for college plus saving up for the move. The move would be from long island to new york . Movers, plus down payment for an apartment, and anything else. Thanks :]
In the Bronx , Queens , or Manhattan

Administrator answers:

How much rent can you afford? You have to know which boro you want. They are quite different from each other. Queens is closer to the island so that is cheaper for you. The Bronx and Queens are not really NYC.

Michael asks…

How much is the average cost of an appartment in New York City?

My dream is to move to NYC!
What is the cheapest price (condition) to the highest (condition)
Thank you

Administrator answers:

Unless you are moving here with a job or to go to school, forget about it. A room in someone else’s apartment on Manhattan will run you $1,000 a month, efficiencies in horrible neighborhoods are $2k a month. Apartments in outer boroughs are a bit less expensive, but not much, and you’ll have major travel expenses on trains, buses and cabs.
And food is expensive, so it would not be cost-effective to be bulimic and move to the City.

Daniel asks…

How much will i need to survive in Newyork city?

I have 2000 saved up to move to Newyork city. I plan on getting a apartment. I dont have ajob yet but plan on getting one when i move there. So will 2000 be enough??

Administrator answers:

$2000 is definitely not enough. Let’s assume you want to live by yourself, in Manhattan.

$1000/month, rent (this is generous). To move in, you’ll need first month, last month, and a security deposit. Total: $3000. Brokers charge more. It cost me $8000 to move in to my one-bedroom in Harlem several years ago (including broker’s fee).

Many apartments in NYC do not charge for heat and some do not charge for water. Electricity will likely be at least $20/month (likely more). If you want internet, cable, etc expect to pay more in electricity and also for those services.

The subway and bus are $2.25/ride. A monthly MetroCard is cheaper, overall, if you will be taking public transportation daily (not sure how much one is right now, but upwards of $100). Cabs are more expensive, but you can get pretty much anywhere in Manhattan for less than $25.

This, of course, depends on how much you eat/ what you buy/ groceries vs. Restaurants. Maybe $150 – $200/month for one person?

You probably have a cell phone. That’s at least $50/month. Do you need furniture? It’ll be summer soon. Do you want an air conditioner? A fan? Fans use up less electricity. Also, if you want clean clothes, you’ll need money for laundry. I get mine done at a nearby laundromat. It’s about $10 – $15 for a large bag (wash, dry, fold). Other activities are also something to think about: you probably won’t want to just go to work and go home. Luckily, there are a lot of free things to do in the city (especially in the warmer weather months).

Using the lowest costs quoted, the total for your first month in NYC will be about $3350. That is the MOST CONSERVATIVE estimate, so it will likely be more. You won’t be paying so much for an apartment after the first month, but monthly costs will still be at least $1500 (likely). That means, you need a job that grosses (after taxes, that is) $20,000/year, just to pay these expenses. Remember, in NYC, you will be paying Federal, State, AND City taxes. Social security, etc, will also be taken out.

Speaking of jobs, the economy isn’t fantastic right now. As of January, 2010, the unemployment rate in NYC was 8.8%. You may want to secure a job BEFORE moving.

I hope you found this useful. Good luck.

Chris asks…

What is the Starting Salary for TEACHERS in NYC?

people always complain about teachers not getting paid a lot and that teaching is hard.

I dont know why teaching seems like an easy job. no offense it just seems easy.
fill out papers, teach, go home.

but seriously though, what is the starting salary for nyc teachers?

Administrator answers:

It is around $47,000 per year but when you factor in that it can cost around 1300 a month for a cheap apartment, it is really not that great. In addition, you have to think about the 30k to 50k in student loans that you have to repay. Teaching is not an easy job and most beginning urban teachers quit within their first 5 years.

Paul asks…

How much will it cost me?

After I finish year 12 next year im planning on going to America for 6 months

my question is, how much money should i have saved up for this trip?

im wanting to live in newyork, cheapest apartment i can find

airfares from Australia to america


money to spend on having fun

clubs etc

traveling within america

bit of booze

planning on going to school there for a term also, so whatever public school fees?

can someone please tell me approximately how much i would need at a minimum?

THANKS everyone!


Administrator answers:

Let’ see

Rent – $6000
Airfare from Australia to NYC – $1500
Food – $3000
Spending money – $2500
Traveling – $3000
Booze – drinking age is over 21
School for a term – $5000
Misc – $2000

Total $23,000

Maria asks…

How much on average per month would it cost to live in NYC, Manhattan?

In the future I would really love to take a year out and live in the Big Apple. I was wondering how much it would be for an apartment, shopping, bills etc.

Also I would like to know what kind off job would be suitable to cover all off this? (Not a big fancy job)

Administrator answers:

I am looking for a teaching positon in NYC at the moment, even with that salary ($50-60K a year starting), I will have to look outside Manhattan to find a place to live as it is far too expensive. Brooklyn is even ridiculously expensive.

Without a “fancy” job, you cannot afford to live in NYC, PERIOD.

The taxes here are sky high ($13 for a pack of cigarettes in NYC), and the NY State government is full of nazi’s (including NYC mayor Bloomberg) trying to control everyone with smoking bans, fast food regulations and other stupid laws. Guiliani DESTROYED what once was the cool city of NY. Now it is haven for fat tourists and bridge and tunnel shoppers and full of crap chain stores. SCREW THAT!

Keep your free healthcare and enjoy it, NY State and NYC is a tough place to live and it aint cheap anywhere! Why do you think so many people are leaving NY State in droves over the last 15 years?

Joseph asks…

How much would I need to earn a year to live in New York?

I mean how much would I have to earn a year to live in a nice apartment in the city.
For example A nice two bedroom highrise in downtown or Midtown.

Administrator answers:

Around $150,000 a year. First, you are required to make 40x your monthly rent per year (with a good credit score) just to be considered for the majority of the apartments in NYC. For example, if you hypothetically found a place for $3000/month (most “nice” ones in those areas are more): 40 x $3,000/month = $120,000/year. Two bedrooms in good areas are not cheap – neither is the cost of living.

Helen asks…

How expensive are houses on staten island?

I want to move to NYC but I own a cabinet making business that wouldn’t really go well with an apartment. I would need a garage or a patio or somthing.

How expensive would a house be in NYC? Or are there any other options for my situation?

Administrator answers:

Queens, Brooklyn or Staten Island would be the best options. Look for foreclosed properties. Buying a house is not cheap anywhere near NYC btw.

Charles asks…

What is the estimated cost to move cross country (San Francisco to NYC)?

I am considering a move from SF to NYC next year, and am trying to plan ahead in terms of expenses and budgeting.

If I were to hire a moving company to move the contents of my apartment, I would be moving a studio’s worth of furniture and boxes. Has anyone made this move before, and if so, what did it cost you?

I’m wondering if it would be a better idea to leave the furniture here (all secondhand or ikea anyway) and craigslist up a new batch once I get there. Any stories to share?

Administrator answers:

Call two or more moving companies. They will give you free estimates. This will give you the exact costs. A cross country move is NOT cheap. Consider renting a U-Haul truck and moving yourself.

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