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December 4, 2012

Linda asks…

Should i dorm or get an apartment with a cousin and a friend ?

Going to college sep. 2009 in florida. currently living in nyc with parents. We noticed Florida rents are super cheap compared to the nyc rent our parents pay.

Administrator answers:

I vote for dorm. This is your chance to learn to live with someone new, find out out how you do, and how to give and take in all situations. You can learn a lot and it will help when you get out on your own with your own money! Good luck!

Thomas asks…

Where in NYC and around is best for tourist stay?

I plan to visit NYC in November and the hotels within NYC are just too pricey. Where is a cheap and safe alternative? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If you want to see the sights in NYC, then you want to stay in the city. You won’t really save much by staying elsewhere and the hassle of having to commute back and forth is NOT worth it. New York is an expensive destination and if you want to visit you’ll need to “bite the bullet” and pay the price. You would probably want to stay in the “Midtown” area or Times Square.

Try some of the discount websites for hotels, such as Hotwire or Priceline. Depending on when in November you’re visiting, hotels will be more or less expensive. Thanksgiving week and after will be more expensive. You might save some money by renting a condo or apartment, because you can prepare some of your own meals. has lists of available accommodations.

To save money, do some research on the city. There are guidebooks on how to spend less in NY. Should be at your library or bookstore. You can try on line sites, too, e.g.

If you plan to go to several of the “usual” tourist sights, check out TKTS can save money on Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Lists of free or inexpensive things to do are in the NY Times weekend section [published on either Thurs or Fri] and New York Magazine, the Village Voice, etc.

If you want to “see” the Statue of Liberty [vs actually going inside it], you can take the free Staten Island Ferry. You can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn [take the subway to the "Brooklyn Bridge" stop and walk over to the bridge] – it will be very cold in November, but it’s a neat thing to do.

Be sure you familiarize yourself with the transit system – it’s easy to use and safe, except perhaps in the middle of the night. Go to the transit authority website or consult the NYC guidebooks.

Susan asks…

What are my options for moving companies and storage when I move?

I need to be out of my apartment on Oct 31st. My new apartment will not be ready until November 1st at the earliest. I’m moving out of NYC, so getting a pod would be difficult because I’d have no where to put it. Will certain moving companies hold my stuff for a day or two? How much extra would I be looking at? I live in a small space currently.. one bed, one dresser, two book cases, probably about 10 boxes. Nothing too grand. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Rent a small u haul truck. They rent by the day and drive it yourself. Pay a coulple of nieghbor guys to load it for you. Or yes they will store it for you. Should not be much for so little stuff. Call 3 or 4 to see whos cheapest.. Also: google “u-haul truck rentals” to get listed rates. The smallest truck 10 foot, is $20 a day and $2 a mile for local use. So it would be 20 a day to store your stuff.. Or if you rent it one way it is diff. Rate . You have to put in your destination to get price. You might fit fit your stuff in a van, costs less

Ruth asks…

How do I get from Laguardia to Brooklyn?

I thought I would be renting a car at Laguardia and driving to New Jersey, but it turns out I will be staying at a different family member’s apartment. She says skip the car but is not being very informative on how to get there. The area is Menahan and Myrtle. I don’t need the cheapest option, since I was going to spend $ on car rental but I’d rather not be in the $40 cab ride category either.

Administrator answers:

The taxi commission has set prices by Borough. Do not rent a car – the driving is difficult and there is no parking. Also, MapQuest and others are almost useless in Brooklyn.


should show you the rate fromLGA to Brooklyn…there are no tolls,and it woun’t be $40, even off the meter.

Enjoy NY

Sandra asks…

What’s more expensive, living in the Julliard dorm , or getting your own apartment (sharing with roommates)?

I’d like to live in New York, currently in Toronto, and IF…I get in Julliard, I know there is a slim chance, but if I do, I was just wondering in general would it be cheaper to live in the dorms or in your own apartment sharing with roommates. Or any other university really? What are the pros and cons of having your own place or living in a dorm? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The dorm is cheaper if you wish to live near the school. Lincoln Center area is an expensive area to live in. You also don’t have to worry about utilities and leases or anything else at the dorm. There is a cafeteria that has decent food too at really low prices.The Dorms are in the Rose building right at the school. The upper floors are for Juilliard and the lower floors are for School of American Ballet students. I do know that Juilliard Dance requires the first year students to dorm there unless they already live in the area. It may or may not be the same for the other departments. You don’t say what your major would be. In general to begin with you are better off with a dorm until you know the city better. Often students get affordable apartments in Brooklyn after being in the dorms for a few years, but that is a half hour or more subway ride daily. If you went to NYU Tisch, they offer low cost housing as well as higher end.
I think for any school in your freshman year a dorm is best. You have enough to think about without having to think about paying rent, utilities, cable and internet. Often staying at a dorm offers other perks like a gym and discounted or free activities. Usually cheaper laundry than any laundry in a building in NYC or laundromat. That all adds up.

Lizzie asks…

where are some cheap and safe areas close to NYC?

Close=1 1/2 or less drive to NYC i would love to move close to there one day after being a paralegal here for 5 years.

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure how cheap you’re looking for. In queens and brooklyn, there are places that aren’t too expensive, at least by NY standards. In the kensington neighborhood and other areas around there, you can get a 2 bedroom apartment for $1400, or even less. So if you split that with a roommate, that’s $700 a month. Or you can probably get something smaller for less.

It’s a nice area, safe, and a short drive to manhattan, plus there are lots of trains you can use, as well.

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