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December 7, 2012

Paul asks…

Cheap hotels in NYC on New Years is it possible?

Few friend planning trip to a city in our area that has some great bars for New Years. The hotels are cheap for $160 they can get two hotel rooms for 6 to 8 people. Nothing against idea of going, but thinking bit bigger. Would it be possible to buy hotel rooms for 8 people under $200 in NYC on New Years. Probably be for one night with check in on New Year’s Day? Appreciate the response back.

Administrator answers:

It is possible to find very cheap hotels.
Just make sure if Hotel Carter is on the list to cross it out.
Http:// under $99 rooms

Hotels have restrictions on the number of guest per room so consider an apartment.

Maria asks…

What are the pros and cons of moving you NYC?

Im hoping to move their for school (fashion). After the first year, I will have to get my own apartment. Ive heard nyc is crazy expensive. any tips or ideas in general? anyone hate it?

Administrator answers:

Stack your money because it ain’t cheap and salaries don’t match the rent. Try to get a job with the government until you finish school. 1 bedroom apts are going for $3000/ mo., unless your parents help with rent you might want to think about moving to Harlem.

Don’t know where you’re from but, the wheather out there in the winter and spring isn’t anything to play around with. One minute it’s raining the next minute it’s snowing. Bring a nice warm coat.

Good luck in the future!

Jenny asks…

how much is rent usually for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in brooklyn?

me and my friend are planning on going to school in ny after high school. im planning on going to a beauty school and she a culinary institute that are both in manhattan but we definatly can not afford to live there. how much are 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in brooklyn?

thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

I agree that manhattan is really expensive i live in Queens NYC and i pay 1100$ for a 2 bedroom apartment but its now in apartment building i rent it from a homeowner/landlord

as for brooklyn depends where ?? Williamsburg is a nice place to live in but it is expensive maybe not like manhattan but a little cheaper than that
but wait a minute isnt there another Empire Beauty school in Brooklyn ?? Im thinking about going to empire school next year ( right after i get my GED) and there are 3 locations one in manhattan on 22 W34th street
2nd in brooklyn on 86th street and the 3rd one in LIC( long island city) on broadway ave

as for the apartment you can find something nice in queens or brooklyn form about i would say 900-1500 ( it all depends on the location )

oh and by the way do you know anythign about the price/cost for that school ??? Im thinking about taking the hairstyling courses cause thats what im interested in but i cant find how much it cost and i didnt called thme yet

so if you know anythign about the cot of it could you mail me bakc i will appreciate that :)

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