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December 10, 2012

Ken asks…

What would the cost of rent be for a new york city apartment?

I live in outside of dallas and pay 650 dollars per month so what would that translate to? i know that there is no exact umber and it depends on where you live but is there an average price?

Administrator answers:

If you look in the suburbs surrounding NYC, or in other burroughs beside Manhattan, you can get a nice 1 bedroom apartment for $1,000-$1,200. In Manhattan, you will wind up paying $1,500-$2,000 for a crappy studio (maybe 1 br) the size of a shoebox somewhere in a basement. Unless you live in Harlem or Hell’s Kitchen, which aren’t the best neighborhoods. However, even they’re not that cheap. My friend pays $1,500 for a ROOM in a 5-bedroom apartment with 4 other people in Hell’s Kitchen.

Lisa asks…

Where is a cheap place to live in France relatively close to Paris.?

I live in America and I will be moving to France in two years. I was looking for apartments in Paris and they were very expensive and small. I would like to know if there is somewhere that is close, cheaper, and safe. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Paris is like NYC. Expensive. Try out this website for better understanding and options. I am excited on your future goal to live in my favorite place of places. Paris is my 3rd home on the planet. Bonne chance avec vos plans.

Daniel asks…

How much is rent for an apartment in NYC?

Some prices from this year without roommates and prices with roommates (By month)
Location in Manhattan (Something close to the heart that would take max 30 minutes by subway)
How much furnished and unfurnished?
Nothing fancy just a place without bugs and rats and clean water.
Just wondering.

Administrator answers:

Probably a studio ( small) would be about 1200 to 1500
A one bedroom ( small) 1500 and up.
Manhattan isn’t prepared to have a good paying job

Sandy asks…

Which of these 3 cities is cheaper to live in?

When done w/ college I will hve a degree in marketing and I want to live in the city my 3 cities of choice in order are LA, Miami, NYC. I don’t want to live in the slums or anything so a good apartment or condo and later maybe house would prolly be cheaper in which city?

Administrator answers:

Miami. NYC is becoming to expensive

Steven asks…

How much does an apartment to rent per month in New York?

From the cheapest to most expensive

Administrator answers:

First of all, you need to be specific. New York is a huge state. Most of New York (the parts all upstate of Yonkers) is pretty cheap.

I’m guessing you mean New York CITY. The answer is much different for NYC. Even in NYC there is a huge range. Do you mean a crappy crime ridden place in the Bronx or an apartment in Central Park West with a view of Central Park?

In Manhattan expect a minimum of $1500 for a studio (tiny). My guess is you could pay $10,000 to $100,000 a month easily in parts of Manhattan.

Good luck!

John asks…

What’s the least amount that a guy would need to earn in order to live quite comfortably…?

In New York City? I am referring to a single guy in his twenties, a rather nice one-bedroom condo/apartment in a nice part of Manhattan or Brooklyn. What sort of realistic gross salary would a guy need to make, at minimum, in order to really have a nice lifestyle, a nice Range Rover Sport Edition, and so forth?

What about a nice area in Southern California?

Administrator answers:


“Quite Comfortably?” LOL!!!

It depends, of course on your standard of living. But the car you mentioned, a “nice” place, with all the “nice” state of the art things?

Comfortably be able to pay off student loans in a timely manner, “grab a bite to eat” every night rather than cook? He gets his shirts professionally cleaned, and gets rid of shoes that begin to show wear . . . That kind of stuff?

Not to mention savings. He puts away a couple of hundred bucks a month. That is also comfortable . . . Just in case he loses his job.

About $200,000 per year, before taxes.

SoCal is a bit cheaper. In LA, 100 grand will do.

I live in SoCal, and my husband and I don’t live like that though. If you have cost of living questions about Southern California, send me an email.

Helen asks…

How much money would you say you need to make a year to live comfortably in NYC?

anyone who lives there or has would be great!!!!
When i say comfortably i mean not having to worry about being able to pay your bills but not necessarily being able to throw money around
live in a decent area and a livable apartment. doesnt have to be big but not insanely small
oh for a couple to live there! :)

Administrator answers:

The most expensive neighborhood is the upper east side, apartments go for $3000 for a one bedroom. With bills thats around 3500 a month.

Some reasonably priced apartments in manhattan can go for as little as $1500 a month, however the ones with a doorman which i recommend, is a bit higher. For comfortable living, u will want a 2 bedroom apartmen. Cuz heres the truth: a one bed for as little as $1500 a month can only be 450 sq/ft. Not big.

If u choose to move out of manhattan into the other boroughs, the price becomes cheaper. Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn, Green Point in Brooklyn, Long Island City in Queens are the trendy neighborhoods to be in now. Rent ranges from as little as $1000 for a two bed to as high as $4000 depending on what the amenities the aprment offers.

The salary that I would recommend for comfortable living would be $70,000. Howver, if you are married then its safe to have a salary as low as $50,000, as long as ur partner reciprocates with = or greater salary.

Donald asks…

How much do you pay for rent at your apartment?

how much do u pay for your rent and your utilities in a apartment i am learning how to live on my own can u. and how can i get Section 8 i do work i get pay like 450

Administrator answers:

Rent is highly dependent on where you live. I have lived in a 1BR apt for $600/mo in North Carolina, but have also paid over $2000 for a 1BR in NYC and California.

Go to to look up rates for apartments in the city that you are planning to move to. Craigslist lets you filter by # of bedrooms and price range to help you find something that will fit your budget.

Generally, having roommates will reduce your rental cost. So, living in a 3BR apt with two other roommates will be cheaper than living in a 1BR apt by yourself. You can also find people looking for roommates on Craigslist

Mandy asks…

What is the best STUDENT HOUSING/ APARTMENT complex in NYC?

Hey everyone!

Im would love to attend university in NYC, but my concern would be finding secure student housing. Im sure that dorms on campus are filled rather quickly so i searched online and found many buildings that are rented specifically to and for students.

Is any one student apartment complex more secure than the others?

where would be the safest place to live in NYC as a student?

What is the best Student Housing complex in NYC?

Administrator answers:


There is Educational Housing Services in different locations all over NYC. All of the buildings do have security and they are all located in safe areas. There are different room types that are available so I suggest that you go to to check them out. The utilities are all included in the initial price, all except laundry of course, and there’s fitness centers at the locations as well for the students to use… Also included!

At EHS (Educational Housing Service) you will not be bored. The RA’s are always putting together different events for the residents to go to and get to meet each other. At the beginning of the semester they have meet and greet’s where they bring in pizzas and everyone hangs out, gets to know each other and of course they go over the rules of the building. The events are great and most are free but if they aren’t they are very cheap, typically the places give EHS a discount. The RA’s definitely understand the meaning of being a “cheap college student”. Haha.

I would definitely recommend checking out these buildings since I looked at them all too and they do have their own perks but go to the website, call the number and speak with someone. It’s definitely a fun, safe way to live in NYC.

Hope to see you around!

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