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December 17, 2012

Carol asks…

How much is rent for a NYC Projects Housing apartment? Would it be cheaper for a full time college student?

how long will it take for me to get an apt?
I dont have a job and never have had one.Im a college freshman.Recently Ive had family problems ( just not wanting to live in my families’ apt. anymore)and so I wanna get my own cheap apartment.
Is it possible?

Administrator answers:

In order to live in such housing projects, you must qualify under a number of requirements. Full time college students are not on the list of allowed tenants.

Donald asks…

Does anyone know where I can get vocal lessons for cheap in NYC?

I am a college student who does not have much spending money but do need help with my vocals and correct any mistakes that I am making. I had singing lessons before when I was much younger in a child’s choir and I can hit notes and all of that but I do need constructive criticism and I need to know when I am doing things incorrectly.

Administrator answers:

Maybe Juilliard School of Music will have a bulletin board where you can look for teachers. Maybe some of their students want to earn a little money and can teach you for not much money. Or even a trade-you can help with their homework, or clean their apartment or something.

Laura asks…

Where can i board a dog for a month in nyc?

I have a pet beagle and my landlord is making me get rid of the dog, I do not want to give him away, and i need about a month to save money for a new apartment. Is there any boarding place in the city or anything that would watch after my baby for a month?

Administrator answers:

Google it, however it will not be cheap. Can you get friends or family to take your dog for a while?

John asks…

How much is first month’s rent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc?

I’m moving to NYC next year and I’m starting to save money now. I’ve been reading how most people pay 3 times that amount of rent to move in (first and last rent, as well as security deposit and broker fees).

The plan is to move with my girlfriend, and we’d share a studio apartment.

How can I avoid broker fees and how much should I expect to pay my first month? How much cheaper is Brooklyn compared to Manhattan, and is it worth it?

Your feedback and help will be very appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Most people pay a broker’s fee, if the apartment is halfway decent. It can be up to 16% of the YEARLY rent – which is a LOT more than one month’s rent.

You usually have to pay the first month’s rent and a deposit. The deposit might be 1 month’s rent or 2 month’s rent.

As for how much cheaper Brooklyn is than Manhattan. It varies greatly by the neighborhood. There are dozens of neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Some are very expensive, as much as Manhattan, or almost as much. Then there are cheaper areas.

Even in the more expensive parts of Brooklyn you can often get more space than in Manhattan.

But do you know how big a NYC studio apartment really is? I wouldn’t t live in a studio with another person, not even my husband. A studio is fine for one person, in a “soup for one” kind of way. But it would get old really fast to have to share such a small space.

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