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December 30, 2012

Jenny asks…

What’s the best/cheap place to stay in New York City for two weeks?

I would like opinions on the best way to stay in New York, in terms of value for money, somewhere in manhatten. This is for a holiday. Any good websites to point me in the right direction?
I mean relatively speaking. Advice on new york’s cheaper accomodation etc. I’m not expacting prices to rival flint michigan.

Administrator answers:

You are never gonna be able to stay in a hotel in NYC without it seriously adding up or having dodgy rooms and service like a backpackers or something. I would really reccomend looking on craigslist, there are usually some nice places about on there if you look, meaning holiday rental apartments.

Thomas asks…

How much is apartment in nyc, manhattan?

how much is an apartment in manhattan on the top floor of a walk up.

Administrator answers:

Anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 and more ,its cheaper if its a walk up and on a top floor.also if its 1 bed room it might be cheaper..depends on location.

Chris asks…

Do you know how to go about finding low-income apartments that have vacancies? tells you the properties they have, but I need to know how I can find a site where they show what’s vacant. Every property I call, people answer rudely & say their waiting list is baked up a year or 2. I can’t continue to live in a place where they charge $375/mo. & there’s leaks all over the place (toilet water from other apartments), & my income is only $694/mo. My lease is up in June, & I need to move.

Administrator answers:

A; finding a place–ask the city where you live.
B; when any landlord does not do a repair within 30 days, the law says “the tenant seeks
out a licensed contractor and pays the bill…..making sure the work is done satisfactorily. The
tenant gets a receipt and makes a copy of it and when the next rent is due, informs the
fed to withhold x dollars from the subsidy as the LL did not make specific repairs.

IF the fed’s pay master will not with hold payment based on your paid receipt,
I would go to small claims court and sue for fraud

if your income is SSI or other income and it is consistent, you can afford to buy
a small, cheap house. I can help you find one if you live away from NYC or LA or SF.

Daniel asks…

How does the Singapore government make public transport attractive?

Pls help. Fastest person gets the 10 points.

Administrator answers:

Not only that; SMRT Corporation, which operates Singapore’s MRT system, is profitable while NYC’s subway system operates at a significant loss.

Most MRT systems in developed Asia are run more efficiently than they are in the West. For example, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, and Singapore all have an MRT farebox recovery ratio of significantly more than 100%, while the highest in the US is 61% in Washington DC.

But generally speaking, most everything is cheaper in Singapore than NYC. The median wage is about $2300 a month, whereas the average NYC transit worker makes $30-40 an hour, if my memory serves me correctly. A new government-built apartment in Singapore will only put you back about $200,000, probably 1/6 the price of a similar apartment in NYC. Food is cheaper, and so is transportation.

Besides cheaper labor to build and maintain MRT, Singapore is probably able to run the system more efficiently as there is less bureaucracy. NYC’s subway relies on funding from the federal, state, and city government as well as revenue from fares; no telling how much red tape is involved in all of that. Singapore MRT also has nearly twice as many riders per line as NYC.

Linda asks…

How can I study in NYC?

I currently go to San Jose State and am about to start my second year. In two years I’m planning on spending a semester (fall) in New zealand, but I want to do New york another semester. Anyone have any advice on this? On programs or schools or parts of town or whatever. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Find out if your school has any sister school in NZ or NYC and if there is ask the office if you can study there as an exchange student. I’m not sure if you wanna leave your current school or not from your question but if you wanna, you can transfer to a school in NZ or NYC. In case you don’t know, you gotta be accepted to the school you’re trying to transfer first before you attned the school. I’m a college student myself and i go to school & live in NYC, and i can tell you that living in nyc is VERY EXPENSIVE. Not only it’ll cost you a lot of money but also it’ll be hard to find a decent place to stay/live especially if you don’t know someone from there. I was fortunate enough to make really good friends at my school to become roomies with them. 4 of us live in a studio apartment on rent and each of us pay $570 every month. You do the math… Living in nyc is definitely fun though. And you can always look for cheaper places outside the city and commute. Just be prepared before you make a move. Good luck!

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