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January 2, 2013

Chris asks…

How much should I pay for a NYC loft?

Me and my friend are both going to attend NYU and we are looking for a loft to rent in Manhattan. I found a two bedroom that’s partly furnished for 2,835 a week. Is that too much? My friend and I are going to split the rent 50/50.

Administrator answers:

It depends on the neighborhood. There are parts of Manhattan where $2,835.00 a week is reasonable (well, perhaps not reasonable, but not surprising at least). Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to live in the USA. The average price for a studio apartment in Manhattan is almost $2,000.00 per month. Anywhere close to NYU won’t be cheap. If you want something affordable, look in Queens or Brooklyn (far out in Brooklyn).

William asks…

Im thinking of moving out of DC, and Im stuck between Los Angeles and New York City which one is better?

I’m a single in my 20′s no kids. Money is not too much of a factor. I love New York City but living in a condo is my only negative but who stays home in NYC?? But I need advice people which one would you recommend and why?

Administrator answers:

Move to New York City (:.

Our weather is really nice. There’s snow usually every winter. In the spring, there are a lot of nice parks that you can go to as well as other outdoor activities. In the summer, there are plenty of beaches and other things that you may find interesting. We do have all four seasons, whereas Los Angeles is generally hot weather and does drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The limits in NYC are endless :].

If you do decide to come to NYC, it does not necessarily mean that you will live in a condo. There are large houses, brownstones, and apartments in the city as well. You also have the options of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Brooklyn. Even though most people favor Manhattan, you can still check out our other boroughs for additional options. The real estate prices are also a bit cheaper outside of Manhattan. I know some people who move around the city every few years just to get a change of scenery.

There are also a lot of attractions here that can keep you busy for your entire life. There are many job opportunities and a diversity of people. Throughout the city, you will be able to experience various foods. Right now, I am still in my teen years, but I have tried food from almost every culture out there!

If you decide to ever have children or start a family in the future, the schools in NYC are excellent. There are also specialized high schools and good colleges (Columbia, Cooper Union, NYU, etc.).

Living in NYC is very fast-paced. You will see people out at six in the morning and people going home at around four in the morning sometimes. There is also a lot of nightlife and you will feel safe in most neighborhoods at any time.

We have a great transportation system (MTA). There are trains/subways/buses that cover just about every single portion of the city. Currently, the city buses and subways are only $2.25 per ride, and you can transfer up to three times. Trains and buses arrive within five to twenty minutes depending on whether or no it is rush hour. Taxis can also be called from any part of the city! There are also two airports, Laguardia (domestic) and JFK (international).

At the previous answerer, I do not know why you would assume that there are such “bad people” in NYC. I mean seriously, it is such a stereotype. There are killers and crazy creepy people in EVERY city. Also you CAN drive in NYC, it is just a bit more difficult due to traffic in Manhattan only. This is why you have the option of cheap and efficient public transportation. My entire family in NYC have owned cars their entire lives. This city is not any worse than half the other cities in the United States.

Good luck in making your decision ^^. Make the choice that suits you best :D .

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