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July 1, 2012

Paul asks…

I want to move to New York City after high school! What should I do?

I have always wanted to live in New York City, and living in Pennsylvania right now isnt my life style. PA is so boring to me. Whenever I go to NYC, I love it so much and I really dont want to go home. Currently, I am a freshman in high school. I am getting a job at wegmans and I am going to save each and every single penny that I make over the next 4 years in high school. I also am not getting a car because you dont need one in NYC. I am planning to move to NYC and get a cheap apartment and get 2 jobs. One at night, and one during the day. Preferibly, I would want to be a waiter at big restaurants like Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock cafe. I want to live in the city and then go to college a few years later for a BA in stage management and Fine Arts. I really appreciate all of your tips and advice, and I was wondering if anyone knows any sites where I can start searching for cheap apartments in the city. And it doesnt have to be nice….. just cheap…..I will live!
I would want to live in Staten Island so I could just ride the bus or ferry to NYC!

Administrator answers:

Work hard and it will work out….try rooming with somebody so you both can split the apartment’s rent i think that would help… I kno the city is incredible i want to move there and i live on Long Island……and can take the train there in about 30 min……..its the best place ever as for the sites I am not really sure….try going to the city if u get a chance and searching around…

Richard asks…

Any advice on apartments in NYC?

I want to rent an appartement in NYC but I don’t know much about that. Correct me on these things and tell me if its true or if it only applies to certain areas.

Rent is very expensive in NYC.
There rarely are 2 bedroom apartments.
There are cockoroaches and rats every where.

Do you know where I can find a cheap but decent apartement and if certain areas are better than others. I found apartements online for $1500 a month but I don’t want to find out that its in a very bad naighborhood or that there’s a catch to it. So is this number reasonable?

Administrator answers:

They are small

William asks…

Question about VA mental health?

Does VA mental health prescribe dogs as a form of therapy for depression and anxiety?

I know few people who got dogs prescribed by civilian psychologist and I want a prescription for one. Main reason I want a prescription one is because my building does not allow dogs or cats, but I want to live here because its cheap, but if I get it prescribed its considered a service dog which would be illegal for the management to kick me out or not extend my lease.

I do not have depression or anxiety, my mental health is in excellent condition. I just want a dog but at same time live in a cheap apartment, because for same apartment in NYC, they usually are $300-400 more a month then mine and what I pay for.
EDIT: I am not trolling, I am very serious about it.

I served 4 years in the Army as a Infantryman and now serving in the Army Reserves while going to college under Post 9/11 GI Bill. I deployed to Baghdad and Mosul.

The apartments in my area for 1 bedroom run for $1200-$1500, I pay $915. Since my puppy died 7 years ago I always wanted another one. If I get the dog then the landlord cannot do nothing about it if its prescribed.
I am not trying to take a pet away from a Disabled Vet. What happens is they write the prescription and I go to the breeder and buy it myself. In fact I would not even want the VA to pay for it even if they did offer. I just want the prescription so I do not get kicked out my building.

I guess I’ll just see if my friend can get his co-worker to write me a prescription for one.

Administrator answers:

It used to be that those who served our country had a sense of Honor, Duty, Character and Integrity. At least that was how it was when I served.
But from what you have posted here, I see that this is no longer the case. For you to even consider lying and cheating the laws which are meant to protect the most vulnerable of our society from discrimination (the very laws which you supposedly have sworn to uphold and defend) shows that you are lacking in even the most basic tenets of the above mentioned Honor, Duty, Character and Integrity.
You disgust me. You are a disgrace to anyone who has ever worn the uniform of the US Armed Forces.

SSGT (ret) USAF 63rd Tac Ftr Trg Sqd

Thomas asks…

Cheap (ish) Places to Live in NYC?

I’m trying to get a feel for the apartment market in NYC. I’m living in Boston now, paying ridiculously cheap rent ($450).
What neighborhoods in the city (or close outside it) would have efficiencies or 1BRs ranging from $500-$800? And how impossible would the public transportation commute be from those areas?

Thank you!
To clarify, I’m trying to get a feel for neighborhoods. I haven’t spent much time in NYC so I don’t where to look.
My job will pay $32-35,000 (yeah…I know). I’m happy to live in a multi-BR apartment with others, too, but I need to know where to look.

Brooklyn Heights? Queens? Washington Hill? I have no idea.
Any additional help figuring out the likely commute to a downtown job would be wonderful :)

Administrator answers:

Sorry.For that amount, only with room mates. And even that will be difficult.

Steven asks…

Cheap Places to Live Near Mercy College?

Which areas in New York (Westchester or NYC) is the cheapest and nicest places to get an apartment? It has to be near Mercy College No more than $1,000 a month for rent. Name the cities that I should consider. Mercy College is located in Dobbs Ferry, NY (Westchester). Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You can try parts of northern Yonkers, which have Metro-North service to Mercy College. You can also go further north to Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, and Peekskill.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Sandra asks…

Living in NYC? That expensive?

I am not denying anything I am just a junior in high school living 20 minutes away from the city and i really want to live in nyc after college its my dream. I understand its so expensive to live in manhatten and stuff and people says its hard but can someone please explain how hard it is, how much you would have to make a year, how much like the cheapest apartment for rent is in manhatten and like how it all works to make it so dam almost impossible. Also what do you think nyc will be like in 5 years with living and all of that. Will it be cheaper, expensive, a big mess, or just the same as now?

Administrator answers:

NY is one of the few real estate markets in the country where prices actually did not drop and continue to appreciate. You have to understand that NYC living is very expensive–a small studio can run easily run you at least $1,500 for a walk-up with no amenities and barely enough space. Since you only live 20 minutes away, you should be aware of what it’s like. In 5 years, it won’t get any better and with the population in the city expected to increase it will only get tougher and more congested.

I would suggest that you consider living in one of the boroughs–Queens or Brooklyn. Both still have affordable areas with reasonable rents and is a stone’s throw away from NYC. Both areas are also going through a lot of revitalization, so rent prices are slowly creeping up as well.

Betty asks…

Cheap refrigerator repair in NYC?

I just moved into a new apartment and have a problem with my fridge – the freezer works fine but the fridge compartment doesn’t get cold at all. I’m not looking for help diagnosing the problem as I’m not handy AT ALL (seriously, you should have seen me trying to light my pilot light!) – I need to know who I can call 24/7 (I work during the day) that came come fix it – and most importantly cheaply (and preferably takes credit cards). Any recommendations would be great!


Administrator answers:

You might speak to some of your neighbors or co workers for suggestions.

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