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July 8, 2012

Jenny asks…

Downsizing to a cheaper apartment very nervous!?

I am renting an NYC apartment very expensive for my children & I. I was given an opportunity to move to a smaller apartment and save 500 dollars. I have a great landlord however I’m unable to save like I wish. I am going from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom. I find myself feeling guilty because my kids will have less space. I told a few friends to get on welfare and get all my rent paid. I wasn’t raised like that I currently work two jobs and now I am starting law school so I really would like to save. However, I find myself feeling like this move will hurt my kids because we are very comfortable where we live. I am having mixed feelings do I stay and constantly be in limbo to provide my kids with comfort or move. I so sad. My landlord was so hurt because he said he never had a tenant pay on the first of every month like me and always be so nice. I didn’t have the heart to tell him about the cheaper apartment didn’t want to upset him more.
Sorry meant to rent My good mate suggested I get on welfare. However I have always worked hard on my own .

Administrator answers:

Follow your dreams and go to law school! If you need to downsize to get there that’s totally acceptable. Your kids need to realize that this means it’s not definitely going to last forever. Do it!

Donald asks…

What is the cheapest way to live in NYC while attending law school there?

I’m looking for apartments and I want to find a good place and area that’s inexpensive to stay while attending law school.

Administrator answers:

When it comes to law schools in Florida, only one has been called “top dog” in years past and only one has a Tax Law program of national renown. That school, University of Florida Levin College of Law, is the most reputable public law school in the state.

Located in the sunny college town of Gainesville, the law school gives students the chance to study in a green, collegiate city with a cheap cost of living. University of Florida has a large undergraduate population, which may distract some newly minted 1Ls from their new adventures in studying. The city is large enough, however, for all students to find a quiet place to live and study.

Hoping enlighten your way going to law school.
God Bless!

Maria asks…

How much is appropriate to tip the super and doormen in an apartment building in NYC?

I’ve lived here for 4 months. There’s the super, two porters that I know of, and some 4 or 5 doormen (of whom 3 I see regularly and one I see once in a while). I don’t make so much money and I’m probably going to lose my job soon, but I want to give them something because I do appreciate what they do. Anyone know what’s the least I could give them without them thinking I’m cheap?
BTW this is for the holidays.

Administrator answers:

Check with the neighbors. Some buildings the tenants pool the cash and this is distributed to all. Normal Christmas tips are usually 50 to 100 each. All depends on how expensive your building is. Do not give cookies or wine. You will never get service again. Remember this is NYC

Mandy asks…

Wondering how to work in NYC and commuting home on the weekends?

How could I commute to NYC for the week from Albany and go home for the weekend? I know how to get the train to Grand Central, Is there a way to just get a cheap bed and avoid getting an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Sure, you could check the ads on CraigsList for someone who’s looking for a roommate, and then just rent a bedroom in someone else’s apartment, and you’d be the perfect roommate, too, because you’d be gone on the weekends, so be sure to mention that a LOT when answering the ads.

Good luck, and the link below is to the Roommates page on CraigsList…

Lisa asks…

what is the cheapest place to stay in NYC for a week or 2?

i will visit NYC for week or 2 , am on tight budget , so what is the cheapest place i can stay , which apartment rental , hotels , hostels you recommend ? my budget is from 150 – 200 $ weekly

Administrator answers:

Well, in the past hour and a half doing some shoestring budget travel tips to NYC, I have come to three conclusions, You’re not going to find a hotel for less than about $89 a night, the cheapest apartment I could find was $200, but I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at short term apartments after I found

The website is simple Just enter your city in the city/hostel name field, put in your arrival date, and how many days you’re going to stay (up to 14 days, you may be able to extend your stay once you get there, I didn’t look at every hostel) but there are some hostels that are listed as low as $14 dollars a night. You should be more than able to meet and beat your 150 dollar a week and have a little extra spending money if your $150-200 a week budget was only for room and board.

Thomas asks…

Why do landlords feel the need to pick a certain type of tenant by excluding others?

Has it ever occurred to landlords that when they post ads like No Hud, No DSS, No children, etc. that they are in fact, DISCRIMINATING!!!…? My wife has progressing scoliosis (twisting of the spine and narrowing/thinning discs), she has SSI and my half retarded-@ss can barely function on a minimum wage job because McDonalds wanna add complicated BS to burger flipping.

My wife and I are trying to move to either Binghamton, Syracuse, Rochester or Scranton, but the landlords either ask for too much rent, or make sure that no poor people get their cheap apartments by putting restrictions on the apartments, No DSS, No Children, No Hud, etc. WTF?! I’d sue the crap outta some of these landlords for their discrimination, but it aint worth it when I need to spend my time finding an apartment. I need to move A-sap, like yesterday and I’m stressing over it (my wife’s gonna leave me and move back in with her mom in NYC if I don’t get a cheap city apartment within next month).

Anyway, what’s your opinion? Do you think landlords these days are too harsh?
I got a clean record and so does my wife so I don’t care about background checks, credit checks on the other hand…. not so good there. Although wifey and I NEVER been late on rent.

Administrator answers:

Not all discrimination is illegal. It is perfectly legal to say no HUD everywhere but MA. Landlords simply do not have to participate in any welfare programs if they do not want to.

However, it is illegal to discriminate against children UNLESS it is a 55 and over community.

It costs money to get dead beats out. Times are tough right now and one dead beat can send some landlords into foreclosure. Landlords simply can’t afford to take the chance and rent to someone with bad credit.

You are going to have to call around to find a landlord that does not check credit, and it is perfectly legal to discriminate against people with bad credit.

Donna asks…

Cheap apartment/room in NYC for 10 days?

Looking for a cheap place to stay in NYC for 10 days in August. We are currently In Boston an hoping to travel up to NYC to sight see and shop before we head back to Ireland! Does anybody know cheap places to stay…motels or hotels preferably with our own room as we are a couple!

Any help so greatly appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, my friend, renting an apartment for less than 30 days in considered illegal in New York City. Therefore, I would recommend stay in a hotel or hostel instead.

Depending on your budget, may I recommend the links below for hotel price comparison.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Daniel asks…

Any advice on apartments in NYC?

I want to rent an appartement in NYC but I don’t know much about that. Correct me on these things and tell me if its true or if it only applies to certain areas.

Rent is very expensive in NYC.
There rarely are 2 bedroom apartments.
There are cockoroaches and rats every where.

Do you know where I can find a cheap but decent apartement and if certain areas are better than others. I found apartements online for $1500 a month but I don’t want to find out that its in a very bad naighborhood or that there’s a catch to it. So is this number reasonable?

Administrator answers:

I live in the inwood/washington heights area, more specifically FortWashington ave. The apt around here are moderate prices,but if you’re alone i don’t see the need for a two bedroom apt. Its a very nice, clean, safe neighborhood. Alot of stores on the area, trains 2-3 blocks away.parks, lots of them. Real nice area to live in. Try and check it out.

Ruth asks…

Reasonable priced hotels/apartments in nyc?

Thinking on going to Newyork on 15th may for 10 nights, flying from Ireland, flights are quite expensive for us both..
Looking for good cheap accommodation whether be hotel/guesthouse as long as its clean and reasonably priced, Quite central (Mid-town)

Administrator answers:

My friend, there are plenty of hotels in New York City to choose from. Therefore, depending on your budget, may I recommend the link below, which will be very much helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

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