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July 18, 2012

Mandy asks…

Is Pittsburgh a good place to raise a child?

I currently live in nyc but apartments are to high and i have friends that live in Pittsburgh near city/downtown, they told me to move out there that apartments are cheap. None of them have kids so they don’t know how things will go with living out there with a child. I don’t have a car and know things are far like if i want to put him in preschool. If i make a big amount of money will i have to pay for him to go to school and if i don’t are the school out there good. I want to live close to downtown/city near zip code 15212

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

how much can you get an apartement in longisland nyc for the cheapest price?

whats the lowest price i can a 1 room bedroom apartment for with no credit.

Administrator answers:

Long Island is not NYC. If you mean Queens then a 1 bedroom for 900

Mary asks…

Apartment Hunting tips: NYC?

After High School, i’m planning on moving to NY. I’m looking for a 2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom apartment at a reasonable price, as I will be sharing the apartment and rent with a friend of mine. We would prefer to live in the Manhattan area. I have been looking around on sites such as and I have seen a couple in the $800-$1,000 range. My question is: are these deals rip-off’s? Am I better off paying more for an apartment? What are the cheapest and most expensive prices for an Apartment matching my criteria?

Locals: If you are currently living in NY, where are the best places to look, and live? Price-wise and Area-wise.
(If you are currently living in a 2-Bedroom, 1-bath apartment, please let me know how much you are paying for rent and if you are happy or not with the apartment)

Thank you so much for all your help!

Administrator answers:

Don’t know about I always used the New York Times real estate section to look at apartments. (free online, but you have to register).

800-1000 for a 2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is too good to be true.

You might want to check out some nearby areas in Queens like Long Island City or Astoria, or downtown Brooklyn, Boerum Hill area. Or far upper Manhattan, like Inwood area. Or Jersey City, Hoboken or Weekawken. Obviously a central location in Manhattan is more desirable, but very expensive.

Linda asks…

Are there any housing in NYC specifically for students?

Hi !

Me and 2 other friends of mine, are currently in High School, we are going off to college next year. We need a cheap apartment but in a decent neighborhood to commute because room and board for our colleges are HELLA expensive.

Are there any housing specifically for students to commute in NYC?
Can NYCHA take us?

Administrator answers:

No NYCHA does not provide student housing, no government agency does.

However, there is lots of housing available, you have to get it via your college. They have a housing department.

Betty asks…

where can I find really nice paintings for cheap on the web or any NYC stores??

I’m looking to give my apartment an umph from the dullness in my home. I have apricot yellow walls in the living room with apricot red in dining room and I can’t seem to find really good cheap artwork. my price range max $60.. I’m a bargain shopper and on a budget please, please help!!

Administrator answers:

Ebay , amazon or craiglist ………..

Cheers !


Robert asks…

Senior in college planning to move to nyc with little money?

I know I’m dreaming big for someone with no money. But I feel like it it is something I can make happen.

I’m graduating college in May of 2012 and I want to go to grad school at NYU. But I don’t have the finances to do this whatsoever. How does a broke 21 year old move to a city as big and expensive as NYC and get by?

How do I prepare to make this transition?

My best friend lives there now and I have already given her the heads up to help me find apartments for cheap (might be living together even).

I’ll be working from now until I move to NYC hopefully in May. I don’t make very much and I will probably estimate I will only have may be $1000 saved considering I already am in a situation where I have to support myself and my paid jobs don’t make much…

Please give me any advice, even if it’s telling me I’m crazy for considering this and should move home first and find a better paying job first.

Though I would rather not move back home right after college
I know New York is where I want to live. I’ve not been anywhere else where the culture and way of life is even close to that of Nyc. When I think of my future I see myself living there and no where else, so telling me it’s the worst place to move does nothing.

Administrator answers:

I would recommend you hold off on enrolling in school for at least a year – to give yourself a chance to get settled. First, spend your time looking for a job in NYC after you graduate. Having a steady income will be important when you get there, and there is a chance that the company you work for may be able to provide financial aid for your masters.Enrolling in a masters program after a year – or even two – is not a drawback to admission. In fact, many students prefer to get some experience in their field before getting an advanced degree.

Charles asks…

what is the cheaper and safer neighborhood in NYC?

i am an international student who is about to start graduate studies at TC, Columbia Uni this September.The monthly rents for the apartments around Columbia Uni are too high for a poor student like me. i have never been to US. Will someone famililar with NYC recommend me a neighborhood that is relatively safer as the classes end 9 p.m. everyday where i can find cheaper place to rent and easy to commute to Columbia Uni

Administrator answers:

One of your best bet is in Queens. The sections in Queens I am referring to is Rego Park, Forest Hills, Bayside, and Howard Beach. These are decent middle-income neighborhoods but they are not really cheap. A couple with one child will have to make at least $350,000 before taxes if you want to live comfortable and relatively safe. A typical two bedroom condominium is about $550,000.

Helen asks…

where is the cheapest places to live in nyc?

i’m looking for my first room/apartment and i have a tight budget. anything under $500/month would be great! if you can, please give exact places and/or websites! this would be soooo much help!

Administrator answers:

500 a month is VERY hard to find.
Try finding a roomie!!!

Good luck :)

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