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September 2, 2012

James asks…

cheap apartments in Co. Galway???

i want to stay in Co. Galway next summer, and i’m looking for a cheap apartment that will rent for 4 or 5 months. if anyone could help me out, i would greatly appreciate it. or if you have any other ideas on where to stay for that period of time, i would love some input.

Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

Define “cheap.” I too looked for a cheap place in Galway and wound up paying 1200 euro/month for a place that suited all of my needs at the time. My only real recommendation for you is to start looking at listings to get an idea of what you’ll be paying for different kinds of apartments, then get a hotel room for a few days or a week when you first arrive and look for apartments then. The market for apartments there is really fast-paced — when I was looking (spring of 2007) it was entirely possible for an apartment to go up on the listings in the morning and be gone by that afternoon. The other problem you might have is that a lot of places won’t let you sign a lease for less than 6 months, and some won’t even settle for that because they want (and know they can get) 12-month leases. I got burned by that a couple of times. Look around, things might have changed since I was there, but keep these issues in mind and ask about the lease length before you even look at the place so you don’t waste time on a place that won’t lease to you because you won’t be there long enough. Keep in mind too that I was doing my search in Galway city, so I don’t know what the market is like elsewhere in the county.

Ken asks…

Where can I find a cheap 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago(decent neighborhood)?

I currently live in Pilsen, but my lease is up in August. Rent is cheap in this area, but I am so ready to move because I live in a bad neighborhood. I’ve been trying to move to the north side for a while, but I had a hard time finding cheap apartments. I went on Craiglist, but half the time they don’t answer the emails I send. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Aside from the Pilsen area,there’s also the Back of Yards/New City area that has apt.for low income families.

Helen asks…

Best places to rent a house in Bay Area?

Hi all, I just got married and my wife dosent work so I need to move to an area thats safer, quite and rent for a 1bdr apartment cheap. Can anybody advise me something. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Hmm, how does your wife feel about being a live-in housekeeper, nanny, or assistant? Because seriously, the Bay Area is hugely expensive, but that means that lots of rich people live there–rich people who need help. Maybe you two can get a gig, room and board included, with some rich family. Do a Google search for “domestic assitance” to find agencies that might help you. I personally have a friend who was hired as a cook/nanny for some New Age rich couple, and she had ZERO experience (but she is clearly a very good person). They even had to teach her how to COOK, and still they kept her on, in a very swank two-flat in Nob Hill.

Mandy asks…

Moving to hollywood for 9 months, tell me a cheap aparment 2rent&a job so i can pay apartment rent,bills,foo..?

Yeah I know, hollywood and cheap do not mix. But, Just give me the link to a few websites that have cheapish apartments in Hollywood. 1 bedroom please. And can you also list the name of jobs that I may be able to do that will pay, rent, bills, food, clothing and stuff like that. If you can’t find apartment can you please give me some names of places near to hollywood tat will do cheaper apartments, but not like downtown L.A.

Administrator answers:

Craig’s List

Maria asks…

looking for a cheap 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Brampton?

2 older gentlemen looking for a cheap clean apartment in brampton looking for a 2 bedroom both of us are on a monthly disability cheque

Administrator answers:

And we have a list? Try your local paper.

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