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October 3, 2012

Richard asks…

Cheap apartments in Orlando, Florida?

I’m looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath (possibly 1) apartment for cheap.
What are some good websites to find them? I’ve already looked at and

Administrator answers:

Are you in Orlando now? Check gas stations and some stores have Apartment guides/booklets in the little newspaper vending thing a ma jig. If you need one for school check the school they usually have boards where they have some good rates for apartments.

Betty asks…

cheap apartments in seoul, korea?

Hi. I’m planning on travelling to Seoul, South Korea at the end of the year. I was wondering if there are any cheap apartments, any apartment chains or accomodation for rent for a month?

It’ll be a great help!


Administrator answers:

I don’t know if they rent to visitors, but student accommodation is very cheap.

The problem will be finding someone who speaks English to help you!

David asks…

Questions about apartments for rent for a college student?

I am moving to Canadauiga NY for college at the finger lakes community college.. Well i need a place to stay and the dorms are all full because i waited to long to apply for the dorms.I was wondering if you could help me find any websites or numbers i could call to get an apartment. Now i am going to work full time so i will be living by myself and i need a cheap apartment. I need an apartment close by where i will be goin to college. If you could help me by giving me numbers of landlords or certain websites where landlords can work with college students so they can pay there bills on time and rent. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Call the school. They most likely have a list of local landlords that will rent to students.

George asks…

Want to rent cheaper apartment?

My lease expires in December and I was just browsing the website for my building and I noticed a unit just about the same as mine was available. The thing is this unit is $100 less per month than mine.

My question is do you think the complex would let me sign a new lease now and take that place or am I pretty much SOL?
That should read “Want to rent a cheaper apartment” :)

Administrator answers:

It depends on the rental market in your area. Your asking them to hold an apartment for 4 months with no rent for a guarantee that you will rent it after December. It also would depend on the length of lease you are signing. A three year lease is more attractive to a landlord than a one year lease.

If they have other apartments in the building that are vacant for 6+ months, they are more likely to lock you into this one. If their average apartment is only vacant for a couple of weeks they would not be interested in giving up the 4 months of rent between now and December.

In the end – it doesn’t hurt to ask. If I was you, I would go to them and say something like this.

Hey, the economy is poor right now, and I don’t think I can afford to stay in my apartment when my lease is up. I like this cheaper unit and would like to move to it once my lease expires. Or would you consider allowing me to transfer my existing lease and move into the new unit if I sign a new lease on it today?

This way in the end they didn’t lose a tenant, and they still have one apartment to rent – except this time it’s your unit that is vacant and you are in the cheaper unit where you want to be.

Mary asks…

How would I move to Scotland for a year and work?

I’m 18, Will have my high school diploma in January. How can I move to Scotland for a year and work. I’m young, and I want to experience a new culture and my heritage. What are safe cities with job availability. Also a place where I can rent an apartment cheap and just a lower cost of living.

Administrator answers:

If you are not an EU citizen it is extremely difficult to get a visa enabling you to work in the UK. You need to be educated to masters level or have an occupation on the skills shortage list. You will not be able to get a visa to live and work in the UK.


Donald asks…

Cheap Housing in Hemet Ca Please help!?

i am searching for cheap apartments to rent in about 2 to 3 bedrooms in hemet california we’ve seen one for 400 a month but if there are anymore you know of could you please post links! thanks sooo much! also credit is not so great so itll have to be ones who do not care about bad cred .

Thnks alot asap

Houses also please
in SAN JACINTO CA as well are fine

Administrator answers:


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