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October 11, 2012

Joseph asks…

Cheap apartment to let in Barcelona?

Hi….. 5 of us are longing to visit Barcelona for 1 week end of September 2011. We would like to rent a cheap apartment in the centre. Does anyone have any good contacts? Ive been browsing websites and it all looks a bit expensive. Would be good to stay somewhere other than a hostel for once (even though the hostels do look very good!!!)
Thanks x

Administrator answers:

This one looks really nice!

Thomas asks…

Is there any way to rent a house by bartering services?

Like I’ve heard of people getting a house for very cheap because they promised to fix it up. I’m in the market for someplace really drop dead cheap, hopefully not a cheap apartment though. Or any other way to rent a house for cheap or free.
I know if you can get land, you can sometimes get a used mobilehome for the cost of moving it. My dad works with some mobilehome movers, so I’m hoping for rundown property to try that technique on.

Administrator answers:

Yes but you should use a real estate agent to do that for you. That’s what I did when I leased my two-bedroom condo. We negotiated price based on things such as cable, hydro, window treatments, parking availability, locker….

James asks…

Help me choose which living situation to go with?

I am a mid twenties male, brand new to the Bay Area, and i’m torn between 2 situations:

1. Pros: Great apartment, cheap rent, greta location
Cons: it would be me and 2 girls, that seem nice but don’t watch TV and are vegan

2. Pros: 2 guys around my age that i could potentially becomes really good friends in the same professional field as myself
Cons: There is no apartment. I would crash with them for a month and then we would find an apartment together

i dont know whether i should go with the guaranteed good living situation w/ people that seem cool but i am honestly a bit on the fence about, or go with guys that i could become friends with (i dont know anybody in the city yet)

Administrator answers:

In my opinion, you don’t have to be friends with those you live with. You more importantly, have to have clear set rules that neither you nor them cross. This will make everyone comfortable. Mixing friendship in a living situation may lead to trouble if something goes wrong. If you like the guys you can still be friends with them and still be comfortable in your apartment with the girls as long as like I said, you have clear rules you three live with.

Betty asks…


three weeks ago I moved into an apartment, CHEAP RENT! 150 a month! well, it is on the 13th floor, it is also the only sweet on that floor. kind scary? just wait. there were rumors that no one would stay there for more than two months. well, that night I heard something in the hall, I looked out there and I SAW THE ENERGIZER BUNNY!@!@! It tried to zap me! I ran and hid in my bed, this would happen every night! and last night was the worst. I started to curse at the bunny, then out of the walls came batteries, please tell me what i should do, should I move?

Administrator answers:

They let a 12-year-old rent an apartment?

Ken asks…

Apartments for rent in Chicago?

Ok, I’m 23 years old. I’m looking for a really cheap apartment (one bed room, one bathroom). I need to to be $175 or less PER month. I’m looking for a place in Chicago. Doesn’t really matter where, uptown, downtown, the ‘hood’, where ever! I really need to move soon. Please don’t recommend Goolging something because I have tried that for the last 2 weeks. Thank you very much.


Administrator answers:

I think your best bet would be to find a roommate and/or look for a studio apartment. Also, look online at for apartments, is a page specifically for the Chicago area, I usually have some luck there. I think you will find some useful information on their Apartment Tips page like Financial Help and Roommate information,

Richard asks…

does anyone knows a cheap apartment or property to rent in agadir?

i am looking for a property to rent when i am in agadir does anyone knows a good website. I heard that there is part of the town where it is corwded with police etc…. and the other part is not can anyone advise of some sites. i am not looking for a hotel though only an apartment or flat
I need the apartment only for one week though i am only a holiday maker. I need to be in the nice part of town as i head there is a part where its louded with police men etc.. if you could help that would be great

Administrator answers:

What if your definition of cheap? How long are you needing to rent for? I know of several apartments for rent but most of them are yearly rentals. Let me know.

Edit: Well yes Sarah my husbands family happens to own 4 hotels in the city and loads of apartments. Like it or not it’s how it is.
Asker, you will be fine in any part of the city. Agadir is relatively small and no area is any louder than another.
The apartments that my husband currently has for rent are all yearly rentals, unfurnished.
I do know of one in the area of Botwar that is owned by a friend of my husbands and he rents it out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can email me from YA for more info.

Jenny asks…

How can I find the cheapest rent for an apartment in Singapore?

I’ve been looking for friends who is presently working in Singapore that can possibly help me to look for an apartment. First I want to know what is the standard rate second is location/district where there would still be plenty of accommodation and third how can I reach or contact the landlord.

Administrator answers:


I don’t know exactly your need but i found this also interesting so let’s check it out

follow this link you will find the rate of the room and the area.

Good luck

Sandy asks…

Where can I find a cheap apartment for rent?

Administrator answers:

Web sites might be a good place to find an apartment or house to rent, if you want to go through the entire list to find one in your state and then city.

The best place to look for places to rent is to go to the yellow pages of your telephone book, look under property managers.

These individuals list properties for rent in certain areas, so make sure you select the areas in which you wish to rent.

Call several of the property managers listed there, tell them you want a list of properties that they have for rent. Some will fax, email or mail the list of local places to rent along with the address, number of bedrooms and bath rooms, amenities available, such as washer and dryers or gyms, the monthly rental of the unit. Most will include a rental application. These list will include the monthly rental required, if a lease or month to month agreement will be signed. They will also indicate if they will accept Section 8 vouchers. They will also indicate it they have disabled access, allow pets and if so the type allowed.

They might indicate a web site that you might visit to get their list of places to rent. It does not cost to get a rental list from a reputable property manager.

Some will require you to stop by their office and pick up the list. A lot of them post their list outside so the list are available 24/7 365.

Make sure you don’t fall for the scams and purchase a list as 70%-80% of these list are composed of free list they have compiled. They are not the property managers of any property in most instances.

You might also google Property managers in whatever city or community you want to live in and see what comes up. Again do not pay for this information as it is free from reliable property managers.

You might consider obtaining a crime report from the city in which you would want to reside.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


John asks…

where can i rent out a cheap basement apartment in chicago IL?

i live in chicago iL and is lookin to rent out a basement apartment for the cheap price becasue i am on a budget. and info i can get from some one plaese?

Administrator answers:

Look on Craigslist/Chicago / Housing..

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