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October 23, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Where can you find an apartment/home that is cheap……?

We are moving to Tacoma, Washington and I have no idea where to get cheap rent. I have tried all the internet sites but I would really like to get someones input that is from there if I could. If there is a city close by that may be chaeper in rent that would be fine as well. I would like to also add that if there is a internet site that is used for rental houses that would be even better for us! I prefer a home than an apartment. Please if you can help do! Thank you so so much!
One more thing, if you know of a tax credit property or something that is based on income? Any information would help us! We have to move very soon. My husband is in the military and are being stationed at Fort Lewis. Maybe that information can help! Thanks again!

Administrator answers:


Check – under housing check apt/housing for rent and then do a search for Fort Lewis. Good luck in finding something that will work!

Charles asks…

What is the cheapest rent for an apartment you’ve ever seen?

and what city/town is it in?

So far the cheapest I’ve seen is a one bed, one bath, 810 sq ft for $645 a month in Raleigh, NC

Administrator answers:

HA Around here I’ve seen where you can rent a mobile home for $200/mo. & a duplex for 300. Not exactly quality living but its CHEAP. :) This is in NE GA.

Chris asks…

where is the best city in Florida to rent an apartment or get a cheap hotel? ?

Me and my friend are looking for a cheap place to stay for like a month or two, but are having picking a city. It has to have things within walking distance like a grocery store, possibly bike riding distance from the beach.

Administrator answers:

Daytona.or jax beach

David asks…

Is it possible to find cheap rent in LA?

I am moving to LA soon and I really need to find a studio apartment for less then 750, is this possible?

Administrator answers:

You know, about a year ago, some guy posted a question like, “How can I get out of the ghetto?”

He had moved into a “cheap” studio apartment, paying about $700 per month. What he didn’t realize is that he’d be the only white guy in the whole neighborhood; that he’d get stared at; that sirens all night would keep him awake, along with the gunshots. Sure, it’s possible to find a studio for $750. But it comes at a price. Are you willing to give up sleep, safety, and peace of mind? It’s your call.

Ken asks…

How are the Campus Walk Apartments in Arlington, TX?

I will be moving to TX to pursue my Masters at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). I am a female student looking for housing as close as possible to the campus. I found this place called the Campus Walk Apartments. They offer cheap rent for an Efficiency Loft. If you have lived there or know someone who has, please let me know how the place is! Is this place safe for a young girl to live alone? I know the area around UTA is not that great but I won’t have a car for quite a while so I will need to walk to school. This place seems like the only option I have right now

The complete address of the place is:

Campus Walk Apartments
806 Benge Drive
Arlington, TX 76013

Also, if you know any good, cheap places for students to live near UTA, please let me know!

Thank you all!

Administrator answers:

My nephew went to UTA last year and lived on Benge Dr but I don’t recall the name of the complex.
The apartments are very basic, but it’s all college students living around there and there’s a lot of coming and going between classes and work so there’s always someone outside to see what’s going on. He felt safe there. I’m sure you’d make friends with other students and could walk to class with them, or possibly catch a ride. The more people you meet the safer you’ll feel having someone to call on but as a young woman living alone you always have to watch your surroundings any place you live.

John asks…

where can i find cheap last minute apartment for rent in paris?

Administrator answers:

For how long? Try Couch Surfing or a Youth Hostile for short periods. Both can be Googled.

Donna asks…

looking to find an apartment to rent/share cheap motel to stay, in canaan n.y. area how do i find local paper?

just looking to find information about canaan ny area for renting places to live

Administrator answers:

Go to and pick a nearby city on the right hand side.

Sandra asks…

Should we rent a house or go with apartments?

So, my girlfriend, best friend and I are looking to move out. We have looked at a lot of apartments, and found some cheap ones for around 800 for the three of us. I looked a little more and discovered that renting a house is about the same price as apartments..would it be smart to rent out a house? What kind of additional costs would come with renting a house? Would it be better to go with an apartment? Please help. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

A home will give you more privacy, you won’t be sharing thin walls with neighbors, and you will most likely have a backyard, frontyard and a garage or shed for storage… Which is nice. However, when you rent a home, you will almost always be paying for EVERY utility…including water, garbage, and sewer, and homes usually consume more utility dollars than a smaller apartment. An apartment complex almost always pays this. Also rental homes almost never come with a refrigerator, so you will have to buy one of these. You will also have to buy a washer and dryer if the home has hookups…houses usually don’t have coin operated laundry facilities on site like apartments do.

It all depends on your lifestyle and what you are willing to pay for for a little privacy and entertaining.

Linda asks…

Does anyone know of a relatively cheap but nice apartment to rent in Toulouse for a week in February?

Administrator answers:

If you mean in the centre of town, probably not as Toulouse is very popular. However, the actual centre is not that large and there are litterally dozons of hotels around Place Capital and Place Wilson (and at least one is under 60 Euro per night).

You’d probably have to go out of town to get an apartment – then it is really a taxi ride in.

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