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November 5, 2012

Nancy asks…

Cheap apartment renting?

I need help with cheap apartment searches.
Anobody know good websites where I can look for cheap apartments or rooms for rent?
What’s the best way to find one?
Any answer appreciated. :)
For me and my bf.

Administrator answers:

I’d like to try to help you, but you need to tell us where you live. A lot of information on rentals is local.

It’s not likely you’ll find the most inexpensive apartments listed online. Why? Because it costs money to photograph and list apartments online, more money than it costs to place an ad in the newspaper, for instance.

You might have some luck looking at and (if you live in the U.S.). But there are more listings in their printed than online editions. Note that these two magazines will send you copies for any city for mailing costs only, if you call and request a copy.

But if bargains are what you’re searching, you will have to spend time driving around the cheaper neighborhoods, looking for “for rent” signs–most bargain landlords don’t bother advertising at all.

Also, you can look at your community’s newspapers, especially local newsweeklies and newspapers specializing in local advertisements.

A final suggestion is to look at whatever online services list rentals. A good one in the U.S. Is There may be others applicable to your location. The best to you finding a new place.

Linda asks…

How to rent a city apartment above a business?

I need to move into a city atmosphere for a new job and I’ve noticed that every business/store has several apartments above it. I am curious as to how you contact a realtor/broker about these areas. I’m also assuming that most of these apartments are cheaper than renting from an actual apartment complex…please correct me if I’m wrong! Thank you for your help!

Administrator answers:

You need to go into the shop below the apartment and ask for the building owner’s contact information. Then call the owner and inquire about renting there. :)

Lizzie asks…

need a cheap apartment in Oslo ,Rygge…?

i live in Germany now and i will move to Norway soon for a new job.
i need to rent a cheap 1 or 2 room apartment in Oslo,Rygge , close to Rygge Airport.. any help?

Administrator answers:

Rygge is not a part of Oslo, it is a municipality in the county of Østfold, just south of the town Moss. So, if you want to live close to the airport, you should not live in Oslo.

Steven asks…

**HELP ME PLEASE**looking 4 Apartments 4 rent in Huntington Beach,CA **HELPP ME PLEASEE**?

okay well im looking to make the move to Huntington BeACH, CA but i need to find somewhere to live. I want a 2+ bedroom apartment/condo or maybe even CHEAP house for rent. I dont want ANYTHING expensive. maybe the highest 1000 something for rent. PLEASE HELP MEE cant really find anything on the web. OH and could it possibly be near Huntington Beach High School Or Edison High i reserched schhols and i like those the best. Thank you SOOO SOO SOOO much for your time and help =]
i said around 1000 it can be more but in the 1000 is what i ment. =]

Administrator answers:

Huntington Beach apartments for rent. Fast and easy Huntington Beach CA … From $1000 up to $1550 and have living area between 400 and 1000 square feet,california,ca/rent

$800 / 1br – Room for Rent DT HB (Huntington Beach) …

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