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July 20, 2012

James asks…

honolulu hawaii Cheap apartments places for jobs ect?

Ok so I just got a one way ticket to hawaii! I can’t wait just wondering if anyone that lives there can give me some tips of cheap living areas? Some good old $400 a month rent apartments? Nothing nice or fancy just live on the cheap end! Also what are some good part time job places you guys have? thanks MIKE

Administrator answers:

- There are no $400 apartments, and very few rooms in homes or apartments for rent.

- The economy is softening. If you have waitering skills, it’s a possibility, but the airlines are cutting flights as of mid-September and there will be FEWER tourism jobs overall.

- If you have carpentry skills, that’s possible.

- Check Craiglist for both housing and jobs. You can try, a free state-run job site.

- Don’t come here and plan to “live local” on the beach or anything–it’s dangerous and illegal.

Laura asks…

cheap apartments in oakland county, mi that include Heat in your rent?

Looking for an apartment. Pref in unit washer and dryer to.
Should mention a couple things. It would be my husband and I. We have a chinchilla and a fish. We are non smokers. We would like to stay around Auburn hills, clarkston, lake orion area.

Administrator answers:

Where is Oakland county from St. Joseph?
Need more information.. Smoker? Pets? How many people? How long a rental?

Jenny asks…

Can anyone reccomend a cheap place to stay in Valencia/Barcelona for the Benicassim festival?

I am planning on going this summer with about 9 other friends and we are hoping to rent a cheap apartment/apartments or a villa quite near to the festival. Has anyone been before and can recoment where we start looking? I’ve heard it gets booked up very quickly!

Administrator answers:

I used to go to the FIB for three years and it’s a fantastic festival, but if I were you i would stay in the free camping. It’s great, you get the camping free with the ticket, you meet lost of great people. The bad news, last time I went there was still not hot water, hope things have change!!! Barcelona is too far away so does Valencia, and if you are going to drink best to stay in the camping, you also get free bus from the camping to the concert area. Enjoy!!!!

Sandy asks…

Are there cheap apartments or rooms for rent good for 1 person in Singapore & what is the price range?

like a bachelor’s pad with bath & toilet in the room

Administrator answers:

Rental is relative high in Singapore now. A room with bath & toilet will cost at least S$500 per month.

William asks…

Cheap apartment for rent in Aarhus, Denmark?

Where can I find an apartment for rent in Aarhus, Denmark for under 400 usd per month (2000 dkk)?

Administrator answers:

There is a list of people from all over Denmark looking or renting apartments have a look. If you are a student then it may be worth looking into sharing as that amount is not a lot of money.



Nancy asks…

Anyone know of a nice cheap apartment I can rent in the metro LA area?

Looking for $950 (with all utilities paid) or lower. The lower the better. Should also come with a parking space. That would be awesome. Should be at least 400sq ft. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

You can not use the word nice and cheap to describe ANY apartment in Los Angeles. You can only choose 1. Nice or Cheap.

Rents in the Metro Los Angeles are very high.


Mary asks…

can I rent a cheap apartment in chinatown in london?

can I rent a cheap apartment in chinatown in london, but not exactly, in the centered it’s okay for me, I’ll live only a year

Administrator answers:

Should be ok. Check out this cool site: and then click on a link to buy/rent property in this area under the central london film

Thomas asks…

what website can i find a cheap apartment for rent or buy?

right now i live in MN, i have a 1 bedroom apartment and i live alone, the rent coasts me $530 a month, plus electricity bill like $100-.
but im going to need to move out soon because my contract is ending in couple months, and i need to find a rent that i will have to pay less than my rent right now, a studio would be great, around $400 for rent, or cheap to buy would be great! what websites can i find a cheap place?

Administrator answers:

If you search effectively online you can create a quick list of all the apartments that fit your price requirements. Try out some apartment searches that aggregate information from other sites also:

This will help you create a list and start contacting property managers to go see places.

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