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May 29, 2012

Robert asks…

Is there any possible way to get free/reduced room & board for college?

Hello! I’m currently a high school senior with a very low income family. I have a single working mother that cares for my five sisters, my sickly father, and myself. I’m the first in my family to get accepted in college, and it makes my family very proud. But here’s the thing– I’m worried HOW I’m going to pay for room and board. My mother swears there’s some sort of organization that helps low income students by paying for room and board. I’ve been desperately searching on the internet, and I can’t find such a thing. Anyone know if it’s possible? Living at home is simply not an option anymore — eight people in an 800 square foot apartment for eighteen years isn’t tolerable anymore.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know of any organization(s) that contribute to room-board for college students … And, I am willing to lay a bet the Fin Aid office at your school has not heard of this either

if your mom swears it exists, then you need to get her to find out what she is talking about

If you stay in-state & find a community college that has dorms, then you might be able to work your FAFSA Fin Aid in such a manner that your tuition, fees, books, and dorm fees are covered

however, that will push your aid (assuming you get max grants) to the farthest limits… And, most likely, the aid won’t cover all of it…..

If you happen to be in-state for Cali… The community colleges there are very inexpensive… And enough might be left over for dorm fees

You would then also need a job

the way most students pay for room & board is through a job

we had 8 people in a 520 sq foot… Tiny little house… 2 bedrooms with 1 bath… I understand how you feel cramped… But, it might be what you need to still deal with until you can work something out with a job

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