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April 18, 2012

George asks…

Can I qualify for income restricted apartment?

So me and my 2 siblings are moving in together after my parents lost their house. We are basically starting from scratch, no furniture just clothes and some personal belongings.
There’s this Income restricted apartment that we’re interested in. With 3, we can only make 45K to qualify. Problem is, I just got a job that pays 42k. Im sure my 2 siblings will get low pay jobs, but that’ll put us over the max. I have student loans and bills to pay, and know we will struggle to afford this place. Will they consider us and approve us to move in??
Well I have student loans to pay back. And they don’t work. So I’m basically trying to help us survive. Also I didn’t know if giving out this info the them would make or break our stay there. I do think we’re gunna struggle living there, even with my income.
I have to add that I haven’t been employed for half a year and been grateful to finally land a job. We’re just starting fresh with nothing, but mostly my new income. I just hope we don’t get turned down and can understand our hard times.

Administrator answers:

No, you will not qualify. For starters they HAVE to work, unless they are disabled, in order to qualify. All 3 would have to work 32 hours a week and the combined income be under the 45k. You expenses are not taken into account, it is no 45k extra money each month.

This has nothing to do with them understanding anything. The income based apartments are subsidized by tax payers, there are laws in place regarding who is entitled to have their rent paid by others.

David asks…

do you think that I am wrong?

3 years ago when I was 20 a friend and I decided to get an apartment together, We applied for and were accepted into a low income housing program. I was excited to be living on my own. She then tells me that she thinks that I should sign my name on the lease and not move in. I did it because I still wanted to be friends and she needed it more than I. But I still have a key and come over when I want to get away from home. She starts to complain about the company I bring over and says that Its her house. This really upsets me because if it was not for my lack of income as a student she would not be able to live in a 2bdr apt for only 90 a month. She now makes about 2500 + a month and still pays the same rent. I only make 800 a month because im still in school but pay 555 for rent. I dont think its fair, u shouldnt treat a friend like that. Im really mad and want to tell on her. Her rent will be raised to 30% of her income. Should I tell. What would u do?
I am not paying any rent and I already took my name off the rent. I just dont like the fact that she is getting over and I am struggling
I am not paying any rent and I already took my name off the rent. I just dont like the fact that she is getting over and I am struggling
I am not paying any rent and I already took my name off the rent. I just dont like the fact that she is getting over and I am struggling
I already talked to her about it and it seem like she doesent care. She says ” what am I suspossed to do, move out? Thats not going to happen”

Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

Unemployed student to buy a house?

I’m a second-year law student. First year we weren’t allowed to work. During the summer I had an unpaid internship when I received a fellowship to partially offset my expenditures. This fall I will return to school and be taking a lot of student loans ($40K for tuition). I will also be receiving a grant of $12K or so, which supposedly is to offset my living expenses. I MAY have a job this fall which is NOT permanent but still gets me $35/hr for the 3 hours a week I’m there… for the 7 weeks I’m there.

In the area I want to move, it seems more feasible to buy a townhouse and rent out one of the rooms than to go in on an apartment with someone. But my problem is that I don’t really know how to go about this since my income from working is so low… but my income from the grant should be pretty good. I don’t know if the fact that I will be renting out a room and living in it as my primary residence makes a difference.

Any pointers? Thanks.
I can easily afford a down payment of $5-10K.
And I’m looking to buy a property on the market for $75-100K.

Administrator answers:

Only your documented income will count, not the grant and not the rent you expect to receive. Your job pays 105 a week, and is only temporary, you will not be qualifying for a house any time soon.

Michael asks…

i have social phobia and low self esteem?

well ive always been very quiet and shy since i was small. I never thought I needed therapy or anything until some months ago when I read an article on social phibia. I think Ive had this since I was born I think I inherited this by my mom and her family. I know some cousins that are sort of quiet but its more common among men in the family. None of my cousins are shy, they all live in mexico.
Now about my problem. My mom says that when I was an infant i wasnt so shy i would talk a lot to people. The problem started when I started school. I remember crying every single day in kindergarden and wouldnt talk at all, not even when the teacher took roll. I was just sad that I had to be in a scary and new environment with lots of other kids without my mom around. I suffered a lot in school and it was a problem. The teachers would tell my mom that I didnt speak at all, but I guess my mom didnt think too much of t since she didnt look help for me. I remember crying every single first day of school u to seventh grade. In elemantary school I would feel so nervous and anxious days before the first day of each new school year. When first day came i coulnt stop from being nervous and i would fell anxiety just knowing i would have different teachers and classmates. I did have friends at school when I started to comminicate a little more. I lived in an apartment building so I had some friends there too. I also remember on the first day of 4th grade I was feeling nervous that I threw up in front of the whole class, and my stomach was hurting too. It was so embarrasing that I still remember.
At the age of 10 my mom, siblings and I went to Mexico to visit family there. We stayed there for 2 years. Of course I had to attend school. When I went to see my future school (fifth grade) I was so nervous becasue all the kids were staring at me. I cried my first day because I was nervous, didnt know anyone, and I was confused as to how the education system worked there. The techer asked what was wrong but I just said I didnt underrstand spanish, but it was a lie, I just didnt want to telll her how I was really feeling. Then I remember one day I was late to class and all the seats were taken. I just stood there and saw everyone stare at me. I got all red and started crying. The teacher said if i was ok and i lied that my stomach was hurting and i was sent home. Since then my classmates knew me as cry baby. I was so embarrased and ashamed. I also remeber some students make me feel uncomfortable by saying the name of a boy who supposedly liked me and I would just cover my ears evey morning to not listen. At that time I also developed low self esteem and envy. I understood then the value of many and the differences between people in apperance, social status, etc. In my mind, my family and I were the poorest. Our family in Mexico would talk to us but it wasnt very affectionate since they didnt know us very well. I envied my two female cousins who were sisters since they were lighter than me and prettier and were the spoiled ones who evryone liked. They also lived in a good neighborhood and had their own room and nice clothes, etc. My momrelied on my step father’s income here in the US but he didnt send much since he was acoholic and spent a lot of money on beer. So my self esteem got lower. I remember one day I was invited to a my cousin’s bday party. Since we had no car my younger brother and I had to get the bus. I didnt want to go but my brother did. When the bus was about to come my mom noticed that one of my shoes was torn and had a hole and she started crying. She didnt have money to buy me new pair of shoes and she knew that my cousins did have nice clothes and didnt want them to see me like this. I started cying too but decided to go to the party. I did have fun but always had to hide my feet so they wouldnt notice my shoe. Since Mexico I developed lower self esteem and more severe shyness.
It all got worse when I came back to the US at the age of 12. My family and I, consisting of 6 including my step dad, lived in a small single apartment and then moved into several different apartments. I never really had any privacy. My family and I also went through a lot of emotional pain due to my step dads alcoholism. I reember he would yell a lot and call us names and stuff. My mom, siblings and I wold get out of the house and go sleep at some other person’s house. the worse thing is I had to go to school, and I never told anyone my problems at home. I just forgot about them once I got to school. My step dad was very trict too. He once got super mad whil drunk that i polished my nails bright blue. He would get mad and for stupid stuff like that and my mom almost never told him anything about it. I was also embarrased to tell my friedns about my family life or even invite them to my home or tell them that I lived in an apartment.
Would therapy at college help me overcome social phobia/ low self esteem?

Administrator answers:

Michelle, only very recently I became aware that what I’ve been feeling (like since… Ever) has a name and is called social phobia. I’ve always been alone and invisible at school. I thought that I was just a bad luck guy, that couldn’t find the right people to talk to and make friendship, because I do like to have friends and hang out with them!

Whenever I started a new school year in a new class, or when I started to go to college, I had the chance to make new friends, but I always ended up in their trail invisible or leaving the group, just walking alone and wishing to go home. When I’m in group of people (three or more) I’m always quiet, though I want to say something I mostly don’t know what to say.

I’ve been worried all the time about how do I look to others. There was a time that I thought that I could be ugly, but my low self-esteem almost completely disappeared back in High School (we call it secondary school), when several girls from other classes showed interest on me, and wanted to date with me. Sadly, I didn’t know what to do or to say to them. They probably thought that I didn’t liked them, but I did like, just feared they would leave me in a week or so.

I’m a bit more older now. I’ve finished college, I’ve been in two jobs, and now I’m seeking another one. The only people that I can call friends are my family and relatives, and I’m very grateful for that. I see that things haven’t been easy with your family, I hope everything gets better.

Since I realized that this problem can be treated I’ve been searching to see what can I do to get a better life. Please do go to your college therapy! And see if they can help. There seems to exist something called “Cognitive behavioral therapy” that can help. I’m also looking for a psychologist / therapist that can help me.

All the best for you, and.. Good luck!

Sandra asks…

Where does a 21 y.o. female live at only $800 a month in disability?

It all started when my dad gave me an ultimatum: sign up for new student loans and go back to school or move out of his house by the third week of August 2011. The problem is, I was struggling academically and had been put on academic suspension once, and I’m not going through it again, so I’m not going to waste more time and money on school. I collect disability, $800 a month. I tried to search for apartments who could take in my income, but for the amount of rent of this one place, I have to have at least 3 times as much(like over $400 for a studio and I have to have no less than $1400 in monthly income)…and I live in Milwaukee, WI. I’m currently looking at this other low-income place, but it’s run by Catholics(no disrespect to Catholics, but in their place, they might have a few rules, like no men in the women’s residences)…but at least their rent seems to be at a good price.

What I’m simply saying is: Where can I live at only $800 a month?

All honest opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You can’t.

Find a area you want to live and rent a room, even on disabilty
you should find a trade you can do if you want to live independently.

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