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Your Questions About Apartments For Low Income Students

April 20, 2012

Robert asks…

Affordable apartments in Indianapolis?

I’ll be getting married next summer, and my fiancee and I are starting to look for an apartment. We’re both students working part-time, so I think we’ll probably qualify for government-subsidized housing. Does anyone know of some good apartments that offer low-income housing? They don’t have to be real nice, but the big priority is that they be in a relatively-safe neighborhood. If there are some inexpensive apartments that aren’t low-income housing, that would work too. We’re looking for someplace either in the downtown vicinity or else the south side (I’m at IUPUI and she’s at UIndy).

Administrator answers:

The government does not offer subsidized housing for students.

Do you have any idea how many college students there are in the US? We can’t afford to house you all.

You can use your student loans to pay for housing. The tax payers will not.

Sharon asks…

Is there apartments that are cheaper and base their rent off of your income? Spring Texas, or Houston?

Is there apartments that are cheaper and base their rent off of your income? Spring Texas, or Houston?
I’m looking for a cheap apartment but in a good area which is North of Houston in Spring. I need the rent to be as low as possible because I am a student and working off minimum wage right now. I know the HUD is not taking applications right now and they take even up to 2 years. So any suggestions ideas or advice? I need a cheap apartment in a good area…??

Administrator answers:

As a student, you are not eligible for HUD or anything else even if they were accepting applications! You are apparently not elderly and/or disabled, which get first and second priorities for HUD or any other subsidized or “affordable” housing program.

As a student, look for a room for rent, or shared apartment with other students, or dorm room on campus. These are usually the cheapest options. An apartment is much more expensive! And often rooms include utilities, which saves you another bundle.

BTW, HUD & other low-rent/”affordable” units are generally not in nicer or more desirable areas.

Lisa asks…

I am a student at Bowie State University and I absolutely HAVE to stay on campus but there may not be room?

I have been at Bowie State for 2 years and both of those years I lived on campus. So I thought maybe this year I could just live at home and take the bus to campus, and therefore I did not apply for housing on campus for this year. The only problem is this past May my mother decided to move from Maryland to New York to live with her friend, and my father is living with his mother. So now we no longer have a house in Maryland, meaning that I have nowhere to stay unless I stay on campus. I called the housing department and they said the on campus housing is pretty much full and the chances that there will be anything available for me are very low. And apartments in that area are very expensive ($600/month just for the cheapest 1 bedroom I could find). Plus it is next to impossible to get a job around there, and I can’t drive. Even if I had a roomate I would still have to have a steady source of income to be able to stay anywhere besides on campus and to pay for the bus. What can I do?

Administrator answers:

I would def. See about getting a roomate or living in a sublet in an apart or house.

Does ur school have housing and residence life office/website? Check those to see if anyone has placed any ads for housing wanted or available.

Are you getting fina. Aid? U can use your rebate check (granted you have leftover money) and use that to pay your bills.

Hound the residence life office :) They might put u on a waiting list and u may be bumped up.

Try,, etc…


John asks…

What is a smarter decision: Buy a house while prices are low, or keep paying almost $1K/mo for a 1bd apartment

Seriously. I’m in my mid 20s, been living on my own for several yrs now, and live in the Philadelphia area, where you can buy a decent starter home for under $200K…yet I’m STILL renting a 1bd apartment for over $900/mo!! What a rip-off, do you agree?

Currently I make over $30K verifiable income and have had my primary job for over a yr. My credit is in the low to mid 700s and although I owe $105/mo on my student loan and total $7K(out of an original $27K) on my car loan, I have zero credit card debt and I’m planning to pay off the car loan to zero by October(i.e., over 3yrs early). Do I have a chance at a mortgage?

Some acquaintence claimed that I would need “50% down” to get approved…is this true, or do you think he’s just trying to crush my morale? I read that lenders look for a solid 10%, but you only need 3.9% for an FHA loan if you purchase PMI.

Seriously, what does he expect me to do?…keep paying rent? Don’t you think I should buy a house soon(before 2010)???
daddyporky: I like the houses they have in Morton and South Jersey, but the property taxes are WAAAAY too expensive unfortunately. I looked at a house in Morton and the taxes are $4500/yr…vs. $1500/yr in Bucks, Montgomery, or Phila counties!
To freespirit and everyone else: I KNOW what the logical answer is…buy a house. Trust me I KNOW what a waste renting is, esp something as expensive as $900/mo. I wrote this more to make a point that it is “stupid” for my “friend” to tell me that I won’t get approved for a mortgage when in fact I’m doing the best I can.

As for a little about me? I’m in my mid 20s, I’ve been out of college for several yrs now, my student loans are very small($9000 total; that’s $103/mo). And if I was still in school, trust me I would certainly NOT get a dorm, because dorms are actually more expensive than apartments! Currently my former college charges a whopping $9000+/yr for room + board…even if you deduct the meal plan, that’s over $1000/mo for a 1-room dorm that you share with another person!(you only get the dorm for 8 mos out of the yr) That’s an even worse rip off!
robert: FIRST OF ALL I didnt say I wanted a house that costs $200K, I said I’m looking for a house UNDER $200K. SECOND OF ALL I would NOT be “shooting myself in the wallet.” By the time I look to buy(less than a yr from now) I will have ZERO debt except for a $105/mo student loan payment which is tiny. Also, my income is actually closer to $46K/yr but because my 2nd job is mostly tips based(waitressing), I cannot prove that extra $14K/yr. So what I can afford vs. what it appears that I can afford are actually two very different things. You sound pessimistic about me and I…don’t …like…that. ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE NOT THE SAME ROB THAT TOLD ME I’D NEED 50% DOWN? YOU BOTH HAVE THE SAME FIRST NAME AND THE LOW IMPRESSION OF ME. GEEZUS.
I still think Rob W’s advice was asinine. From his Q&A’s, it appears that he’s given sour, pessimistic advice to other people too. What he said was exactly along the chiding lines of what MY “friend” Rob(same person perhaps??) said that I was annoyed with. F–k what he said. F–k what he said with a cactus.

Mockingbird: Altho you brought up some good points, I am not going to live my life for a “what-if.” I’ve had guys get my hopes up so much in the past, that if I hold out on my house dream in hopes of finding a husband first, I’ll probably be left 40 and single!! Besides, you never find a husband unless you’re “not looking”…trust me I’d rather end up married w/ the problem of having 2 houses b/t us, than end up possibly single, desperate, and NO house but wasted all those yrs paying high rent. Besides, I have my heart set on an old house + all the home decorating that goes w/ it.

Administrator answers:

I would totally go for it – you are completely wasting your money on rent – at least owning – your money is actually going somewhere to benefit you instead of your landlords pocket! It seems like you have been very responsible in your spending so I would seriously go for it – what would you loose! There are alto of options for first time home owners so I would find a Real Estate Agent you trust and have a good relationship with – if you don’t know any – start asking people and meeting several before you pick one! The good thing is – you don’t pay them – they make their money when they sell houses!

So Good luck and have fun looking for the perfect place!!!

Susan asks…

Who has most effective ideas on exploiting child labor-Newt Gingrich, Nike, or Kathy Lee-Gifford?

Former House speaker Gingrich last month described some child labor laws as “stupid” and argued that low-income children would learn critical values by working at a younger age. He then outlined his proposal to replace “unionized janitors” with a “master janitor” and several students.

‘We Blew It’
Nike Admits to Mistakes Over Child Labor

Talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford held a weepy press conference after it was revealed that her Kathie Lee clothing line, sold by Wal-Mart, was made by sweatshop workers in Honduras. That was just the beginning; soon it was revealed that some of the clothes were also made in a New York City sweatshop, just blocks from the studio where she appears daily. And although the workers there were earning less than minimum wage, they hadn’t been paid in weeks.

Job-Creators – Never one to let a ‘crisis’ go to waste
More than ever before, sweatshops are booming. Over half the garment companies investigated by the Labor Department are found to be breaking laws — and that’s not even counting the manufacturers that have their work performed outside the U.S., where some governments condone (and even encourage) sweatshop conditions.
The Department of Labor estimates that there are over 10,000 sweatshops in this country. Where are America’s sweatshops? The government’s most recent list of violators show Southern California in the lead. It was also near L.A. where last year police found the worst situation in memory. In a guarded apartment compound surrounded by high walls and barbed wire, Thai women were working 17-hour shifts for less than $2 per day. That clothing was sold at department stores like Macy’s, Mervyn’s, and Montgomery Ward.
Seems if they can’t steal it from taxpayers they’ll ‘wring’ it out of the workers!

Administrator answers:

Newt is proposing more sweeping exploitation than any individual private entity could promote.

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