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March 4, 2012

Richard asks…

In need of Low income apartment Please HELP!?

Hello! I am looking for an apt. that will be 1-2 bedrooms and not to pricey because I am a full-time student working part time. If you have any helpful sites or info please help me out. Thanks!
Also I am in St. Louis ,MO .

Administrator answers:

None of the income based apartments accept college students.

Charles asks…

Affordable apartments in Indianapolis?

I’ll be getting married next summer, and my fiancee and I are starting to look for an apartment. We’re both students working part-time, so I think we’ll probably qualify for government-subsidized housing. Does anyone know of some good apartments that offer low-income housing? They don’t have to be real nice, but the big priority is that they be in a relatively-safe neighborhood. If there are some inexpensive apartments that aren’t low-income housing, that would work too. We’re looking for someplace either in the downtown vicinity or else the south side (I’m at IUPUI and she’s at UIndy).

Administrator answers:

Oak Park Apartments
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46227
#Monon Place
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220
#The Residence at White River Apt. Homes
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46228
#StoneBridge Luxury Apartment Homes
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46227

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