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March 7, 2012

Robert asks…

Can anyone help me find low income based apartments in my area? read details please?

Me and my Fiance are looking for a cheap apartment to start out on our own. just for now. We are looking for a low-income based apartment for rent in Dublin OR Pulaski, Virginia. Our zipcode is 24080 Please help look some up !

Administrator answers:

You have to apply though the housing authority. You will not qualify until you are married, they only rent income based housing to families.

Paul asks…

how do i find listings for low-income apartments in arlington texas?

I know that there are certain apartments in the area that have lower rent rates for people making under like 30K a year, and it is really hard to find out which ones they are, a little help?!

Administrator answers:

Contact HUD or talk to Arlington Hsng @ 817-276-6703

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know how to apply for low income apartments?

What do i have to take with me and what qualifications and wat is the best place to apply please let me know thank you

Administrator answers:

Mainly it depends upon your location. Low income housing or tax credit housing depend on your household size. There is a maximum gross income for the household, so:
1 person: 31,500
2 people: 36,000
3 people: 40,500
4 people: 45,000
5 people 48,500

Therse amounts are based on the 2010 numbers and will be changing in May of June of this year.

Along with these max income limits, there may also be student restrictions, which says that all people in the home cannot all be full time college students.

Other than these main things, most propertiess will still perform a bachground and credit check on all adults that will be living in the household.

Lizzie asks…

What is the income limit for a family of 3/4 people for low income apartments in California?

Administrator answers:

Depends if your mexican.

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