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August 29, 2013

David asks…

How do I get rid of gnats in my apartment?

I am very clean, but apparently gnats have decided to stay in my apartment rent free. How can I get rid of them? They are around the garbage can.

Administrator answers:

Move out.

Sandra asks…

How and when does a college student go about finding an apartment for rent in Berkeley?

I’m a student at uc berkeley and i want to move out of the dorms starting this fall. i looked on craig’s list for apartments for rent and most of them say available feb. or march. does this mean that they are available for leasing in the fall too? i heard that people are starting to sign leases for next fall now. i’m confused. please help.

thanks in advanced!

Administrator answers:

Start with Cal Rentals thru the Housing Office:

Stop by and talk to the knowledgeable staff to get your bearing: 2610 Channing Way, 2nd floor; office hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. Or e-mail them at

Nancy asks…

How much are utilities in this apartment?

I’m moving to Tucson Arizona and I have found the most perfect apartment. Yet I can’t seem to find out how much utilities would cost there and/or in that specific city. The apartment unit is The Retreat: East Speedway Blvd. If anyone by chance would know if utlities are a seperate price or if included into the apartments rent like said, please let me know. Thank you!!

Administrator answers:

Call the manager and ask what’s included with the rent. That will get you the most accurate info.

Paul asks…

How to find apartments to rent in rome long term not holiday?

I am 20 and want to move to rome for a while, I cannot find any apartments to rent and only holiday homes. Where can I find homes to rent?

I want to move to rome and maybe get an apprenticeship in the vatican or an art gallery.any ideas?

Administrator answers:

The Italian language rental sites are the best bets for long term rentals rather than vacation rentals. You might try sites like:,+rm,+lazio/lista-1 … There are many others.

Assuming you are a UK citizen, you do have the right to live and work in Italy without a visa, but now is now a good time to be looking for a job. Italian unemployment is about 12% – much higher for young people – and the economy is still in crisis.

Helen asks…

Where do i search for apartments for rent in Lagos Nigeria?

Hello, I am looking for a residential apartment to rent in Lagos, Nigeria. Can anyone help me out with a reliable real estate agency? I will also like to know the possibility of renting a commercial property in Victoria Island, Lagos. Any hint? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Call this number and ask him to get you an apartment in lagos 08030517166.

Steven asks…

What kind of assistance for young people to buy or rent ?

I need to move out of my house and was wondering what kind of government assistance young people can get, I currently work and go to school but I don’t exactly make enough to cover rent, I hear first time home owners get some kind of discount ?

What would be the most economical way to move out ? mobile home ? small apartment ? rent ? rent to own ? HUD ? I’m clueless there’s so many options.

I live in Oregon and I desperately need to move out of my house.
EDIT The reason I need to move out is I am getting married! Not having any kids but I’m not going to be single.

Administrator answers:

In USA it is called local homeless shelters or
working a full time evening, grave yard job.

No program quailfies u for assisted house purchases.

To rent u need to earn four time the monthly rent
as monthly income. Simple.
Three times rent if u do not mind ‘carrying’.

Google your local rents for info on how much
u need to earn.
A small safe cheap apartment is the only smart move.
Rent only or u will have decades of financial nightmares.
Your car can be used often.

Do read Total money make over, Dave Ramsey
so u can learn from others mistakes.

Understand if u fall for ‘room mates’ when they
skip out on the lease- u are responsible to cover
the full amount.

Library can help u also.

Laura asks…

Best way to find an apartment to rent in Stuttgart,Germany?

What is the best way to find an apartment to rent in Stuttgart,Germany

Is it real estate agent, news papers, internet?

Can you list some link please?

Administrator answers:

Provided you do speak (read) German……

Sandy asks…

I have no hot water in my apartment and rent is due this weekend. What should I do?

I got back to my apartment Sunday to find out that there is NO HOT WATER! I called the maintenance line on Monday morning and left a message. Tuesday when I was leaving my apartment I found a notice clipped to my door saying:

“The issue is being worked on. The original problem of an obstruction to a gas line revealed a much larger problem. This along with being stood up by feeble contractors has made a difficult situation into a very uncomfortable situation…”

Then the note said that the hot water will hopefully be working by this Friday, December 1st. So for the past few days I’ve either had to take my showers in the Wellness Center of my college or bear through a painfully cold shower at my apartment.

Rent is due Friday, but I don’t want to go pay rent for next month only to find out that they’re going to take longer to fix it than they said. It would be one thing if this was the first problem, but it’s not. Over the summer our dish washer didn’t work for a full 3 months!
It wouldn’t let me fit it all above… Also over the sumer half the electric sockets and the ceiling light/fan didn’t work in my roomies’ bedroom didn’t work for about 4 months too. The maintenance guys here are so lazy. The guy that fixed her fan was new and he was telling us about how the other guys just sit around and he couldn’t believe that we went so long without a dishwasher because he knew those guys weren’t working on anything.
i don’t live on campus.
moving somewhere else isn’t an option. i have a lease through April, then i’m moving to another city and transferring schools. and other than the current hot water issue it’s not so bad here (now that the dish washer works haha!).

Administrator answers:

Dish washer isn’t something that is considered a necessity. Hot water, however, is. If it isn’t working by Friday, and you’ll have to check your state laws on this one, you are entitled to live there without paying rent until the hot water is fixed. Again, check your state laws on this one.

Jenny asks…

Is it legal to rent and apartment and rent it out to someone else for more?

Is it legal to rent and apartment and rent it out to someone else for more?

Administrator answers:

It is only legal if you have a contract with the actual owner approving it.

It will not work out so well though, as you will have to pay income tax on the full amount of rent you collect, and you do not get any write offs because you don’t own squat. Only the owner gets to write off the mortgage. Unless you can rent it for more then the rent you pay plus federal income tax plus your state income tax you will be out of pocket with this brilliant idea.

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