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February 8, 2013

Maria asks…

i want to rent a room in aurora .il i would pefer a room in a home?

Iwould like to rent a room ,i would pefer it be in a home but i will live in an apartment as long as it,s in a nice area i,m a very nice person looking to have a nice roommate.females only please.

Administrator answers:

Try the local newspaper for that area…u probably won’t find anything here on answers

Charles asks…

Apartments in Aurora-IL.?

Any suggestions on apartment (1B & 1B) to rent in or around AURORA, IL would be appreciated.

Thanks !

Administrator answers:

Doubt this is the right forum.
Too bad you can’t get further away from Chicago – like Peoria.

Robert asks…

prices for renting apartment?

I live in Aurora,IL so it’s kind of expensive. and I wanted to make a money plan to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into when I move out…please tell me if i’m missing anything or if i’m accurate or anything….((this is for like two people. don’t worry not spending all that money for myself. lol))((and if I rent from an actual apartment renting place.))

1) Rent per month : $1100
2) Gas/Electric/Heat: $250
3)Water/sewer.trash: $100
4)emergancy money: $100
5) Gas for car: $350
6) car Insurance: $150
7) Food money: $400
8)Internet/direct TV: $200
9) Cell phone Plan(s)(2 cells): $200
10)Extras(cleaning supplies, tooth brush,etc.)): $100
11) Clothes ((AVG per two months.))– $50-100


Administrator answers:

If you ask me, you might have over budgeted on alot of the stuff, but better too much than too little.

Obviously in the summer you wont spend anything on heat, maybe air conditioning, but that’s up to you. I have no idea how much heat would be, it varies tremendously.

Water/sewer probably wont be that much, I would say closer to $50 depending on where you live. Sometimes it is even included in the rent. Trash is almost always included in the rent, I doubt you would pay for that.

I’m not sure about what kind of car you have, but you need to allow for maintenance for a vehicle. That can be fairly costly depending on the age of the car.

You might also want to set aside some money for fun, like movies and eating out.

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