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February 9, 2013

Laura asks…

How to find private room for rent in Chicago?

How to find private room for rent in Chicago in North west suburbs?

Administrator answers:

I can’t say for sure, but when I was looking for an apartment in CT, I looked on Craig’s list. I’d suggest starting there.

Linda asks…

What are the best sites for looking at apartments in Chicago?

I want to rent an apartment in Chicago. Does anyone know of any good website just to research some? Besides Craigslist and ‘The Chiago Reader’ website????

Administrator answers:

Try, its free and they have a super clean interface. My favorite part is you don’t have to give them your email address or make an account and there are no ads.


Mandy asks…

My employer requires that I live in the city that I work, so I moved. Is my rent in the city deductable.?

I was renting an apartment in southern Illinois and took a new job about 60 miles away in Chicago. The Chicago job requires that all employees live in the city. Is my rent in Chicago tax deductible as unreimbursed business expense?

Administrator answers:


that’s a personal expenditure and not deductible on federal taxes. You have to live somewhere.

Sharon asks…

Is a $60000 salary in Chicago area enough to comfortably support two people?

I may be moving to Chicago (Schaumburg area) from the UK with my wife. My salary will be around $60,000 and I will be there for a year. My wife will be eligible to work – however her experience is in the retail sector.

Is $60,000 enough to comfortably support two people in this area? We would be looking to rent a reasonable apartment, and purchase/rent a car.

Also, would my wife be able to get a retail job easily? How much would a retail job pay?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I would say yes. My husband and I don’t even make half that – combined and we’re able to have a car, a place to live, go out about every 2 weeks, etc.

It depends on the person. Some people are only satisfied if they live in the best neighborhood and they’re willing to pay $2000 a month for a 1 bedroom in Lincoln Park. Others are satisfied with a 2 bedroom in an affordble safe suburb paying more like $800. I’m not real familiar with apartment prices in Schaumburg but I’m guessing it would be about $900-$1100 for a 1 bedroom. I think you could live comfortably with what you make and you’d be fine if your wife works but I wouldn’t suggest doing retail. She’d be better off doing administrative work or something.

Someone said that she won’t make more than $15 per hour unless she’s a manager! Please…the managers don’t even make that much. I went to an interview for an assistant manager position at Nine West and they told me the assistant manager makes $9.50 – $11.50 based on experience. Most sales people are paid about $7.75 – 8.50 and usually with no commission.

The bottom line is – depending on how you spend your money, yes, that should be enough at least until your wife finds a job too – but working retail will probably be like “chump change”.

James asks…

Is there any nice apartments for rent on the north side of Chicago?

Or in Naperville. We are looking for at least a 3 bedroom apartment. With landry on site and central air.
My husband and I are looking for a nice 3 bedroom apartment North of the Cicero/Berwyn area. We also a baby and a roommate. If anyone knows of any nice apartments please contact me at

Administrator answers:

These are in Naperville:
Brookdale Lakes
Arbors of Brookdale
Brittney Springs
Bristol Club

I know the first one has 3 bdrms, laundry in the apt & attached garages.

Sandra asks…

How to find a realtor in Chicago?

I am looking for an apartment in the South Loop of Chicago and my realtor is very unreliable in helping me find an apartment to rent. Does anyone know any good realtors in the Chicago area, or how I can find a realtor? Thanks!

Administrator answers:


John asks…

Any suggestions for finding a place to rent in Chicago with a large dog?

I am moving to Chicago with my large dog, and I am having trouble finding a place that will let me rent with him. He is super friendly and sweet. Definitely is neither yappy nor pees everywhere like a small dog, and doesn’t ever claw or stink things up like a cat. Why don’t landlords understand that large dogs are the most relaxed and chill? I would love to be in the Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village, Wrigleyville, Bucktown areas.

Administrator answers:

Most large breed dogs are NOT “most relaxed and chill.” Period. The larger the dog the larger potential problems may be – larger pee/poop stains, more chewing, louder barking, etc etc. Plus, many large breeds just aren’t suitable for apartments to begin with.

Unless you’ve had experience with renting property, then please don’t make the landlords out to be the bad guys – if they don’t allow large breeds it’s because they’ve dealt with sh*tty owners that didn’t properly care for their animals or their rental space. For the sake of saving money on damage control the landlord has simply opted to not allow dogs. I think they’re more qualified to “understand” than you are in that aspect.

If you can’t find a rental in the areas you WANT to live then you’re just going to have to settle for a place outside of those areas. Lower your expectations a bit, raise the amount you’re willing to pay, be willing to travel. That’s about all you can do short of re-homing the dog.

Paul asks…

what is the best local resource to find a rental in the cicero area in chicago?

I am from buffalo ny and will be relocating to the chicago area. In buffalo we have three go-to places when searching for an apartment or home to rent: Craigslist, The Buffalo News, and ArtVoice (a local weekly newspaper that advertises events and things to do)

What are the names of some resources I should use to help me find a bungalow style single family home near Berwyn/Cicero/Oak Park?

Administrator answers:

Try a rental agents, there good and normally dont charge the renter for their services.

You can find some good ones either on


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