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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Joliet Il

February 8, 2013

Donald asks…

How much would it cost to live in a decent apartment?

Sorry Joliet, Illinois

Administrator answers:

That would depend on your economic level. I am sure there are some apartments in Joliet , Il that would cost in excess of $30,000 per month.

The question is would you be able to afford this economically?

An apartment you would want would depend on where you stand economically. It would also depend on what you consider a decent apartment and the section of the city you would want to live.

You would have to make contact with several apartment landlords or property managers to find out what you are able to afford. Once you have found this out then you would need to know the cost of utilities. Adding the proposed rent and utilities you would have the cost to rent and maintain your new apartment.

There are other things you would have to take in consideration, is the cost to travel back and forth to work, so you might consider how close you are to your work place.

Shopping areas local grocery stores are other considerations when looking for] an apartment.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


William asks…

Any apartments for rent in Cicero, Chicago or Bolingbrook, Il?

I need a one bedroom apartment in Chicago near the Cicero area or in Bolingbrook under $700. Any info would be great.

Administrator answers:

Look in one of the small weekly papers in the Bolingbrook area. Sometimes they have listings that are not in the bigger papers. Call the paper office to find out when the paper comes out and go to the office and be the first one to buy the paper. Then call and get the apartment first.

Also, look a little farther west. If you are willing to go to Bolingbroook, you can save money by going a little more to the west toward Joliet.

Thomas asks…

im looking for a web site that list all the apartment rentals for joliet il. i cant find it?

Administrator answers:


they should gve you a huge variety of listings.

Joseph asks…

Who can help me with my apartment search?

My boyfriend lives in Joliet, however he wants to move out by me, I live in schiller park, IL. He’s 19 and works at target making like 400$ every two weeks… as you can see, he can’t really spend 1000$ a month on a place to live. He’s living with a friend now. so I was thinking for him to get an apartment out here for like 500$ a month like just a small one. but i looked online and i havent really gotten any results… how can i figure this out a different way?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, your boyfriend cannot afford even $500 a month rent. An apartment that is $500 is going to need an income of $1500 month to qualify. The landlord is going to look at his $800 month and know he will be spread way too thin and will probably fall behind on rent and then cost him in eviction fees.

Your boyfriend can only comfortably afford maybe $250 to $300 a month rent. That means, he needs to find a roommate to split a $500 a month apartment.

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