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February 9, 2013

James asks…

Are there any gated community apartments in south Chicago area, close to oak lawn, IL (chicago ridge..etc)?

I’m moving from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL, My work will be in Oak Lawn, IL (a little to the south of chicago), i want something (very) close to work, don’t want to drive more than 7 miles max to work.

Looking for a small (1br 1 br) apartment in an apartment complex, gated community (usually with gym, pool, leasing office area…). Is there any such complexes in that area ? and if so, any that you recommend ?

please help.

thank you


1. safety
2. proximity to work
3. price

Administrator answers:

I would look around Christ Hospital on 95th and Keeler; doctors often rent luxury condos and apts. On Southwest Hwy a 1/2 mile east of Cicero is some new construction that looks pretty swanky. Also, a little further west on Central Ave between 99th and 115th are some new developments.

You won’t find sprawling acres of land or country clubs in Oak Lawn because it’s an area with a high population.

There’s a Coldwell Banker specializing in Oak Lawn located on 95th between Cicero and Central.

Sharon asks…

Commuting to Alsip, IL?

I recently recieved a job offer in Alsip, IL. What would be a nice neighborhood to rent an apartment around Alsip, IL?Would the commute from Hyde Park be too far? How long would that commute take?

Administrator answers:

The commute would be a bit far….I am thinking about 30- 45 minutes without traffice. Try Oak Lawn or the Beverly if you want to stay in the city

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