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August 22, 2013

Charles asks…

How much would you pay for a new mattress?

How much would you pay for a new mattress if:

You were currently working full-time but not sure for how much longer
You were currently saving your money for grad school
If you did get accepted to grad school, it would require moving and you’re not sure if you will bring your mattress with you, or leave it in your apartment when you rent it out fully-furnished for the next two years until you finish grad school – assuming you’re even coming back at all

I’ve been putting off getting a new mattress of so long, but I can’t stand it! All the middle springs are collasping, there is like a giant hole in my bed now.

Is it worth investing in a good mattress now, or buy the cheapest one I can find just to tie me over?
I will only buy brand new. No offense, to each their own, but there is no way I am buying a used mattress, I can’t sleep soundly knowing I’m on a mysteriously used mattress… just too unsanitary.

I have money to spend on this, but it’s money I had been saving for grad school, so I don’t want to pay more than I need to.

Administrator answers:

Always spend the most you can afford on a new mattress. If you’re looking for a good deal on a mattress always wait til one of the bigger sale days of the year (Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, or even the Presidents Day Sales). A lot of times you can find good mattresses that are 40%-50% off. Always ask about discontinued/close out mattresses when you go to stores, a lot of times you can get those for 50%-60% off, however that’s a right place/right time kind of thing.

If you’re looking for a queen size set I’d say don’t spend any less than $500. If you go during a good sale you can find a decent set for $599-$999. Once you start going lower than $500 you start getting into really junky mattresses that won’t be very comfortable, and won’t last very long. Depending on how important name brands are to you most mattress stores/furniture stores will have a house brand that don’t cost as much as named brands, but will most likely be a comparable quality/warranty (sort of like going into a grocery store, most stores have their own brand).

I don’t ever recommend getting second hand bedding. Yes it’s legally sanitized, but it doesn’t come with a warranty or you won’t get any sort of exchange on it. Since they’re all sold “as is”.

However, some mattress retailers will sell floor models at a deep discount… Some people still have issues with it, but it’s not as gross as you think. When customer try beds they’re fully clothed and only lay on them for 5 minutes at a time, and most mattresses will only get tried 2-3 times a day. Most places I know of still offer a full manufacturers warranty with floor models as well.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to message me.

Jenny asks…

What is the safest area and most reasonably priced area to rent an apartment in seattle?

I’m planning on going to school to finish my degree in seattle.
the school is by denny triangle (denny park)
I hear many students live in capital hill or belltown or a few north queen anne.

Can you give me prices (aprox me living with one or 2 others)
Also safety is important as is low crime rate.
I hear cherry street and between 1st and 3rd street are the “dangerous areas”

Administrator answers:

U District
Capital Hill
Green Lake
Check out the link below
Belltown is mega expensive for Yuppies mostly. Queen Anne can be expensive too. Additionally, you can probably go to your school and find out about sharing. That’s how I did it when I went to school at the Art Institute.

Lisa asks…

Where do Broadway performers live?

Where do the performers on Broadway in musicals and plays live? I know they work in Time Square/ Theatre District area, but most of them don’t live there. So where is it they live, and if known, how much is the average apartment to rent where they live in New York City. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

They live all over the tri-state area, many in the outer boroughs of New York. The average one bedroom in, say, Queens is $1600.

Sharon asks…

Moving to NYC. Tips & advice on finding an apartment, job and living in the city.?

I am planning to move to NYC in August 2013. I am moving with the goal to start my MBA in January and take the 6 months to adjust to the city as well as finding a job. I am not really familiar with NYC so I have been doing research and reading blogs and such. I am looking to find an apartment in Queens as it seems to be more affordable than Brooklyn. I would love to find something in Manhattan but it looks nearly impossible. Yorkville seems like a nice area to live in. My rent budget is no more than $1500/month.I will be sending my resume to a temp agency so i can hopefully find a job very soon after moving there.

What are your tips and advice about moving to NYC? Any good websites to look for apartments. Is it worth it to get a broker?

Any advice or any tips from personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

For $1,500 a month, you could have a really amazing apartment in The Bronx. The green trains run through most of The Bronx, and all of Manhattan. Remember that you will have to pay your landlord once or twice times the rent before moving in as a security, to ensure that you won’t tear the place to hell and back.

You’re most likely not getting an apartment without a job. Plan to stay in a hostel, or hotel for a while if you can’t secure a job before moving.

If you don’t have any animals, or any reasons NOT to, you should save that money and live with roomies in Manhattan. Your commute would be shorter, your rent would be lower, etcetera.

It’s not worth it to get a broker. Leave them to professionals who REALLY need and use them.
The best sites that I’ve come across are The New York Times Real Estate website, Zillow, Trulia, and the Craigslist apartments and housing section. I have the links in the source.

I advise you to stay away from the South Bronx neighborhood of The Bronx.

You’re very lucky to have such flexibility. I have a small dog, who I can’t trust others with. I live in the middle of nowhere and I’m lucky to make $40 a week bussing tables at the only restaurant that was hiring. I can’t become a waiter yet, because I have to be 18 to serve alchohol in this piece of shit state. I’ve been busting my ass for more than a year and a half to have less that $1,000 still, but I’m still moving to New York the day I turn 18, by any means.

ANYWAY! You’re going to love New York, and most likely never leave. Did you know that a third of the population of the United States live in the city of New York? I read that somewhere a long while back, but I’m not sure if I’m right. I searched it just now and read that 1 in 38 Americans are New Yorkers!

I hope you have an amazing time! I’ll be there soon! :D

P.S. DON’T LISTEN TO THIS “MARC” GUY! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! You can do really well on $1,500 a month in all boroughs, even Manhattan.

P.S. Piss off Marc. We all know that you’re the one who gave my answer a thumbs down you sack!

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