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February 12, 2013

Jenny asks…

26 yr old Single mother Moving to NYC…. any TIPS?

I am currently in Orlando. I will hopefully already have a job and a few grand saved before i left. I have been lookin at apartments online in Queens, brooklyn and Harlem. I have friends and family to help me and that will allow me and my daughter to stay with them until we found a place. I need any good tips on finding an apartment, daycare, night/weekend care, apartment with rent ranging from 8-950 for a studio/one bdrm or a 2 bdrm for up to 1200. (I have a friend that would like to be roomies, but she’s not sure when she would be moving up there.)

Administrator answers:

You will not find anything in your price range. There is no Night or Weekend DayCare unless you find a private sitter.

Maria asks…

Where can I find a house or apartment to rent that is within standard regulations and $400 or less per month?

I need something as soon as possible. The place I thought I was going to be able to rent had plumming and electrical problems. I need something in the Ardmore area or I may not get my kids back from DHS.(They are so close to being able to come home, where they belong!) But I need a place to take them because my contract with my previous landlord expired. The chickaswa nation was subsidising it for a year. If anyone has any ideas or knows of a place please email me @ Thank you, Queen Of Spades

Administrator answers:

You could go around in you community and look for or you can online and look up house payment system and it will give you a lot of houses in your community and go from there.

Thomas asks…

Cost of Rent in American Cities

I am determining the best place to rent a home or apartment. Any estimates or information on the cost of rent for homes and/or apartments in: New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Savannah (GA), or Winston-Salem (NC) would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for asking me to clarify: I am looking for something cheap. It doesn’t really matter to me how run-down the area is.

Administrator answers:

NYC $2,300 for a tiny Manhattan apt
Brooklyn $2,300 for a house
Savannah $750 for small apt.

Ken asks…

Where to post apartment for rent in NYC, no charge to the landlord?

I have rooms to rent out in Queens, NY. Besides Craigslist, is there other places to post apartment for rent for free?

Administrator answers:

Make notes on index cards and tack them up on community bulletin boards in places like laundromats, bodegas, etc. Craigslist might be a better format since more people are using it these days.

You can also make a deal with real estate agents where they can receive a fee for referrals who rent from you, take a part of the deposit that you collect from your tenant for their “bird dog” fee. What’s more you can ask that they screen them for you and get references.

Good luck.

Mandy asks…

What is the ideal yearly salary to own an apartment and live in NYC?

meaning having a place to live (putting in consideration different sized apartments for rent or own), food, transportation, etc?

Administrator answers:

I’m in the 50,000. I don’t have a car and still is not enough. If you want to own your place you should be above 65,000 if you don’t mind live in the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn. If you want to live in Manhattan at least 100,000.

Mary asks…

What is the proper way to conduct payment for a new apartment rental?

I am looking for an apartment in the Brooklyn/Queens area of NY and I am wondering what is the normal way to conduct payment?

I feel like paying up front without any keys for a place leaves me susceptible to getting ripped off and I can’t afford to get ripped off. If the owner asks for a money order or cash how protected am I from them just taking my money and running?

Am I supposed to receive keys upon payment?

I’m really just confused and curious about how to go about the entire process. I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing and/or get taken. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Normally landlords ask for a deposit to hold the property when you decide to take it. At that time you should ask for a RECEIPT or letter of intent for him to rent to you. That way you have proof if you do end up in court.

On your move-in date you should pay the rest of the rent required and sign the lease, at that time you should get your keys.

The important thing is to always get a receipt whenever you give anyone money for anything. It shows intent that can be later be used in a court of law.

You can also call local better business bureau’s, chamber of commerce, local housing authority to find out if your prospective new landlord has had any issues in the past.

Each state also has a civil case law website where you can see if your landlord has been sued before.

Robert asks…

Where can I go helicopter jousting in the NYC area?

I am moving into my apartment in Queens next month, and it is among my all-time favorite recreational sports. I was told by one friend that there’s probably nowhere I can do this, since these sort of mid-air collisions would result in high casualties on the ground in such a highly populated area. I told him that doesn’t make sense, since Chicago doesn’t have this problem.

Where can I find a heliport that accommodates such jousting matches? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

There is absolutely no place in the New York City metropolitan area that is going to allow people in helicopters to “joust” with each other causing potential accidents even if someone were to allow you to rent their helicopters for a day.

If you are talking about a video game, you can play this anywhere with an online hook up to the internet.

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