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September 10, 2012

Maria asks…

I’m looking for an apartment to rent in Queens, Ny. My limit is $900. Does anyone know of anything?

Administrator answers:

Get a copy of Newsday or check out –
read the fine print for brokers fees etc…

James asks…

Sunnyside Queens NY? Is this a safe area for a college student to rent an apartment??

I live in NJ. I plan on going to CUNY @ the la Guardia campus for two years before i start applying to university’s. The school is in Long Island City, I noticed that Sunnyside Queens is close by and the apartments seem to be reasonably priced. What is this area like? Is it a good place for someone new to the city? Is it safe? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions on betters would be great as well. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Sunnyside/Woodside area is very safe. Woodside is well known for it’s pubs, has the highest concentration of pubs in NYC. It’s a nice mixture of Europeans, some Korean & Chinese, Indians, and Romanians. Very low crime, occasional thefts once in a while, some graffiti once in a while, but it’s a very close knit community that watches one out for another. I’d be careful of the industrial area of Sunnyside (west of 37st street, south of Queens Blvd) since that’s where Long Island City industrial area blends in, but then again, there’s no apartments there anyways.

Only catch, the 7 subway morning rush hour to Manhattan is insane. Think Tokyo trains… The subways are packed to the brim. The evening rush hour is not bad at all. Since you’re that close, you might as well take the bus on Queens Blvd.

If you’re looking for local businesses, they’re concentrated on Queens Blvd itself, Greenpoint Ave (from 495 to Queens Blvd), and Roosevelt Ave (renamed Greenpoint north of Queens Blvd).

P.S. One of the best burger’s in NYC is in Woodside.

5724 Roosevelt Ave. (57st), Woodside, Queens, (718) 429-9339

Betty asks…

Where to look for apartment in Queens, NY?

I’m looking the rent an apartment in Queens, NYC and was wondering what other websites should I search other than Craigslist for no fee apartments. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

This is another good site to keep an eye on…



Carol asks…

How can i rent an apartment in NY?

i moved to the united states one month ago and i am looking for an apartment in NY.

I have a regular visa,social security,proof of income but off course i don’t have credit as i moved here just 1 month ago.

How can i rent an apartment without credit?Do you know any landlord in NY(queens or brooklyn)that don’t require credit?
I don’t have a cosigner

Administrator answers:

Whoever sponsored your VISA can co-sign too.

Paul asks…

Where to find apartments in Rosedale Queens NY?

Im looking for a apartment in rosedale queens that’s either 2 or 3 bedrooms. Some utilities included and the rent is atleast 1100 to 1300
i need a site that’s official where i can talk to the owners

Administrator answers:

This could help,sublet,room,corporate&loan=30,0.0525,0&resultsPerQuad=24&areaLabels=Neighborhood

Lisa asks…

I want to rent a apartment for 1 month in NY( QUEENS) how can i find ?

a single bedroom.

Administrator answers:

I’m not in NY but part of my answer is in the form of questions.
If you owned apartments, would you rent a unit to some one for one month only and during that month, possibly lose a long term renter because that unit was occupied?

Do you have any idea what the clean up costs and/or repairs are after a renter leaves? It was just done before you might rent for one month.

Your best chance is possibly finding a person who is committed to a lease and may have been forced to move, paying rent under the lease terms for a vacant unit. This can only be done if the lease allows sub leasing. That person may be willing, but refer to my questions.
Any rooming houses available?

Good Luck.

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