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December 5, 2012

Paul asks…

Renting 2bedroom/2 full bath apartment in Queens?

I have just purchased a new three family house. I would like to rent two 3 bedroom/ 2bath apartments. Given that the house is close to La Guardia airport in Queens, NY it would be perfect for the airport employees. How do I contact them without going thru the real estate broker? I would not charge any fee because I want to do it myself.

Administrator answers:

Place an ad in the paper. Call the Airport HR department and ask if they would post the rentals.

Susan asks…

I’m moving to Queens, NY and want to estimate what kind of expenses I would have?

This is the first time living on my own and I plan to get a roommate so the expenses for the apartment will be cut in half. Obviously I know there is rent but what other expenses would have I have? How much is electricity and things like that?

Administrator answers:

Living in Queens.
I know exactly what you’re going to go through. Here is what I experienced.
I started with renting a room from a Filipina, I only needed a bed, beddings, a telephone, and my clothes. I ate out a lot.

But, if you will be getting your own apartment or co-op, it’s going to be empty. There’s the cost of starting your home you need: Complete furnitures if not provided (BR, LR, DR or a small table with chairs to eat on), carpeting or rugs if the landlord doesn’t provide, complete beddings, comforter blanket, window curtains or shades, dishes, kitchen pots and pans, kitchen gadgets, and everyday things for cleaning. Believe me, they add up, I spent $1,000 when I first moved to my own empty co-op 5 years ago. In the beginning, you may want to look for people willing to “share an apartment” or “share a house” to cut these costs. There are postings at Phil-Am (see paragraphs below).

Electricity can be from $100 to $300 a month, depending on your own/roommate’s use. If sharing or sub-leasing a co-op, some even include the electricity in their maintenance. The good news — water is free.

You will commute on public transportation, get an unlimited monthly metrocard good for buses and subways. Get a good pair of walking shoes, most people walk in the city. If there’s no washer/dryer in your apartment, you’ll need to take them to a laundry place — a basket with wheels unless you have a car or strong arms. Be aware of alternate parking rules or be prepared to pay a $35 fine for a car parked on the wrong side of the street. Private parking in Queens is from $150 and more a month. Most city people don’t own a car.

Bring proper coats and shoes for winter, spring, summer, & fall.
New York weather is unpredictable, it can be 30 degrees (fahrenheit) freezing one day and 60 to 70 degrees the next. In the winter, it may be down to 0 degrees or below. Summer can be hot and humid, you will need at least a fan, or better buy an air conditioner for your bedroom, you’ll sleep better. This is why electric use goes up in the summer. Buy an A/C with a high Efficiency rating (ER) — 10.0 is the best rating.

In Woodside (69th street and Roosevelt Avenue), is the Filipino community’s area in Queens. The #7 train to 69th St. Takes you to Filipino restaurants, PNB, and Phil-Am the grocery store to buy your rice and other Filipino goods. The restaurants cost about $5 to $14 per dish including rice. You’ll soon discover all other food places: Indian food in Jackson Heights, Chinese food in Elmhurst, Irish and Filipino food in Woodside, Italian food can also be found and pizzerias everywhere. There are seafood, sushi, and dim sum places if you look for them.

Congratulations and Good luck……I enjoyed living in Queens for 10 years, the people are friendly, the food is very good and affordable, and 30 to 50 minutes ride to the City (Manhattan or New York city to others).

Nancy asks…

Would it be safe for an out of town tourist who doesn’t know NY to rent an apartment in Brooklyn, Bronx,?

Queens, Staten Island or any other areas around NY City? Manhatten is too expensive.

Administrator answers:

It depends on what area of those brooklyn or Bronx. There are alot of bad places in these neighborhoods and good ones as well.
The person who said The Bronx is a no does not know what shes talking about at all.
The Riverdale section of the Bronx is a beautiful, safe area close to Manhattan. Its a huge neighborhood..Alot of educated, professionals live there. They have beautiful apartments, high rises, private homes, etc. Look into it. It is a Jewish neighborhood but there are alot of other ethnicities as well. Lots of restaurants and great schools for children.
Another nice area of the Bronx is Morris Park, its an Italian neighborhood. Very quiet and nice, lots of nice little homes, apartment buildings and very safe. Beautiful area, lots of shops.. I personally love this area.

I would not reccomend any othere neighborhood in the Bronx besides those 2.
In Brooklyn,
I reccomend Park Slope. It is very beautiful and has lots of trendy shops, restauarnts and cafes. Reminds me alot of the village in manhattan.. But it becoming Pricey.. Mix of people, mostly yuppie professsionals with a lesbian community there. Safe

Brooklyn Heights is very nice too, Nice brownstones..

The DUMBO section of Brooklyn is a trendy place for twenty-something artists.muscians/ Not beautiful but if you like that scene it may be for you. Lots of artists from Manhattan have moved there.

Thats all I reccomend for Brooklyn

Queens::: Bayside and Forest Hills are both beautiful, safe, quiet areas.. Bayside was cited as the cleanest neighborhood in NYC by the NYTimes.
It has alot of Asians,but other ethnicities as well.
Nice homes, or little homes…

Astoria, Queens is pretty cheap and affordable.. Its nice.. Not as nice as Bayside and Forest Hills, Has a large Greek population. Nice ethnic restaurants, nice people, low crime

Staten Island– Is beautiful–mostly homes- but the ferry is a pain to get there. There is one are by the ferry that is a very dangerous area but the rest of staten island is nice. Its mostly Italian.

You may also want to look into The Pavonia/Newport area of Jersey City, its 30 mins from manhattan by train or ferry and its beautiful- High rises, nice restaurants and affordable..I’m actually thinking of moving there myself..

Good luck.. Go to these places and look around before you rent.

Mandy asks…

Better to buy a condo or rent an apartment?

My family has always rented. When I moved out on my own I too rented. Now with the husband we rent (past 4 years). We are looking to move back to our hometown. We have money to buy a condo or we could continue renting. We are preparing to buy a house in 3-4 years when our income is higher (raises NYC job). Until then we need a dwelling. Rentals in Queens, NY are about $1700-$3000 for a 2 bedroom apartment. Condos are $300,000 and up but will be about $1500-1900 a month for what we are looking for (2bed).
I believe that with a condo it is equity and with a rental I’m paying for someone’s equity and not ours.

So is it better to rent or to buy a condo?

Administrator answers:

When figuring out the monthly cost of renting vs buying, be sure to include the monthly escrow payments for property taxes and insurance. These will increase your monthly out of pocket. And not by a trivial amount. In any case; over the long run owning is better than renting. When you rent, the landlord can raise your rent (and they generally do). But your monthly mortgage payments are pretty much level over the term of your mortgage. If you buy, your monthly payment should be lower than a rental payment after about 5 years. Be prepared for your friends to hate you.
Since you are planning to buy a house in the near future, buying a condo could be a good move. For one; trying to chase a rising real estate market by saving up is a loosing race. Plop the money you have into a condo and the rising real estate market will also bring up the value of you condo. When you sell, your equity will be partly the money you put into it (the principle part of your monthly payment) and also the increase in value (appreciation).

Thomas asks…


apartment or House for rent in queens ny.
with 2 to 3 bedrooms one bath room . <3
if you noe any plse help best answer wil be givennn

Administrator answers:

Just check out or they have a good about of apartment/house listing in the queens area. Or Just call your local real estate agent.

Sharon asks…

Your Opinion On Queens..?

So, I’m planning to move to NY
when I graduate from school,
and my guidance counselor wanted me to do
an activity where I find out the cost of living there,
and I noticed quite the significance in a
much lower rate to rent an apartment in Queens,
rather then NYC. Since I’ll be freshhh out of
high school, I’m going to be rather poor for awhile
(I’m currently in The OC, California, so I’m not
exactly poor.)
As I am from Orange County and not
the most “street smart” chick, do you
think it is a bad idea for me to move to Queens? Is it a cruddy (Ha. I keep wanting to type “bad words.”) place to live? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

So, you’re from Cali, you admit you’re not street smart (there’s a big price to pay for that here), you know so little about Queens that you think it’s separate from the rest of NYC (a disastrous mistake on your part), and you don’t seem to have any legitimate reason to move here. Now if you have family here, that’s a different story, but I don’t think you do, so here’s where I stand (very strongly): Not only shouldn’t you move to Queens, you should stay away from the other 4 boroughs as well and continue to settle in or near your present location.

Richard asks…

Looking for apartment in NY!?

I am looking to rent a 3 bedroom apartment either in Queens (Astoria, Woodside or LI City) or Manhattan but too expensive.
No brokers.

Besides where else can I find apartment listings.

Maybe you know anyone who is renting.

Hope you can help in some way.

Administrator answers:

Try these sites:

Good Luck!

Helen asks…

how much is the cost for living in new york city?

im only 14 but i would really love to move back to new york city when im older. i use to live there (queens, ny) but my parents made me move. :( i wanna know how much money i would need to buy/rent and apartment along with other expenses like bills. thanks for the help! :)

Administrator answers:

Income of 68k is considered working poor. 138k is middle class

James asks…

Live in safe neighborhood In Queens NY help!?

I am hoping to move to NYC and work out of JFK in a couple months. What I need is to find an apartment that meets the following criteria: 1. safe to have my wife and infant daughter 2. convenient public transportation to JFK (will not have a car) 3. at least 800 square feet (it will be me, my wife and baby girl) 4. preferably no more than 1500 per month.
The I may be able to sway a little on the rent. It does not necessarily have to be in Queens, but I need a place convenient to JFK without a car, safe and not an arm and a leg for public transit. I am not worried about the school district because My daughter wont be in school for several years. Any information would help, and Apartment building names would be even better. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Try looking along the Q10 bus route in the Kew Gardens area. I guess you could take the subway to Kew Gardens, so toss in other areas along the Queens Blvd Line like Rego Park and maybe Elmhurst.

I hope this information was very helpful.

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