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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Queens

May 25, 2012

Mark asks…

Queens Apartments For Rent?

Whats is the best way to find Queens apartments for rent?

I need something in the Jamaica, Queens Area.

Can anyone suggest a good website or a Realtor? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Visit – I used them to find a GREAT apartment in Jamaica, Queens!

Mary asks…

Apartments to rent in New York City, Queens?

I’m moving to New York City later this year, but must first get an apartment for rent. I would like you to provide sites for listings of apartments to rent in New York, especially in the area of Queens.

I thank everyone in advance.

Administrator answers:

Use a real estate broker so you are not scammed. Most online sites are posted by crooks

Michael asks…

Where in the web is the best place to look for housing (rent) apartments, rooms in Queens New York.??

except craigslist

Administrator answers:

By default, ‘the best’ place is where you can find apartment that suits you perfectly and is within your budget.
I have used this one to find no fee apartment listings just check the boxes where it says Queens + whatever size apartment you are looking for.
The source has some 80 listings in Queens sorted by price and neighborhood.

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